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Easy Sudoku for 1/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning/evening all!
I have news from Gath regarding the photo situation

:I'm not really doing development on Sudoku.com.au at the moment, but if I
resume again I will look at the issue with the pics.

01/Sep/15 12:09 AM
I am happy to now be an active member on this great site after several years of silence. I never got around to logging in properly, so although I visit most days, I have only ever done the puzzles and been a very active 'lurker',! I know you all much more than you know me, as I have seen the regulars, read your posts, laughed and commiserated with you all. Nice to meet y'all. Cheers
01/Sep/15 12:19 AM
Cute puppy!
01/Sep/15 12:20 AM
Good morning, Rhona, and welcome; hello to all who follow! It's easy to enjoy this site in whatever manner 0ne chooses to use it....... sometimes silence is good!
01/Sep/15 12:26 AM
Ah-ha! After over two years, another lurker comes out of the closet. Welcome back Rhonda.
01/Sep/15 12:26 AM
And a to all.
01/Sep/15 12:27 AM
Bowie looks so cute and soft and fluffy...almost makes me wish I wasn't allergic to him!
01/Sep/15 1:17 AM
Rhona! Nice to see another fellow 'lurker' join the conversation!
01/Sep/15 1:21 AM
Good morning people of the world.
01/Sep/15 2:07 AM
I am having difficulty changing my avatar, even though I am still doing my happy dance. I will mess with it later. Maybe.
01/Sep/15 2:09 AM
Good morning.
01/Sep/15 2:09 AM
01/Sep/15 2:09 AM
Lurking is such a...uhm...not nice word, I prefer observing. Being informed. Getting to know what kind of crazy people are out there.

Welcome Rhona and thanks for the message from Gath.
01/Sep/15 2:11 AM
Hi Rhona! I know the lurking part! I did that for a half year before I felt comfortable enough to join the club! Found I wasn't the only one here!
01/Sep/15 2:12 AM
For those of you who trusted me with you PM address, I regret to tell you I lost them. When I did my update my email site no longer liked me and would not let me, so I opened a new account and have lost all my contacts, again, in a two year period.
01/Sep/15 2:13 AM
Then when I met some personally, well, we just took the friendship part from when we last posted! Very comfortable, just wonderful people!
01/Sep/15 2:14 AM
A good thing I can say about updating is that I have my spread sheets back. Other office stuff, but I love my spread sheet. I attempted to use my grocery store's site, but for some reason, I was at least 20 bucks off each week.
Today's trip had me 36 cents over. WooHoo.
01/Sep/15 2:16 AM
We have some new cross the street neighbors from the foreign state of Nevada, though I could have sworn she said Iowa. They have been in a state of shock for a week, poor dears.
01/Sep/15 2:18 AM
Well, CP and Shosho should we get the ole guys heart a pumping, by giving him a little competition?
01/Sep/15 2:19 AM
I have no problem getting him all up in a uproar. That that is good for blood flow, sometimes.
01/Sep/15 2:20 AM
Why not?
01/Sep/15 2:20 AM
01/Sep/15 2:20 AM
01/Sep/15 2:20 AM
OH, he made it and thank you.
01/Sep/15 2:21 AM
Got me, even though I was here in time.
01/Sep/15 2:21 AM
Hehehe. Snicker. Snicker.
01/Sep/15 2:21 AM
Hi Bowie - Welcome back.
01/Sep/15 2:33 AM
An easy 9 - 1 today.
01/Sep/15 2:36 AM
Bowie has a flower.
01/Sep/15 3:01 AM
Bowie is so cute, with the yellow dandelion beside him. Well placed, and taken, photo.
01/Sep/15 3:01 AM

Can you find a three-digit number such that when you reverse the numbers you get a larger number and the product of these two numbers is 224455?

Answers to my ‘’reversal’’ inbox please
01/Sep/15 3:02 AM
Every so often I wonder why I buy my kids toys. Little girl and daddy pulled a large zucchini out of the garden. Little girl says it is her baby. She carries it around, nurses it, takes it to the imaginary park, puts it in the bouncy seat, etc.
01/Sep/15 3:05 AM
Then there are the the times when I don't understand why more moms aren't in mental hospitals. On Friday I told little boy we were starting school in three days. He did the whiny don't want to thing. Some of his books came on Saturday and I opened them. He wanted to start on them right away and did the whiny thing when I said no.
01/Sep/15 3:08 AM
Happy Monday!
Rhona: Welcome!
It took a while before I realized there was a Comments section below the puzzle
01/Sep/15 3:10 AM
Serena, darling dear, have you never heard any of my Mommy Tales?
I have no idea how parents of the past made it through without valium. But I do hear about a lot of adult beverage drinking.

Maybe we should take that up and see if it helps.
01/Sep/15 3:28 AM
Even ''S & G'', sang about 'mamas little helper', back in the day.
01/Sep/15 3:44 AM
Should have said the 'Stones'

01/Sep/15 3:52 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.

Life at work has been a bit ordinary this last week, hope to be back to normal Wednesday
01/Sep/15 4:07 AM
Looking around for shosho.
01/Sep/15 4:28 AM
01/Sep/15 4:28 AM
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