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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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10/Jan/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
10/Jan/09 12:01 AM
Good Maen to everyone!
10/Jan/09 12:01 AM
1:59, is this by the same photographer as (I think) yesterday's photo?
10/Jan/09 12:03 AM
Good Maen
10/Jan/09 12:04 AM
Good Maen, Debby, Jill, Chris...and anyone else posting before I get done with my one-fingered typing!
Hope to see Debby, Nancy & Junebug Jenny today!
Weather AND baby are holding off a bit!
10/Jan/09 12:05 AM
Good Maen all! Our wonderful Dr. King's b'day is less than a week away (we celebrate it on the 19th, however) - so I wanted to start my celebration a bit earlier.
10/Jan/09 12:05 AM
They are predicting less than an inch of white stuff today, then 3-5 tonight and 5-9 for tomorrow! Might need to borrow a couple of GMo's layers!|
10/Jan/09 12:07 AM
Well I got the last posting on yesterday.
10/Jan/09 12:10 AM
Jolly good photo.
10/Jan/09 12:10 AM
"Right-o, Lee!"
10/Jan/09 12:14 AM
Shiela - glad the baby is allowing you to go ahead with your meet.
Hope you all have a grand time visiting today!
10/Jan/09 12:14 AM
Beautiful photo - don't think I could do the ferris wheel, though!
10/Jan/09 12:18 AM
Good Maen Shiela - I will be leaving here in an hour! See you soon!
10/Jan/09 12:19 AM
I's that thing from yesterday. this day is going to be jammed with things. Car to get it's oil changed and swimming this morning. Then Crystal wants to go somewhere. I forget where. Doesn't matter, she will drive. Wish she could drive mine, but I have a 3/4 ton van and it scares her.
10/Jan/09 12:19 AM
Neat picture! all.
10/Jan/09 12:35 AM
It's way too early. Back to sleep.
10/Jan/09 12:37 AM
Oh Karen - lookout! Today I have - made 2 beds (2 more to go) put a load in the washing machine and dishwasher. Started a loaf of bread in a different machine. Replaced two light bulbs in a bathroom fixture, while I was up there decided to remove cobwebs from fixture and wash the globe/shade More...
10/Jan/09 1:12 AM
all - still dark out - not at 22 yet. Where is everybody fighting for it?
10/Jan/09 1:14 AM
I'll race ya, Eve!
10/Jan/09 1:17 AM
10/Jan/09 1:17 AM
10/Jan/09 1:17 AM
Opps! In my haste, I didn't think that one through. Should have put "Ready, Set, Go" in one post. Then tried to claim the crown! My apologies to Keith for a lame 22 today!
10/Jan/09 1:20 AM
Keith must be sleeping in today.

Still have the video of the float up on my U-tube.

I put the videos I took together - the 10 clips are 4 minutes long. However, I haven't made them into a Youtube file.

Since I've gotten back have been to meeting after meeting & More...
10/Jan/09 1:28 AM
Good evening all.
I'm just home from an evening with Rolanda from Perth who is holidaying in Albany with her husband in their caravan. We had a lovely barbeque tea and had lots of laughs and chatting and of course, a few glasses of wine to help us along.
10/Jan/09 1:30 AM
10/Jan/09 1:34 AM
Golly Anne, wish I were there to enjoy the barbeque tea! Right now I'm just getting up and looking forward to three loads of laundry and a lot of lesson planning!
10/Jan/09 1:38 AM
Feeling due waking up 3 AM with heartburn. First time that ever happened to me. Ended up in the living room trying to sleep upright on the sofa and fighting with the cat for space! I need my but will forgo the
10/Jan/09 1:40 AM
Shosho, the weather was perfect too and we were sitting outside in shorts and t-shirt tops until I came home at 11:00pm. What a shame you didn't join us!
10/Jan/09 1:45 AM
Anne you're fast! It took me 2:49! I'm feeling
10/Jan/09 1:45 AM
10/Jan/09 1:46 AM
Oh well must feed the although I'm not feeling to charitable towards her after early this morning!
Wish I could ride this ferris wheel!
10/Jan/09 1:50 AM
I've been on the famous old ferris wheel in Vienna which was lovely but not the big eye in London.
10/Jan/09 1:53 AM
10/Jan/09 2:02 AM
Ladies! It's sunny and cool here - perfect day for a bike ride.
10/Jan/09 2:03 AM
Shosho - how did your day go yesterday? Will you be glad to be back with your regular students?
10/Jan/09 2:04 AM
1:40 Maen, all! Looks like someone has his Eye on St. James...
10/Jan/09 2:07 AM
Good morning worldly people. It is just a t-shirt day but we could be blown away by the wind.

Seems aliens have invaded--poor GannieMo is going shopping for some preparation food thingy. And Oh Jill, how horrible for you. Wonder if there is some medication for that.
10/Jan/09 2:13 AM
And Shosho--did you put candy canes on your Christmas tree? Whenever I wake screaming in the middle of the night like that (don't scream too loud--you know the girl and philosophy of do not wake the children thing.
Anyway, I suck on a piece of candy cane and all settles down until the next incident.
10/Jan/09 2:16 AM
Just to keep rattling.

Jill when those horrible feelings attack me, I try to ignore them. Hate for hubby to think I did something besides sit on the couch and watch soap opreas and eat bon bons all day.
10/Jan/09 2:18 AM
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