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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jan/14 2:27 AM
Whew! Beat Keith to the mark!!!
Now I can say - I came, I saw, I wheed!
10/Jan/14 2:28 AM
Just finished reading all of today's comments. Thanks to Karen and Serena, it was quite enjoyable.
10/Jan/14 2:28 AM
Got another day with grandie! He's lovable, the apple of my eye, but oh dear Lord, he can tire me out! Imagine that! A mini me!
10/Jan/14 2:29 AM
Well, must face the day, he's coming!
10/Jan/14 2:30 AM
Veni ... Vidi ... WiWi !!! Shosho!
10/Jan/14 2:45 AM
I had to put my oldest collie, Sugar, to sleep this morning. Today is not a good day for me.
10/Jan/14 2:45 AM
Good Maen, good people. Doug, I've been to visit your page. Your pix of NYC and Niagara Falls launched me on a trip down memory lane. I've also been to WDW and Univ Studios, but I'm not much for canned entertainment. No way am I jumping off of skyscrapers. I don't care how cool the certificate is. Would love to crisscross the country, but haven't yet.
10/Jan/14 2:48 AM
So sorry, Heidi. A heart as big as yours is going to feel it keenly.
10/Jan/14 2:52 AM
Hi, Judy. Vici may not like your shosho joke?
10/Jan/14 2:54 AM
Doug's photos have consumed my play time for today. I did the poozle really quick and need time to do the kakuro. So, I'll check back later.
10/Jan/14 2:57 AM
10/Jan/14 2:57 AM
can't resist a cp. The first three letters of my new license plate are ACP. I thought to myself 'yeah, I can remember those letters.'
10/Jan/14 2:58 AM
Hi, Angie. Nice to see you. Maybe I'll pop back after the kakuro.
10/Jan/14 2:59 AM
Hi Plum, its been a while. Hope all is well in your world
10/Jan/14 3:02 AM
Not so good for you, Heidi. I'm so sorry about Sugar. Always such a difficult decision to make.
10/Jan/14 3:04 AM

Pretty sleeping girl......
10/Jan/14 3:08 AM
Karen, I am embarrassed to say when my son was little, I resorted to bribery to keep him in bed at night. I put a clock on his nightstand and told him every time ''the big hand'' moved halfway around the clock he would get 25ยข. In the half hour he would usually fall asleep, but occasionally I had More...
10/Jan/14 3:21 AM
LOL, Plum! You think Vici will feel left out? Welcome, back by the way!
10/Jan/14 3:22 AM
Thanks, Judy. You were on leave for quite a while, too. Nice to finally land in Sudokuland same time as you. I notice Fiona's hanging around a bit, too. This is why I came back. I honestly really like and care about the people here. Plus, I can do with the laughs.
10/Jan/14 3:28 AM
But I've gotta go set the world spinning on its proper axis. 2014 can't really get underway until I get a newsletter out, and it was supposed to be mailed 2 weeks ago!
10/Jan/14 3:30 AM
I broke the site for the second straight day? Do you guys go party on another site when I show up?
10/Jan/14 5:33 AM
Two hours and no progress on my newsletter. Some homeschool progress on the poetry unit and math. I think people are hibernating and not answering or responding to phone calls. I mean, look at the weather! Why aren't they all at home waiting for my phone call? Huh?
10/Jan/14 5:35 AM
A two hour + cp and I'm on to science, I guess. Maybe. I may postpone and take a shower. There's GOT to be a reason nobody's around? Bye.
10/Jan/14 5:37 AM
A Happy Dog

I have seen a couple of military returning and their dog just going crazy over seeing them again, but this dog takes the cake.

10/Jan/14 6:18 AM
10/Jan/14 6:50 AM

10/Jan/14 7:02 AM
10/Jan/14 7:03 AM
No internet for almost 2 days, someone cut a cable, we all suffer. Although I did work on the genealogy for the people who were found recently. My haubands family is so fractured. His aunts & uncles did not talk to each other much so he does not know anything about his cousins.
10/Jan/14 7:10 AM
I have spent the afternoon trying to find train & ferry schedules for Wales & Scotland. Need to start on finding hotels next.
10/Jan/14 7:13 AM
Plum, nice to see you back, I also talk to myself in the afternoon.
10/Jan/14 7:15 AM
Angie, it is nice to see you here also.
10/Jan/14 7:15 AM
10/Jan/14 7:16 AM
Morning all, that photo is a bit contorted.
Heidi,sorry about Sugar I'm sure she had a good life with you.
10/Jan/14 7:30 AM
Good Morning All.
I was thinking the same thing, Amelia!
It is not how long they live with us, but how happily they live with us. I have met Heidi's dogs, (& Heidi) & know how happy they are.
10/Jan/14 7:45 AM
1:51. Good morning everyone.
10/Jan/14 7:51 AM
Well, seeing I'm already here..
10/Jan/14 7:52 AM
...I may as well...
10/Jan/14 7:52 AM
...try for the...
10/Jan/14 7:52 AM
10/Jan/14 7:52 AM
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