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Easy Sudoku for 10/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen!
10/Oct/16 12:14 AM
🌞 Watching the Chicago Marathon
10/Oct/16 12:31 AM
Had an interesting day yesterday. Did some community walking to get used to walking in crowds unfortunately had a panic attack when attempting to go down the escalator. With my sons encouragement, I was able to do it and then did it twice - as my son Ryan said Bob it's just a step out
That's another interesting fact when I say mom it thinks I'm saying Bob, I will have to work on my dictation
10/Oct/16 12:34 AM
I'm only on 4% power on my iPad so I had to do the puzzle quickly today off to recharge
10/Oct/16 12:34 AM
Morning Pam and mymare & everybody still not here.
10/Oct/16 2:01 AM
Hello, Pam, mymare & Keith - commentary has become more & more sparse lately; hope all who have gone atravellin' are enjoying their visits......
10/Oct/16 2:50 AM
10/Oct/16 2:51 AM
10/Oct/16 2:51 AM
....and G'day to those who mosey by later...
10/Oct/16 2:52 AM
Well my granddaughter has come home again, yesterday. Two trips to the hospital within the first week of her life, ouch! So far so good. I have my fingers crossed that she'll be okay so I can come again to visit!
10/Oct/16 2:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Cool and windy here today, Fall has certainly come.
10/Oct/16 5:47 AM
Morning all, amazing building .
Greg, we had cool nd windy yesterday, today is suppose to heat up to 30C I hope they are right.
10/Oct/16 6:02 AM
Hope your granddaughter is home for good,Shosho.💞
10/Oct/16 6:07 AM
A lovely photo of Sacre Coeur, Paris.
10/Oct/16 6:36 AM
Shosho, I hope your granddaughter is doing well and giving pleasure to all her family.
10/Oct/16 9:43 AM
Cool and windy here too, Greg.

Even got a bit of snow on the mountain.
10/Oct/16 9:58 AM
Sending good thoughts for your Grandie, Shosho.

I hope she is home for good.
10/Oct/16 10:01 AM
Keith, I can see it from here!
10/Oct/16 10:02 AM
I could go for it providing Hal is not in the vicinity.
10/Oct/16 10:03 AM
Shall I?
10/Oct/16 10:03 AM
Nah, I'll leave it for Keith.
10/Oct/16 10:03 AM
No I won't.......Ta daaaaaa!
10/Oct/16 10:04 AM
1:59 Good morning one and all!

Peter's a thief. He stole Keith's number.
10/Oct/16 11:13 AM
Looks to me that Peter took 22 fair and square, even if with the glee that goes with snatching it.
10/Oct/16 11:34 AM
Home from a great weekend. It was a celebrating the Birthday for a 13 year old
10/Oct/16 1:24 PM
I am about wiped out, fun filled week-end but my back has been hurting so that makes traveling no fun.
10/Oct/16 1:27 PM
The answer to yesterday's A to A puzzle is:
The winners are Judy, Joyce, Sarah and Aileen (13/15). The prize is a long weekend every weekend

10/Oct/16 2:47 PM
It has been a rather warm day (I think it almost got to 35*c). I got some gardening done and watered the plants. I have just been out in my back yard sitting on the seat with a white cockie either side eating a biscuit and a couple of kookaburras on the ground near my feet eating some meat I had cut up for them. What could be more pleasant.
10/Oct/16 5:37 PM
My mind's all over the place - 2:13 today.

That's one of my photos from our 2007 trip.
10/Oct/16 7:19 PM
Mymare, your comment reminded me to put up a post letting you all know I'll be running the Melbourne marathon this Sunday (16th.) Fingers crossed I remain injury and disease free between now and then.
10/Oct/16 7:22 PM
Hope all goes well Chris and the weather is what you want.........certainly not the 35C that was here today
10/Oct/16 10:59 PM

Shoshu, may the path to the hospital be a route less travelled for you new little granddaughter and that you get to hold her soon
10/Oct/16 11:04 PM
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