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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to page 3.
10/Nov/11 11:35 AM
10/Nov/11 11:36 AM
It seems, Karen, that no one wants to continue a story. Don't know why. I enjoyed them.
10/Nov/11 11:36 AM
Rats! Missed by a minute! Actually less!
10/Nov/11 11:37 AM
SHARON!!!! You whee'd on me.
10/Nov/11 11:37 AM
My older son teases his brother by saying "Once a upon a time, there was a . . . and it died. The end!"
10/Nov/11 11:38 AM
However, I'll forgive you... this time.
10/Nov/11 11:39 AM
I am soooo embarrassed!
Here let me towel you off!
10/Nov/11 11:40 AM
10/Nov/11 11:41 AM
I am so happy! I get to eat dinner tonight. The people at the rear end business said the latest I could have solids was 6 PM!!! Hey, it's the small joys that make up my life! So bug me and I'll say "Up yours, too!!!"
10/Nov/11 11:43 AM
I know, I know, I'm the living "end"!
You don't want to get "behind" me.
You really want to get to "bottom" of this!
So don't become a pain in the "butt"
and rejoice that I have come to the "end"
10/Nov/11 11:46 AM
10/Nov/11 11:46 AM
Yes, Sharon?
10/Nov/11 11:56 AM
I should know to come here first when I fire up the pooter.....
10/Nov/11 11:56 AM
.....instead I read emails, the news .......
10/Nov/11 11:57 AM
.... so when I got to this site, it said the post count was 76.
10/Nov/11 11:57 AM
So I thought "ooh. I can get a page change".
10/Nov/11 11:58 AM
But when I clicked over from Page 1, the post count went to 92.
10/Nov/11 11:58 AM
Serves me right.
10/Nov/11 11:59 AM
But I did get 100!
10/Nov/11 11:59 AM
10/Nov/11 11:59 AM
And a double CP!!
10/Nov/11 12:00 PM
TMI, Sharon, TMI.
10/Nov/11 12:00 PM
Since there has been a bit of poetry today, here's my contribution:

There once was a little boy,
He thought this world was his toy,
He's grown since then,
And can't recall when,
The toy's not much to enjoy.
10/Nov/11 12:31 PM
Shosho, I know this evening is going to be a moving experience for you. You will feel cleansed like you have never been cleansed before.
10/Nov/11 12:38 PM
OK, that's a bit pessimistic,
Give me a minute to think realistic,
I've had a good time,
But would bet you a dime,
The world will be here next week.
10/Nov/11 12:43 PM
And all those who bemoan the liquid prep....30+ years ago I worked as a nurses aide, nights. That was when you were admitted to the hospital for your, um, "proceedure". I was the person who greeted you at 4AM with a gallon bag full of soap suds, or was it saline. You got one on the More...
10/Nov/11 12:45 PM
My entryway is cleaned, as are the cupboards. (This is a country house, and people come in the back door. It is also my laundry room. I had not cleaned out those cupboards since I moved in.) I cleaned the bugs out of the flourescent light fixture, and discovered that two bulbs were out. Kitchen More...
10/Nov/11 12:49 PM
What???? Stick it up my ????
10/Nov/11 12:50 PM
I found out about a job fair today. It is tomorrow...in Wichita. I have been told that I am not to go to any quilt shops.
10/Nov/11 12:51 PM
Shosho, that is not exactly the word I was greeted with.
10/Nov/11 12:52 PM
Oh Lordy, what a choice, that or
10/Nov/11 12:53 PM
Well, Sarah Beth, was it weeeee, weeeee, weeeee? Because I know I would have felt like a stuck piggy!
10/Nov/11 12:54 PM
Sarah Beth? Sarah Beth? I knew it! You're choking with stifled laughter!
10/Nov/11 12:56 PM
Sarah Beth has a clean entryway,
And Shosho has a clean exit way,
But I must confess,
This is such a mess,
I didn't want to know anyway.
10/Nov/11 12:57 PM
Hey that doesn't until tomorrow! I've got to be clean as whistle on Friday! Want to hear me toot?
10/Nov/11 1:01 PM
Oh dear did I gross everyone out?
10/Nov/11 1:02 PM
I know, I know
10/Nov/11 1:03 PM
Shosho to hear you toot,
Sometimes can be a hoot,
But let us be clear.
I don't mind the 'hear',
It's the smell that I don't care for.
10/Nov/11 1:08 PM
Just guessing...
10/Nov/11 1:09 PM
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