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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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, time to start another day.
10/Feb/08 12:00 AM
all. Welcome to a new day!
10/Feb/08 12:01 AM
Chris, quite night tonight
10/Feb/08 12:01 AM
2:45, very slow today.
10/Feb/08 12:03 AM
all - U-tube updated - featuring the versatility of:


She still can belt a tune at 80 More...
10/Feb/08 12:04 AM
...and quiet Broni.

I've just finished getting the kitchen in order after getting the marinade ready for the butter chicken I'll be cooking for some guests tonight. It had better be worth it!
10/Feb/08 12:05 AM
4:23 and you reckon you are slow Chris, Butter Chicken hope you have put the recipe on the recipe page?
Hi Kate & Eve.
10/Feb/08 12:08 AM
No I haven't Broni. I'll try to get around to it over the next couple of days.
10/Feb/08 12:13 AM
Good Maen Kate, Chris & Broni. I finaly got caught up on all of the comments for the last week.
10/Feb/08 12:17 AM
Hello everyone.
Kathy+Bruce of Maryland USA had finished their visit to Egypt this Morning(5 Hours ago) and flying now back to USA. Wish them a safety and enjoyable back home.

to ZIGGY .
10/Feb/08 12:21 AM
Hi and Good Morning Chris, Broni, Eve & Kate.
Just got one more thing to do on these invites. But I think I'm going to need Paul's opinion before I go ahead - I'm already concerned that the invites look really girly (frangipani, pink and cream theme for our Fijian wedding) and I don't want More...
10/Feb/08 12:26 AM
3:05 Very slow - maybe too much on my mind???
10/Feb/08 12:29 AM
Ziggy! Hope you have a great day.
10/Feb/08 12:30 AM
What a great place to get married Rose! I grew up in Fiji and, while it isn't quite the paradise it was back then (I'm talking around 40 years ago), it's still fabulous.
10/Feb/08 12:31 AM
Well, that's me done for the day - time for bed.

Ziggy and to the site Mavis from Melbourne.
10/Feb/08 12:34 AM
For those who like the Dordogne I have uploaded a couple of pages of photos that I took on my walk with the dog this morning. They are on Flickr accessed through my page.
10/Feb/08 12:49 AM
4:11 some day I hope to better my time. I can't seem to beat 4:00
10/Feb/08 12:51 AM
everyone - enjoy your day - I just starting off my morning with my daily routine on the computer -take care, Mary
10/Feb/08 1:08 AM
Aw, Rose, go with it! Steve chose the paper and color so be yourself and ask Steve for his opinion! Don't try to second guess him. Less headaches and upset stomaches!!!
10/Feb/08 1:16 AM
Ooops meant to say makes some decisions and then ask Steve for his honest input. Then go with that! In doing so you'll know better what he wants.
10/Feb/08 1:18 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Ziggy,
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
10/Feb/08 1:20 AM
Shosho - your up early. Today Jacksonville is celebrating the Chinesse New Year with their big parade through the center of town (three blocks). Since it is a historical town and the Chinesse are an integral part of the history - the parade is in honor of that heritage and their contribution during the gold rush era.
10/Feb/08 1:31 AM
Ziggy! scottmorey! to EVERYONE!!!!!!
mymare - how did you bowl this week? Any more 200 games?
Rose - good luck with the wedding planning. It can be very stressful & time consuming for all, especially the bride!!! Do you want to tell us the date?
10/Feb/08 1:45 AM
Mymare - I forgot to congratulate you on your 212. Many years ago, one of my girl friends that I bowled with for years bowled a 300 in league. She was a slow leftie with around a 130 average - it was her first time back after giving birth 3 weeks earlier. Her husband kept saying he was going to More...
10/Feb/08 2:04 AM
all, Ziggy
10/Feb/08 2:15 AM
Zoki - you are up late!
10/Feb/08 2:18 AM
everyone from sunny southern Arizona
We are in Tucson Arizona for 2 days. It is a little higher in elevation so the nights are cooler. However, the days are sunny and warm.
Enjoy your day, whatever part of it you have left and OZ ...
10/Feb/08 2:34 AM
Dave: Try Prescott - cooler yet.
10/Feb/08 2:38 AM
2:12 Hi to all. Very quiet here today.

Thought for the Day:

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
10/Feb/08 2:40 AM
Have a Happy Birthday Ziggy, hope you have a wonderful day.
10/Feb/08 2:41 AM
Andre: I do manage to laugh these days - but with problems as they are it is rather dry laughter
10/Feb/08 2:55 AM
I think the Chinese caledar; with its extra dimension spread over 12 years; is very intriguing indeed.
10/Feb/08 2:56 AM
Happy birthday Ziggy.

If it's flood waters, shouldn't they be muddy?
10/Feb/08 3:00 AM
Must be Saturday, I made it on the first page. Everyone must be sleeping. I'll try to be quiet.
10/Feb/08 3:26 AM
Then André, I haven't wasted a day since I became a teacher. Ever try to go a day without some crazy antics of a child? I don't think so! I guess that's why I'm a teacher, I'm never bored (frantic, yes; exasperated, yes; but never bored) and I always have something to laugh about (kids know when they're cute!)
10/Feb/08 3:27 AM
Rayray, ever considered writing on your checks the year 4706? Anyone know what year is the Jewish calendar? In the Japanese calendar the year is Heisei 19. For some odd reason they go by the emperor's reign. The present one came upon his throne in 1989. His father's reign was from 1926 to 1989, his years are known as the Showa.
10/Feb/08 3:30 AM
Hmm, Armstrong landed on the moon in the year Showa 43. Our new millenium started in Heisei 11 or for some sticklers 12. Rather awkward isn't it?
10/Feb/08 3:34 AM
Question, what other country is as backward as us in NOT using the metric measurement system?
10/Feb/08 3:35 AM
I remember as a child having to learn 2 systems, metric and traditional. We were told that we were converting over to the metric soon.
10/Feb/08 3:35 AM
As a teacher, I'm still having to teach both! My poor students!
10/Feb/08 3:36 AM
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