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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
10/Mar/15 12:01 AM
Not sure I like this time change this year. I have been up for almost 3 hours, only because I woke up before my alarm, which should tell me how my day will be. I am still waiting for it to get light outside. It is a cool raining morning, but still dark. If it stays dark much longer I may have to curl back into bed and wait for the light.
10/Mar/15 12:04 AM
It is hard for me to get up and get going when it is dark out. Before the change, I could get up and get going, because 20 minutes after putting the girls in their limo, some type of light started peaking through, so I got going. Waiting 3 hours for light, is not good.
10/Mar/15 12:06 AM
Kitties are doing their normal Monday morning supervising. First they oversee and instruct me on teeth brushing, then supervise the getting the girls tooth brushes ready. I have learned that one even test the water to make sure it is right. They oversee me waking the girls, and if I do not do it More...
10/Mar/15 12:10 AM
They take bed making very serious and must oversee every aspect and if not done right, they take the bedding off and make me remake the beds.
10/Mar/15 12:12 AM
Good morning Karen.
That sad looking pup needs to grow into it's skin.
10/Mar/15 12:15 AM
, y'all! 2:11, had to put my brain in reverse. Awww... he's all WRINKLY!
10/Mar/15 12:47 AM
I was up early too, Karen. Way too early, like 2am early, and could NOT get back to sleep. Just hook up an IV to coffee for me today.
10/Mar/15 12:48 AM
Without further adieu, the Sunny & Clear Rebus Answers!

repeat after me
Count Dracula
no U-Turn
wash up before dinner
street corner
double vision
cross bow

Judy charged in first with 10/10 and a memory of her mother More...
10/Mar/15 12:50 AM
Warming up a bit today.
10/Mar/15 1:14 AM
Silvergal, it always amazes me how obvious the answers seem to be on the ones I struggle over!
(Like, 'valentine'!!!)
10/Mar/15 1:16 AM
I hear ya, Shiela... some of them are real 'groaners'.
10/Mar/15 1:47 AM
I had to get up and get moving or I would be celebrating National Nap Day, all day. Still sounds like a great idea.
10/Mar/15 2:36 AM
So now I have two out of three beds made. I did two, because one girl, with big blue eyes, asked this morning, in the sweetest voice, 'Mom, would you make my bed, like I like it, please?' Who could resist. The other child is like her daddy and sleeps where ever and how ever.
Three loads of clothes washed, dried, folded and put away. Trash gathered and takend to the curb.
10/Mar/15 2:39 AM
Had some bananas that were yelling at me all weekend, that it is bread time, so prepared bread and delivered to the neighbor along with the Sunday paper. Where I learned I had forgotten a birthday. I think it would help to remember March birthdays, if I could remember it is March.
Bird feeder is filled and hummingbird water is prepared, just waiting for the rain to stop to put it out.
10/Mar/15 2:42 AM
Have a million other things that need to be done today, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what they are. All I can think about is that it is rainy and dreary outside and I abandoned my pillows before the alarm this morning. At least it is sort of light outside, that is sort of helping any progress.
10/Mar/15 2:44 AM
Karen came back while I was working the puzzle.
10/Mar/15 2:48 AM
Wrinkle dog.
10/Mar/15 2:49 AM
Is that woman going to slip in just at the right time?
10/Mar/15 2:49 AM
Or just give me a push?
10/Mar/15 2:49 AM
Or what?
10/Mar/15 2:50 AM
10/Mar/15 2:50 AM
Hi Wrinkles! With a face like yours you can't help but be loveable.
10/Mar/15 3:01 AM
10/Mar/15 3:11 AM
10/Mar/15 3:14 AM

I just got back from dropping my car off for a 1 year maintenance check. They'll be vacuuming it out and washing it, so I had to ''muck it out'' this morning. The good news is, I found my missing glove.
10/Mar/15 3:47 AM
Morning all,the wrinkle cream isn't working too well.
10/Mar/15 3:49 AM
I wonder how long I could keep my kids entertained having them try and count the wrinkles.
10/Mar/15 4:58 AM

Each child in a family has at least 5 brothers and 2 sisters. What is the smallest number of children the family might have?

Answers to my ''family'' inbox please.
10/Mar/15 5:03 AM
This is an actual conversation had at my house.

Little girl asked ''What is a boy''?

Little boy said ''A boy is a person who has a pen1s and pees standing up and facing the toilet. A girl is a person who sits on the toilet to pee and poop.''

Hope that clears up any confusion anyone may have.
10/Mar/15 5:09 AM

Kathy - I can't believe you've had your new car for a year already! How nice that they'll wash it and get some of the road salt off the undercarriage as well.
10/Mar/15 5:11 AM
We're finally starting to thaw and lose snow around here. It made it to 41 F yesterday and will be a few degrees warmer today. I can't see any grassy areas yet, but maybe by tomorrow with these warmer temps and lovely blue skies.

HOORAY - maybe Spring really will come this year!
10/Mar/15 5:14 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
10/Mar/15 7:00 AM
10/Mar/15 7:05 AM
Karen, my day seems to be going the other way. It is still dark now when my alarm goes off at 6.15 to get up for the gym. I hate clock watching but I also hate being woken up by my alarm. In summer I wake up naturally as it gets lighter before my alarm wakes me so now I dither between giving in and More...
10/Mar/15 7:39 AM
Good morning.
10/Mar/15 7:40 AM
Don't know if I sent this yesterday - and I'm too lazy to go look - but.....
10/Mar/15 7:42 AM
We are on daylight saving too.
10/Mar/15 7:43 AM
Doesn't finish this year until April 5th.
10/Mar/15 7:44 AM
Any takers?
10/Mar/15 7:45 AM
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