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Easy Sudoku for 10/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Have fun Gail & ALL in attendance!! Will look forward to the pics. (Again - don't forget the camera!)
10/Apr/11 9:15 AM
Grats, Kathy.

So sorry to hear, Hal. Condolances to Barbara, and the whole family.
10/Apr/11 9:23 AM
It's been fun at Decorah today. Every time I look in, Mom is feeding the babies. I've seen Dad deliver an enormous rabbit and a big fish as well. Not seeing any competition among the eaglets. Mom stuffs them all really well.
10/Apr/11 10:23 AM

I'm disappointed. No meat, vegetable or other savoury pies at Glenn's piefest......and not a PIECOST to be seen!
10/Apr/11 11:02 AM
Morning folks..da Bean is coming out of hiding...
Nothing like the opportunity to get out and meet up with the sudoku crowd. Don't think I have dropped in here since my brother died.. been a bit distracted but that's ok. Back on track now.

10/Apr/11 11:20 AM
OMG..must do something about the Christmas decorations when I get back!!!!!
Gail..have got the camera.
Can't find the 'good behaviour' mode though... whatever will I do????
10/Apr/11 11:21 AM
Good morning all
HalT - condolences to you, Barbara and your family!
Captain J - welcome back, hope your recovery is speedy!
Gail, Beanie, Jack, Margo and all the Melbourne crowd - hope you have an enjoyable gathering!
Peter - I'm not going to ask, because I know the answer! Hehe!
10/Apr/11 11:47 AM
Keith - I loved the cowpat pie story!!!
10/Apr/11 11:48 AM
Kathy (V) - congratulations on your tennis win and those of your team!
10/Apr/11 11:48 AM
Sending love and hugs to Barbara and you, HalT.
10/Apr/11 11:54 AM
Mr P is safely back in Canberra after his week in Alabama.
10/Apr/11 11:55 AM
HalT, condolences to Barbara on the loss of her brother. Have a safe trip to Missouri.
10/Apr/11 12:29 PM
Thank you all for your concern. I will try to keep you up to dats.
10/Apr/11 12:29 PM
Welcome back Mr. P from Allybammy.
10/Apr/11 12:29 PM
Judy, are you sure you didn't hear that from me? My brother's good friend, the one he balloons with, is from Sweden. When I first uttered that saying in front of TM's relatives, seems there is a family plaque stating such, hanging on the wall. At least they admit it!
10/Apr/11 12:32 PM
Good night people of the world.
10/Apr/11 1:41 PM
1:57. Hi all, I'm on quite a lot later than normal today - I've just got back from marshalling for the Canberra Marathon; basically 7 hours of directing traffic!
10/Apr/11 2:55 PM
At least the runners stayed cool, Chris. (It has been raining pretty much all day!).
10/Apr/11 3:59 PM
My daughter did her first half marathon in the race today. The runners and the spectators all ended up wet. Three times I was hit in the face by different peoples umbrellas. Maybe the drought has meant that people have forgoten their umbrella etiquette.
10/Apr/11 6:05 PM
and 100
10/Apr/11 6:06 PM
Well everyone must have been having a good time out today.We just drove 440klms/260miles to pick up no 1 grandson and there has been a total of 18 posts since we left. Sloooooooow here today.
10/Apr/11 7:08 PM
Condolences to you and Barbara Hal.
10/Apr/11 7:08 PM
Welcome home Cap and a speedy recovery.
10/Apr/11 7:09 PM
Better go and do Kathy's puzzle.
10/Apr/11 7:10 PM
Oh well CP.
10/Apr/11 7:10 PM
That wasn't much of a challenge.
10/Apr/11 7:23 PM
8 YO grandson came 2nd in his Cross Country race. Progresses to Regionals. Perhaps a future marathon participant.
10/Apr/11 7:41 PM
All alone am I...
10/Apr/11 7:42 PM
Never let it be said that I can't take a hint.
10/Apr/11 7:44 PM
A double.
10/Apr/11 7:45 PM
Hi all,well done KathyF on the tennis win.
CaptJ pleased to see you home and the GF is doing a great job looking after you.
Hal, my deepest sympathy to you, Barbara and the family on your loss.
10/Apr/11 7:53 PM
10/Apr/11 9:12 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – The original log cabin in Alaska.

Glenn² – Getting hot in Florida. Posts a link to the All American Pie Festival and not a meat pie in sight.

Halt/Fii/Shiela – Looking for their share of the pie. More...
10/Apr/11 10:00 PM
Poor Peter!
10/Apr/11 10:34 PM
No-one fell into his trap!
10/Apr/11 10:35 PM
What's a piecost?
10/Apr/11 10:35 PM
About $4!!!
10/Apr/11 10:35 PM
Boom boom!! or Gerrit, as Rayray would say!
10/Apr/11 10:36 PM
A wonderful time was had, yet again. I don't think we embarrassed ourselves too much in front of our Adelaide guests, and hopefully we'll be seeing Jack again (we truly did try and behave ourselves!).
Photos tomorrow, seeing as there will be two youngens in the house during the day there is a distinct possibility the pics will make it to my page!
10/Apr/11 11:08 PM
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