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Easy Sudoku for 10/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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10/Jun/11 12:47 AM
everyone, looks to be a beautiful Thursday.
10/Jun/11 12:47 AM
Maen Sue. Glad someone has a nice day.
10/Jun/11 12:49 AM
Well that's me.1.00am here. Ciao.
10/Jun/11 12:59 AM

It seems Fiona has been kicked off the site and sent to the naughty corner She is disgruntled, to say the least. To add insult to injury, she had her phone number stolen and has been dealing with a new-found foreign friend. She has now gone to couch to recover.
10/Jun/11 1:07 AM
Good Maen, all. Wishing everyone a great day.
Max is decidedly better today, tho still a bit lethargic. He's not yet ready for a new picture but thinks he should be ready by tomorrow. I've been out watering my alleged garden, but the g/f said I should leave that stuff to her because I have a "black thumb" - whatever that is.
10/Jun/11 1:15 AM

Which country, from group A, belongs in group B?


Great Britain
Hong Kong
10/Jun/11 1:16 AM
Good MaeN, good people. Poorer problems and I must try fixing myself as my machine's usual physician is on call elsewhere this week. Wonder if Kathy's got a nurse for a computer with blue screen woes? Heck, I'd settle for a cable so I can scan for viruses and hard drive issues from my antiquated More...
10/Jun/11 1:25 AM
I don't know why it's called a smart phone. The autocorrect is so very often incorrect and it's so hard to proofreader on the tiny screen. That should have been computer (pooter) problems and fix it myself ... Oh and you guys are smart enough to read my mind, as troubled as said mind is.
10/Jun/11 1:33 AM
What a lovely remote beach - just right for spoiling - with such as - a golf course, concrete blocks of holiday flats, swimming pools, villas, shopping centres, fairgrounds, marinas, movie theatres, discotheques, multi-story car parks, etc.
After all, as it is now, there's nothing for anyone to More...
10/Jun/11 1:59 AM
Once the developers have been there, everyone will be able to enjoy what's left.
10/Jun/11 2:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another nice photo from Wendy, and Rayray. it's too late as that area of Queensland is already a big resort area.
10/Jun/11 2:38 AM
Grass-hopper, I am deeply offended! I would never offend Fiona! Why, the Irish and the Scots have never been at odds with one another, right!
10/Jun/11 2:41 AM
And furthermore, I really didn't post another riddle. I posted a joke in disguise. You will note that I didn't mention who sent me answers to the number of passengers on the bus!
10/Jun/11 2:43 AM
Progress is rarely a good thing. Places like this need to be left alone.
10/Jun/11 2:45 AM
I am horrified to hear that CG.
I hope the developing vandals are not enjoying their fast, gas-guzzling cars.
10/Jun/11 3:22 AM
Aloha Thursday!
Visited USS Arizona (always a moving memorial)--the Visitors Center has been updated and security has tightened even more. Had to check my purse, but was allowed to stuff my pockets with cell phone, wallet and camera.
10/Jun/11 3:36 AM
The only person to comment about my remarks about yesterday's picture was Phantom, and I didn't understand what he said when he referred, in his diurnal summary, to - quote: "CRAFT"
I agree with him that I used to be on first names with Xanthorrhoea because it was one of a number of More...
10/Jun/11 3:39 AM
Aileen - what astounded me was the oil still rising to the surface at the memorial after all these years.

It was impossible not to well up in tears as you stand there, I do just thinking of it.

Where you off to next?
10/Jun/11 3:44 AM
I agree. Visiting the Arizona Memorial is truly a "tug at the heartstrings" experience. We saw a film beforehand that was very moving, as well.
10/Jun/11 3:57 AM
storms during the night - needed to get up on the ladder to clean out the gutter - husband insisted -- the rain was pouring down - not my idea of a safe thing to do, but I was able to loosen the Dam - and like the itsy bitsy spider it all came down.
10/Jun/11 4:21 AM
was so wet - thought, why not -- washed my hair in the backyard -- came in the house and found a major leak over the door leading into the kitchen -- did my loosing the clog in the gutter do this ??? mmm -- but it seems to clear up quickly and a check of the house seemed to be okay -- we got over 4 inches of rain quickly
10/Jun/11 4:22 AM
but now, the sun is out - the air of off - as it is now a quick nice and cooler day - after 2 days of record heat -- in IL - you really do just wait 5 minutes for the weather to change
10/Jun/11 4:23 AM
Hello everyone!
Already missing you all! I've been volunteering at our Celtic Festival office the last few days. Will be working just a couple of days a week for now, but as it gets closer to festival time, I'll be there every day. I think this is my 14th or 15th year volunteering.
10/Jun/11 4:25 AM
the plumber is coming in about 3 hours -- and I will have a bathroom again !!!! looking really nice -- I'm am so glad --- right now, not much to do - I started to clean a little, but it's not really worth the time or effort
10/Jun/11 4:26 AM
There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals:
A Lion; A Chimp; A Giraffe and A Squirrel.

They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.
Who do you guess will win?
Your answer will reflect your personality.
So think More...
10/Jun/11 4:26 AM
so, how am I spending my time - watching Martha and looking at Kitchen re-modeling plans ....
10/Jun/11 4:27 AM
You DID get soaked, Mymare - literaly!
(Hope the storm doesn't travel here!)
10/Jun/11 4:27 AM
Shiela - that should be fun -- for some reason, I don't think of MI as Irish -- of course, we have our South Side Irish -- But Wisc I believe has a Celtic party also -- are you by the shore ?
10/Jun/11 4:30 AM
('cause I KNOW that bananas don't grow on coconut trees, Jim!)
10/Jun/11 4:32 AM
Earthquake report
As I interpret the phenomena, and as deduced from the USGS records of ‘significant’ quakes, there have recently been expressions of ‘tectonic strings’ of quakes.
The most recent expression (5th to 9th June), is (West Macquarie Island, m6.3, 5th June) – (2x quakes in Fiji More...
10/Jun/11 4:32 AM
and off I go - enjoy your day. I love shorelines -- maybe travel the other puzzles today --- I see that dust in the other room - but know I really won't be able to do it until tonight or Saturday -- maybe, I will just turn my chair abit.
10/Jun/11 4:33 AM
It all started because our city has a Welsh sister city. Historically, the city roots are actually German.
10/Jun/11 4:33 AM
I didn't comment on your comments yesterday because I really shouldn't be dwelling on poisons, Rayray. It's too tempting to think up ways to use them.
10/Jun/11 4:36 AM
Wow, Rayray! Mother Nature seems a bit too active for me!
Think they'd trade for a few Midwest tornados?
10/Jun/11 4:36 AM
Of to look for a birthday present for hubby. His birthday is Saturday - but he's going to be away for the weekend on a golf trip. tried to tell him that if he's gone on his birthday - means no presents! But it didn't work!
10/Jun/11 4:45 AM
I thought I was Welsh on my father's side - that is what I was told -- but now I find I'm actually German on Dad's side --- must be a story somewhere --- of course, Mom's background --- Norway -- esp with the farms more inland.
10/Jun/11 4:54 AM
Sheila - as long as you weren't talking about oranges... ;-)
10/Jun/11 4:59 AM
Karen -- Did you know (I just learned today) that Donald Duck has a MIDDLE name?

( and WHY does Donald ALWAYS wear that sailor JACKET -- sans PANTS; while Mickey Mouse ALWAYS wears PANTS, with suspenders -- but NO shirt or jacket?)

10/Jun/11 5:19 AM
Silly Man. You would think after all this time, he would know better than to call me and ask if I have plans for dinner. My answer is always the same, reservations.
Well, today when I got that call, I said I took chicken out of the freezer, no idea what to do with it, but yes I will prepare it More...
10/Jun/11 5:19 AM
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