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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Hello page two.
10/Jul/14 4:42 AM
OK, getting sidetracked, because I could write a book about the food preparation books, but the topic is that room.
10/Jul/14 4:43 AM
The counter top, which I am not sure I like or not, I think is something, I am not sure about the name. I do know, you look at it and it gets stained, but is hard to scratch. There is a person, who does not know how to use a cutting board, here. I won't mention names, but he just cannot grab a More...
10/Jul/14 4:49 AM
As for the appliances. I would totally love, my stainless steal fridge, if people would stop touching it. The top has man prints, the middle has little people prints, and the bottom has dog prints. So, strange, Shelby Lou, runs into that huge thing all the time. I am wondering if she can see her More...
10/Jul/14 4:55 AM
We also, have a white fridge, which collects black fingerprints, and is a pain in my tush to get rid of, unless, I have that Mr. Clean, pad, on hand, but still requires more scrubbing than I want to do.
SIL, had a black fridge, which seemed to have the same problem, though it did not show as much as the white, but was still there.
10/Jul/14 4:58 AM
10/Jul/14 5:03 AM
Now, that big thing that heats food and the dishwasher, are black, and both, love finger prints.
My suggestion, about appliances, if you have little people around, don't buy any. Finger prints are a pet peeve of mine, and a task that is never ending to keep at bay. I do not plan, on getting rid More...
10/Jul/14 5:05 AM
all, hope all is well in your world.
Karen for all your witty(whether intended or not) postings, I always enjoy them and they certainly make the pages tick by!!
10/Jul/14 5:09 AM
Speaking of little people.
You all know, that no one, absolutely no one, listens to me around here, or in the family. Well, when K was 3, she became the proud owner of a Grizzly 4-wheeler. She was/is, not strong enough, or big enough to handle this machine, in my opinion, but has been zooming More...
10/Jul/14 5:11 AM
Thank you, Lizzy.
I try to be entertaining, when I am rambling and grumbling.
So, I will try to continue, though, nap time is calling my name. I was hoping for a nap, uninterrupted, but Man just called and said he is on his way home. OH, joy.
10/Jul/14 5:13 AM
Back to the 4-wheeler, topic.
OK, out at MIL's, there are two, underage, under experienced, juveniles, riding free, on two different size machines. MIL, felt sorry, for the lone, safe 5 year old, and decided she needed one too. So, she now has a 4-wheeler, the size of her sister's, riding free. I am not happy.
10/Jul/14 5:15 AM
Other than to tell me, that he was on his way home, Man informed me, that there has been an incident, and that all parties involved, are alright, but one 4-wheeler is on the way, back to the shop, for major repairs, and the other two dangerous machines are parked. Which makes me happy.
Happy, More...
10/Jul/14 5:18 AM
Man is home now, and seems to think I want to hear what all he has to say, so, guess, I will pretend, to listen.
Have a warm or cool, which ever you need, day.
Until I return again, and yes, I shall return, eventually, stay safe.
10/Jul/14 5:20 AM
On the bright side, the current flickr problem means I don't have to feel bad about my update frequency.
10/Jul/14 5:29 AM
1:59. Good morning everyone.
10/Jul/14 6:45 AM
Good Morning everyone!
I was talking to a lady from down our street a couple of days ago & as usual my dog Rocky was with me. I mentioned that he is feeling the cold (as he is going bald). The lovely lady came back later in the day to give me a doggy coat for him! I put it on him the night More...
10/Jul/14 7:34 AM
Remember my anti social 5 year old? When asked about his friends at preschool he really only ever mentioned one person. I was semi skeptical but just figured it was because they sat together at breakfast a lot. Today he told me the real reason he said she is his friend. It's because he didn't More...
10/Jul/14 7:39 AM
10/Jul/14 8:13 AM
Now if you all lived much closer to moi.. I know a great cabinet maker who could build and install a dream kitchen for you
I have a beautiful kitchen, with Corian benches (countertops).
The Cabinet Maker is my husband

BTW goodmorning everyone
10/Jul/14 9:19 AM
Kathy(MD) - Did you receive my answers to your word puzzle today? When I sent it, the response I got from the site didn't look right.
10/Jul/14 9:33 AM
Everybody. It seems like everyone is having some interesting things happening...either their Flickr accounts or their kitchens. Enjoyed reading your stories today, Karen!
10/Jul/14 10:48 AM
Grasshopper! I hope Mr. Cee is taking you out for dinner on your special day!
10/Jul/14 10:49 AM
So much chatter today and I have been gone. My when we renovated the kitchen in the last house I went with corian and love it. I wanted stainless steel but hated it after I got it, gave it to daughter when they bought their house, she still has More...
10/Jul/14 11:48 AM
10/Jul/14 1:54 PM
You know what Karen - I think we have similar husbands!!!!!!!!!
I have finally decided I WILL move up to the River House, but all of a sudden husband decides we won't be moving up there permanently for another few years..............
10/Jul/14 8:10 PM
Hi Kate, are you over the jet lag? Just think you have more time before you have to put your city house on the market.
10/Jul/14 11:09 PM
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