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Easy Sudoku for 10/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Finer than granulated (or regular) but not as fine as icing sugar.
Greetings to all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Kathy, you asked where I was yesterday, well after my first comment, Marcy and friends took over, so I did a few chores and watched movies with my hubby.Today I went to my book club and now I have a little time to catch up with my sudoku More...
Kathy, as far as giving advice to my children as they raise their kids, I really try not to since I experienced much unwelcomed advice from my mom-in-law early on. I'm very happy and also very flattered when I'm asked for an opinion and try to reasure them of all that they do right before anything More...
Judy, Like Gannie Mo, I've never had a scooter of any color, altho I've done quite a bit of scooting around in my day, and it wasn't always on wheels.
Kevin/N.C., I hope you have not lost any one you loved or been hurt yourself by a drunken driver. I say this because you consistently give the same very good advice, and I wondered if there is more behind the comment. If so, You have my prayers for healing This is something we all need to remember!
Now time for me to go eat my cereal for now! Peace be with you.
MAMACITA: Hm-m ... is this 'scooting around in my day' something I want to hear about, or not??!!

OK, WHO was it that got a brand new red motor scooter a couple of months ago? I know it was one of the 60+ club. I'm hoping that the driver is still in one piece!
Late getting to the site but read the comments first and started with 9 and almost broke 3 minutes. That would be a first for me.
3:30. That's a lot of bubbles.
Judy, I don't have a red scooter, but at today's gas prices, I would like to trade my Tahoe for a scooter....but a pink one, thank you. And I have a decade to go before I'm in the 60+ crowd!
Ah, SARA, you're just a kid!! Wouldn't it be fun for a whole fleet of 'mature' women to scamper around together on hot little motor scooters? Va-room!
Judy, If stories were to be told, my scooting around would be interesting I'd say. However, since this is a family site......ahhhhh,no, I'm not telling.
We'll save it until we meet in person, huh, MAMA? All the juicy stuff can come out when we are face-to-face! Something to look forward to. I do surmise that your still waters run deep!
Judy, my husband doesn't want me to ride a scooter in crazy Denver traffic. He may not have a say if the gas prices continue to go up. I did see a 40 something woman on a pink scooter the other day. The only problem is, my 2 golden retrievers wouldn't fit.
How about a side car for the pooches, SARA? Then all three of you could zip along with your long, reddish-blond hair flowing in the breeze! Very sexy!
maybe you could set up your own chatsite for those times when you want to serial post and engage in verbal diarrhoea. It could be your own special place so you can be special.
These haven't really been serial posts ... the comments on this page have been posted over several hours, but no one else is commenting! Thanks for the kind suggestion. You're very special, too.
Judy, Mamacita, Kathy, you keep on posting. You gals are great!
Judy, they would love the sidecar. Everyone questions me taking them with me, even on long trips. They love to go, and are very well behaved. I would have to get doggie goggles!
2.00 flat
'bubble man'
We have always wanted my kids to be independant and so do not interfere in their decisions and we are there to support if necessary. We are very proud of our adult children and also our youngest 2 teen and pre teen.
Our little grandaughter spends a lot of More...
Sarahoz.. I agree, there is nothing wrong with a nice friendly discussion/chat.. if new chatsite doesn't like it, he/she doesn't have to read it.
Judy, Kathy and Mamacita
ignore the rudeness of that comment, you .... as we all are ... are entitled to use this comment section however we want to. The comments today have been fun, informative and in a nice tone as not to offend anyone.
Yesterday I didnt even mind macy and friends comments More...
Mornin' all.

Ap - it has to be a RED scooter because RED scooters go faster. Anything red goes faster!!!!
Too much meddlin' = bad mother-in-law!
A little girl walks in to the lounge one Sunday morning while her Dad is reading the paper. “Where does poo come from?' she asks.

The father feeling a little perturbed that his 5-year-old daughter is already asking difficult questions thinks for a moment and says:
'Well you know we just More...
Where is everybody??
Now I know where poo comes from - cereal posters!
For Rosemary et al: While I agree with you about the comments being posted, I sometimes wonder if the Chatroom, as opposed to the comments section on Easy, might be a more suitable place for ongoing conversations. Just a friendly suggestion.
Thanks for the votes of confidence, Sarahoz, Bob, and Rosemary. I can only imagine how a sleepy Aussie feels when he/she wakes up and stumbles over to the computer, dials up the Sudoku site, and has to wade through 2-4 pages of mostly American chatter. I feel the same way when I wake up and swim More...
Courtroom lines...........

Q: Are you sexually active?
A: No, I just lie there.

Q: What is your date of birth?
A: July 15th.
Q: What year?
A: Every year.

Q: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
A: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.

Q: This More...
Morning peoples
Absolutely, GREG, but most of us are NOT sitting at our computers endlessly. We 'hit and run', going off for hours at a time, and checking back in later to respond to comments that have been posted. While comments may appear to be instantaneous, there are often long periods of silence in between!
Ok...The Special bus will be here in 10mins to pick up all you 'special' people. Today we will be going to the zoo (where you may get lost.....)
Wife reads an article in the paper,' WOW! A bull can have sex 3000 times a year... I wish u could do the same...'Hubby replies, 'Ask the bull whether he has sex with the same COW!...'
hey ladies... i hope you dont take my jokes 2 seriously... Dont H8... Peace out...
Morning all. I enjoy the chatter... keep it up
Hi Judy: In responding, I am guilty of the same thing I critize. I rarely check into this site more than once a day, and that is only to play the games and post my one comment pr game. I have only been checking more frequently in the last two weeks because I have a great interest in Anne's Peru More...
Good looks catch the eyes but good personality catches the heart... You are blessed with both! FLATTERED? Dont be it was written to me, i just wanted u 2 read it...
Two girls meet on the street, First girl says: You look like Helen Brown. Second girl says: I look like Hell in Yellow too.
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