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Easy Sudoku for 10/September/2017


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Good morning all.
10/Sep/17 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! Polar bears should be free to roam (as should all animals). Zoos are no place for them.
10/Sep/17 12:11 AM
I had my angiogram yesterday. The new artery from the bypass procedure is clear, functioning well and has no obstructions. Of course, one other artery is defunct, which is why the operation was necessary to avoid amputation of my foot. The second normal artery in the leg is quite narrow so I may need an angioplasty for correcting that. We'll see what my surgeon says when I meet with him.
10/Sep/17 12:18 AM
Morning. Be well, Greg.
10/Sep/17 12:39 AM
Good Maen, good people. I should be running errands, not sitting on the couch. Have a safe day, everyone.
10/Sep/17 12:49 AM
Polar Bears find the Winnipeg Zoo too warm in summer. I can't imagine that they'd be comfortable in Brisbane.
10/Sep/17 12:56 AM
woo hoo! ...another one of my photos. It was at Sea World, Qld about 5 or 6 years ago.
10/Sep/17 1:01 AM
Wonderful that CG is doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with Florida today as Hurricane Irma gets closer to The Keys. The path has now shifted slightly west so our winter home in Largo, just west of Tampa is likely to get a direct hit. Frightening!
10/Sep/17 1:42 AM
Sunny & mild. A perfect day!
Greg. We all hope for the best at your next appointment.
You captured the captive beautifully, Chayote.
10/Sep/17 1:44 AM
Best of luck, Greg.
10/Sep/17 2:59 AM
I agree with Greg about the polar bear. Good health and Greg.
10/Sep/17 3:34 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
10/Sep/17 6:51 AM
Good morning everyone
10/Sep/17 8:00 AM
Morning all, great photo Chayote .
Fingers crossed for you ,Greg.
10/Sep/17 8:42 AM
I really do not agree about zoos, as long as the animals are well cared for. If city folk, or any of us living on continents where the animals are not native, could not see animals, we would likely not be as easily able to care about the welfare of various species who are in danger due to loss of More...
10/Sep/17 8:46 AM
I packed my car today with folding chairs. I am going somewhere tomorrow where the host said 30 could be accommodated, but 60 have rsvp'ed. Uh oh. I was hoping it might rain and discourage some, but it is supposed to be a lovely day. I don't know if those of us bringing chairs will provide More...
10/Sep/17 8:50 AM
This is a repost of yesterday's POOZLE POOZLE POOZLE. Five answers so far, all correct.

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&4 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and fourth letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give More...
10/Sep/17 9:54 AM
One loss one draw so far Peter, not the best start to the weekend, but better than it might be. It's bye bye Essendon and Port so far, and the Cats have the Swans next weekend. Not far to the GF now.
10/Sep/17 10:17 AM
10/Sep/17 10:32 AM
Drove over 36 miles to my son's old home on the campus of UCI (he graduated and now is serving the USNavy as a civilian) to help with the moving to new home over 70 miles away. Actually I was babysitting while the young men (US Marines, friend and family member) did the heavy lifting, carrying and depositing.
10/Sep/17 10:35 AM
My son wasn't there to help since the Navy sent him on a new ship to work on their communications. He's stuck on the ship for this month somewhere in the Pacific!
10/Sep/17 10:36 AM
Towards the end, my granddaughter started preferring me over her mother because she knew who'd spoil her!
10/Sep/17 10:37 AM

I dedicate that last post to Keith!!!
10/Sep/17 10:38 AM
2:08 Got a bit sidetracked at the start.
Good morning one and all!
10/Sep/17 12:25 PM
A&M just won and I'm going to bed. Night all.
10/Sep/17 12:38 PM
Home from work, where I am happy the A/C was working just fine (I try to use it sparingly at home, where we have ceiling fans, and room fans)
10/Sep/17 1:09 PM
hi all.... good for you Greg...I was a nurse when that kind of procedure was introduced. I'm still happy to ear that it provides relief and success for the better.
10/Sep/17 10:45 PM
I guess that would be the only way to see polar bear as with global warming their habitat is melting, food disappearing and bears are looking for it by searching closer to human being therefore getting killed...
10/Sep/17 11:00 PM
Chayote, it is a beautiful photo...it shows the beauty of the bear, you did great... I am glad that I do not have to see one at close range... Thank you for sharing
10/Sep/17 11:06 PM
The end of another day in Sudokuville.
10/Sep/17 11:59 PM
Although it's not ending for all; it's continuing here in prep for our return trip home! Folk Fest a success! See all in a couple days.
11/Sep/17 12:49 PM
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