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Easy Sudoku for 11/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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The Sudoku blog that Gath has generously allowed me to author on this site has a new page, Forbidding Chains 101 The Theory.
You can access this page through the link in the upper right column of this page.
Please feel free to visit, or even comment.
Good Morning.
2:20 MAEN Playin' in the sand
1:47 Maen Dan...why don't I see you in the tough?
00:02:27 hooray best time ever 1 st time under 3 mins Good morn all
Who does Kayne belong to? He's cute. I hope you all have a 'good' day, whatever 'good' means to you. And for those for whom it's less than good, I hope you find some small treasure in the day that gives you a contented feeling, however short. My first treasure of the day is my More...
2:53 Hi to all. Hello Kayne looks like someone stole your bucket!!
Hugh and Chris nice to see you both on CP's page!! (and of course CP x)

Thought for the Day:

Don't let what you cannot do....interfere with what you can do!
None of my kids have blue eyes. **sigh**
My God I like this land and like to grew up on its sand
My God Keep my parents for me until they see me a Doctr or Engineer
My God bless me please
Kayne pleasesmile I dont like to see your tears
Good Maen,
3:14 Rough start to a wintery day here. Snow storm is blowing in, it's going to get colder!!Brrrrrrrr.
What does MAEN mean and where does it come from?
3:18 - a bit slower this evening. Cest la vie. Have a great Thursday everyone!
sisi lo resolvi yo solita
linda paginaa
1st snow of the winter on the ground.
2:57 and it's snowing! (Look out your window, Celia--I'm an hour away from you, so you should be getting the white stuff too ...) Now we need some accumulation on the ground so we can get our winter gear out.
Do the two minute people print it out first?
Cathy, thanks for the weather report! We've still got blue skies and sunshine, nary a cloud in the sky(9:30 am) but I'll keep looking out for the White Stuff!
Good Maen (morning)!(maen - morning afternoon evening night, depending on your time zone) Beautiful blue eyes, Kayne! Woke up to a dusting of snow, yea! Maybe we'll be able to go skiing next week.
Thank you, Stella
Good Wednesday Maen, all!

Fun is over for the morning, off to work...
I have been on another walk today along a canal. I have uploaded several of this mornings photos to Flickr. Go to my page.
What no Anne from Albany on page one?
It has finally cooled down here! The temp got up to 80+ F yesterday but today it will only get up to 63 F. It seems cold to me. I wonder how I survived all those years up in Minnesota and Colorado and new Hampshire...
Does anyone else notice that it take three tries to submit comments lately? I wonder if there is some network issue causing this...
Except that last one went through on the first try...
hi there..G'day/nite everybody...its 10.30 am here in MA..woke up to a frosted daylight..but the sun is up and shining..hope it gets defrosted soon!!!!!
yes wheres Anne??is everything fine with you Anne??
nope..i have no probs in submitting the comments..
so far so good....
New family photo on my page and this afternoon will have some of our 'Kinda Snockered Winery' labels on the flickr site.
I just had to post this, then I'll go back, do the puzzle and read what you all have been up to today.

Subject: First Graders

A first grade school teacher in Virginia had 25 students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the first half of a well-known proverb More...
chili day in the northwest
Sometimes it pays to come back to the site--if I hadn't today, I'd have missed Keith's hilarious entry. Thanks for the giggle! (And it's still snowing ...)
Kayne reminds me of the joy of discovery. One of the most fun parts of being around my grandkids is watching them go through that process.
Very funny, KEITH! Kids DO say the darndest things!
Keith: Waaaaaaayyy toooooooo funny! and all of it is soo true! Especially the winner! Thanks for the laugh, needed it today!
Thanks, Keith - those are great!
Maen, everyone.
We had a beautiful snow shower that lasted for about 45 minutes. There is still a little visible on the grass. I enjoyed that. I had finished my walk and was inside, nice and warm. I think as far as I'm concerned, that was enough for the year.( I wish)! Good Maen to all, and may every one celebrate life and all that it makes possible.
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