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Easy Sudoku for 11/January/2013


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Submitted by: Gath

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TOPP just for fun.
11/Jan/13 7:06 AM
An interesting story about a snake on a QANTAS flight:
http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-incidents/high-drama-qantas-pythons-flying-circus-20 130110-2ciu0.html
11/Jan/13 7:23 AM
Here's one to show just how tuned in cats are:
11/Jan/13 7:25 AM
And one more snake story:
http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/hissed-right-off-snake-slithers-into-hospital-bed-20130110-2chxq .html
11/Jan/13 7:27 AM
Dottie- I have started to put some of the birds in our garden on my page- the kookaburras and a couple of others. Anyone else feel free to take a peek. I will put more up over the coming days as time allows.
11/Jan/13 7:35 AM
11/Jan/13 7:48 AM
CP + 2
11/Jan/13 8:05 AM
Have woken up to a lovely day here.
11/Jan/13 8:06 AM
Of course I haven't been outside yet to check the temperature.
11/Jan/13 8:15 AM
Great photos, Sacky!
11/Jan/13 8:15 AM
It's shower and brekky first ........
11/Jan/13 8:16 AM
Then a drive down through Kangaroo Valley to Berry.
11/Jan/13 8:19 AM
Ahem, Kathy, did I hear you say something about preparing, packing?
11/Jan/13 8:21 AM
Tomorrow, CP. One last day of computer fun.....
11/Jan/13 8:54 AM
Actually, it hasn't been all fun and games today. My USUALLY intelligent hubby decided to re-do his bathroom 2 weeks before we leave. This has involved stripping wallpaper. Now it involves scraping the glue off the walls. NOT a fun job. I took my turn today and did one wall. Yuck. Spray, More...
11/Jan/13 9:03 AM
Good afternoon to all. That bird is saying 'I thouht I saw a puddy cat.'
11/Jan/13 9:19 AM
Kathy, just for you:

11/Jan/13 9:21 AM
Thanks for the links Sacky!
11/Jan/13 9:22 AM
One for you Rayray,
Many people offer prayers
to comfort those in need,
For prayer is how we correspond
to a God of any creed.

To some, the God is Money,
To others it is Sport,
But any prayer thus offered
will always come to naught.

The prayer More...
11/Jan/13 10:10 AM

Show of hands - how many of you (us) will be signing in tomorrow, with our fingers crossed, hoping to find an entry from Kayo? I don't know about you, but I'm not doing too well without my daily fix. 'My name is Daplap, and I'm a daffynition/factoid addict.' Kayo, you are sorely missed, and More...
11/Jan/13 10:35 AM
That is excellent.
Did you write that?
11/Jan/13 10:36 AM
The only problem I have with your poem is not its fault - it stems from the vague definition of the word 'love', which has recently been much corrupted and which has a multitude of meanings.
11/Jan/13 10:38 AM
I can't hold my codeine. It said take 1 or 2. I opted for 1 and have definitely hit a wall. Is it bedtime yet?
11/Jan/13 10:52 AM
I can't take codeine either Serena - it makes the world spin. Most unpleasant! I hope your mouth feels better soon.
11/Jan/13 11:07 AM

Seein' as Kayo is taking some time off and I hope voluntarily, here's a couple of items to help those who need the 'Kayo fix'.

Medical Daffynition: Vein - a person who thinks they're very beautiful and important

Factoid: The longest word in the English More...
11/Jan/13 11:47 AM
What about super-cali-fraglilstic-expi-aledocious!
11/Jan/13 12:39 PM
And anyone who believes in that is simply quite atrocious...
11/Jan/13 12:48 PM
Hi Rayray,
Yes, it is my own; and yes, I am aware of the multi meanings.
My Oxford English Dictionary offers (amongst many other definitions) the following:-
''In religious use, applied in an eminent sense to the paternal benevolence and affection of God towards His children, to the More...
11/Jan/13 12:54 PM
WOW, Sacky, you have been busy this morning. It must be the hot weather keeping you indoors.
I find that anything over 30 degrees C, and I'm confined till about 5-00PM, then out to check what needs watering and any other garden duties, finally finishing at about 8-30PM to come in and think about eating.
11/Jan/13 1:02 PM
This morning we're mourning the lack of Kayo,
We hope she'll show later,
For then we will know
although she was late and all way behind;
Because she's OK then we really don't mind.
11/Jan/13 1:32 PM
What, no Kayo?
Oh me, oh my oh.
So shall I make it through the 'marrow?
Only if I get my Kayo.

I know, it's a groaner.
11/Jan/13 1:53 PM
youkidme, anything over about 25 keeps me indoors! I am no fan of hot weather. In fact I often think how nice Macquarie Island would be at this time of the year! Our water bill for the garden will be horrendous this quarter, but I can't let the plants dry.
11/Jan/13 2:33 PM
Where oh where has our Kayo gone,
Where oh where is she?
With her factoids nought
And her daffynitions non,
Oh where oh where can she be?

Apologies to the real poets in our midst!
11/Jan/13 2:37 PM
Got an appointment in the morning, must get some sleep. G'nite all.
11/Jan/13 3:03 PM
A guy asked a girl in a university library: 'Do you mind if I sit beside

The girl replied with a loud voice: 'I DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH

All the students in the library started staring at the guy; he was truly
11/Jan/13 3:31 PM
Everybody. It took me a while to get to this because I wanted to check out all of Sacky's new photos first. It was well worth the time. Sacky.
11/Jan/13 3:38 PM
CP and ykm - How great you got to meet each other. Someday, I hope to meet some of you also.
11/Jan/13 3:39 PM
Kathy (MD) - Enjoy your cruise. Maybe Serena will fill in again for you if her mouth feels better. I hope she does feel better real soon. I can't take codeine either, even Tylenol with codeine knocks me out!
11/Jan/13 3:41 PM
I've read some nice poems and some corny poems on here today. But it's obvious we all miss Kayo. Like the others, I hope she is fine.
11/Jan/13 3:42 PM
11/Jan/13 3:42 PM
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