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Easy Sudoku for 11/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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11/Oct/08 6:37 AM
Hello everyone where is everyone 45min since last post oh well Fadwa have a great day & Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.
11/Oct/08 6:49 AM
Ah Chris was waiting in the wings to turn the page, good morning Chris.
11/Oct/08 6:51 AM
43 posts in almost seven hours?!
11/Oct/08 6:56 AM
There was a cute sudoku-related comic in today's paper ... I hope that you can access it:


11/Oct/08 6:56 AM
Hi All...Since many are very busy and absent from these pages,I'll simply say...Go Phillies...keep beating L.A. and wish all a great weekend...weather seems to be beautiful around the U.S at least... More...
11/Oct/08 7:06 AM
Go Dodgers!!!!

Morning all!
11/Oct/08 7:19 AM
Saturday morning here in Aus. Most are probably sleeping in. Didn't realise it was Thanksgiving in USA, I thought it was in November? Have a lovely day!!
11/Oct/08 7:54 AM
My sister and her husband celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow. A ruby one. Dont see marriages last that long much these days hey?
11/Oct/08 7:56 AM
Good morning everyone.Like you Deb,I thought it was Nov too.
11/Oct/08 8:07 AM
Deb, Thanksgiving is in November in the US. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, our Northern Neighbor.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Sudokuists out there.
11/Oct/08 8:08 AM
Hi everyone
Good news! I took Mum to the hospital to check out the leukemia blasts that showed up in her last blood test. Turns out she had a count of 5, the Doc said that they don't even start looking at treatment until the count reaches 100. At 81 she probably won't see that for at least 10 years! What a relief!
11/Oct/08 8:13 AM
Hi Linda
Thats fantastic news.
11/Oct/08 8:20 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!
11/Oct/08 8:23 AM
Thanks for that Tami. Learning something new everyday.
11/Oct/08 8:26 AM
Yes, Happy Thanksgiving, Canada.
Funny cartoon, Judy.
11/Oct/08 8:38 AM
Morning Keith, Deb, Nola, Lynda and Tami.
Happy Thanksgiving Canada.
Good one Judy.
11/Oct/08 8:42 AM
Monday is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. Today is just the start of the long Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers!
11/Oct/08 8:51 AM
It has been beautiful sunny, warm, Fall day here today. We went to the Cider Mill and came home with, cider, fresh donuts, and caramel apples! Delicious! Would anyone like a cup of Cider?
11/Oct/08 8:58 AM
Am interested in knowing...What is the difference between apple cider and apple juice?
11/Oct/08 9:03 AM
Are caramel apples anything like Toffee apples?
11/Oct/08 9:05 AM
I know we have different words or sayings here in Aus that sometimes mean the same thing.
11/Oct/08 9:06 AM
Great news grass-hopper
Happy Thanksiving weekend to all Canadians... I'll have Thanksgiving weekend from down under... as I am off for 3 days... Turkey and duck sould be on the menu
11/Oct/08 9:30 AM
11/Oct/08 9:31 AM
Debby, yes Please, apple and cider would be nice. I did have caramel apple for years... almost forget what they taste like but I still remember how stickiy they can be... and fun to eat.
11/Oct/08 9:35 AM
Time for coffee... and brekkie ...
11/Oct/08 9:37 AM
Good Morning to everyone, as always wishing you all a wonderful day, all I can say is thank God for another day, our beautiful granddaughters are coming up for the weekend 18mths old and 8mths so I will probably catch up with ya all on Monday, have a great weekend
11/Oct/08 10:00 AM
11/Oct/08 10:16 AM
Judy, what's so funny...don't you?
11/Oct/08 10:18 AM
Debby -- yaho, I would love a cup of cider and a caramel apple -- The best part of this season --- a very nice day here and heading into a wonderful weekend.
11/Oct/08 10:20 AM
Hi Deb, apple juice is made from the juice of the white pulp of an apple whereas apple cider is made with the skin left on. Has a more potent flavor and this time of year when it gets cooler, many choose to enjoy it hot with a cinnamon stick.

As for toffee vs caramel apples....I'd guess a More...
11/Oct/08 10:21 AM
A week today till my daughter's wedding - I'm feeling a little jittery!
11/Oct/08 10:46 AM
Good evening to all! Finally doing the puzzles. Whose daughter is this? She's cute.
11/Oct/08 10:51 AM
Sorry if my post earlier today about Thanksgiving in Canada mislead anyone. I should have said Thanksgiving weekend like Cathy did in her post.
11/Oct/08 10:53 AM
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all Canadians.
11/Oct/08 10:53 AM
Mother of the bride, k, how lovely! Do we get to see piccies later? I hope that it's a lovely day for all of you.
11/Oct/08 10:57 AM
Judy, Gail.... brilliant
11/Oct/08 11:05 AM
I gather you do then Mary.
11/Oct/08 11:08 AM
Well Mamacita, your team did it, but Lidge sure make it exciting with those two walks. Well done Phillie!
11/Oct/08 11:10 AM
With my right hand over my heart too, Gail.
11/Oct/08 11:12 AM
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