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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I get quite a lot of small, harmless hover-flies that breed in the reeds round the pond. At a hatch, they infest my conservatory in their hundreds. They are a nuisance - but they do not sting.
11/Dec/10 2:18 AM
And the Phantom, rest his soul, for some peculiar reason, keeps asking about skunks raising their tails. No, Ghostie, skunks are pretty sweet-smelling when they are not in the process of exuding their unpleasant odor. When young, I guess that they are pretty genial, as they are More...
11/Dec/10 2:20 AM
Hey Grass-hopper.... Good news that the camper is there, and in one piece!
11/Dec/10 2:26 AM
Hi GmaJackie,

'Nutrion's and 'Cornbrad's are not good for most people - they affect typing abilities.
11/Dec/10 2:29 AM
Rayray.... Yellowjackets are a specific type of small wasp that nest in colonies in the ground and attack in swarms if upset. They're about the size of honeybees, but with a vivid yellow and black coloring a wasp like shape. They frequently bother picnickers in small numbers. I have serious More...
11/Dec/10 2:34 AM
Rayray: All you ever wanted to know about yellow jackets, plus a picture, at:
11/Dec/10 2:44 AM
Neil,Southen speak has invaded my vo-cab-u-lary. That is my excuse for the day. I am sticking to it. Rayray, all you ever wanted to know about Yellowjackets and more! I am a Nothern Transplant, learning more "thangs" ever'day. I have been call worse names than Transplant.
11/Dec/10 2:54 AM
Good morning, everyone! (This one's for Broni)

It seems Fiona needs time to pick out a tree and doesn't sound happy about it. What a that woman is.

Here's today's puzzle:
11/Dec/10 2:55 AM
The Yellow Jacket is also the mascot for Georgia Tech's sports teams.
11/Dec/10 2:59 AM
Hi, everyone! Glad to see there are some new recipes on the Recipes page. I'll be updating the cookbook this weekend, so if you have something to add, post it on the Recipes page now! Thanks!
11/Dec/10 3:08 AM
Better late than never, I guess... I slept in.(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Physical therapy appt. this morning, so it's a read n go day....

11/Dec/10 3:09 AM
Go, Jackets!
11/Dec/10 3:11 AM
"I'm ... a ... ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech ... and a h*ll of an engineer ..."
11/Dec/10 3:18 AM
So... um... how many engineers does it take to put in a light bulb?
11/Dec/10 3:22 AM
GmJackie.... I keep getting called "Yankee".
11/Dec/10 3:41 AM
11/Dec/10 3:46 AM
From http://www.inflection-point.com/jokes/50.htm

A1: None. They are all too busy trying to design the perfect light bulb.

A2: Only the one with the instruction manual.

A3: One. But she would insist that the way she did it was distinctive.

A4: Three. One to hold the More...
11/Dec/10 3:48 AM
It depends on whether the engineers are blondes. Oh wait, that's an oxymoron.
11/Dec/10 4:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! A "private" hotel? What, you need to be a member before you can get a room for the night??
11/Dec/10 4:30 AM
Keith, I agree with your comments to me the other day. Thanks, and thanks to Lynn and yourself for the Christmas card.
11/Dec/10 4:32 AM
Q. How many Chinese does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Many thousands; because 'many hands-a makee light vork'
11/Dec/10 4:32 AM
Heidi - There's nothing wrong with being called a Yankee. Although I've lived in the South for nearly half my life and have a special fondness for all things southern (with the possible exception of grits), I am still a Yankee deep down inside.
11/Dec/10 4:33 AM
Thanks for all the explanations about yellow-jackets - especially Sheila's long and detailed account.
Now I know. Thanks.
11/Dec/10 4:33 AM
Rayray - Agggggh!
11/Dec/10 4:34 AM
Amelia, please note that my next joke is NOT aimed at anyone who happens to be celebrating a birthday today.
11/Dec/10 4:34 AM
Rayray - I saw your recipe for beetroot and carrot salad, and it sounds wonderful! I think I might make it tonight.
11/Dec/10 4:36 AM
You Know You're Getting Old When...
"Getting a little action" means you don't need to take a laxative.
Adult diapers are actually kind of convenient.
All of your favorite movies are now re-released in color.
At cafeterias, you complain that the gelatin is too More...
11/Dec/10 4:39 AM
Slept in, and now, off to exercise. Wishing all a good day.
11/Dec/10 5:04 AM
Happy birthday to Amelia
11/Dec/10 5:54 AM
11/Dec/10 5:57 AM
Another quick peek.
11/Dec/10 5:58 AM
I'm off to work.
11/Dec/10 5:58 AM
Need to get some brekky in me first.
11/Dec/10 5:58 AM
And a cuppa. Bye!
11/Dec/10 5:59 AM
Yay! We just heard (FINALLY!) from the Cleveland Clinic. Jaime is scheduled for surgery on Thursday, February 10, but he will have to check into the hospital on the 4th so they can put him on an IV when they take him off his Plavix and other meds. They'll do a catheterization beforehand so that More...
11/Dec/10 6:07 AM
Great news. Wishing you the best of luck.
11/Dec/10 6:31 AM
And Jaime too, of course.
11/Dec/10 6:33 AM
11/Dec/10 6:33 AM
... time...
11/Dec/10 6:33 AM
... for a...
11/Dec/10 6:34 AM
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