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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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40° and still melting. Can see lots of bare ground outside.
11/Mar/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Mar/11 12:00 AM
11/Mar/11 12:00 AM
International Day of Awesomeness Day.
11/Mar/11 12:01 AM
HI girls!
11/Mar/11 12:01 AM
Not at work, just up late.
11/Mar/11 12:01 AM
I imagine the world is in awe that Man has just barely made his advancement in age. I know I am shocked.
11/Mar/11 12:02 AM
So, goodnight to all my awesome friends!
11/Mar/11 12:02 AM
Oh dear, no-one answered my puzzle yesterday. Well, when I say no-one, my sidekick Kathy did and got the correct answer so I suppose that counts as someone - just!
11/Mar/11 12:02 AM
Good Morning all.
11/Mar/11 12:03 AM
H/B to your Man, Karen! Hope he enjoys his day of Spongebob surprises!
Here's today's puzzle, an easy one, so no slacking please. Answers to the "spring is in the air" inbox.

Fill in the answers to the clues by using all the syllables. The number to be used is in More...
11/Mar/11 12:05 AM
This is a most unusual blossom!

Good Morning to everyone.

There are no bare spots here yet, but the snow has really gone down in the last 24 hours! (No tears here!) It is very foggy this morning.
11/Mar/11 12:06 AM
Need to nip something in the bud before it gets out of hand,
Even though HalT is a gorgeous man, we do not go to bed together. I believe he is about 13 to 15 hours away. I am not certain, but I also think there is a time change between us.
We just happen to go to bed at the same time. He says More...
11/Mar/11 12:06 AM
Morning, Nancy.
I got most of the answer, Fiona, but not the end.
Karen - Did you get SpongeBob???
11/Mar/11 12:06 AM
We have very little snow left on the ground, but we have plenty of fog. On my way to a client, have a great day everyone.
11/Mar/11 12:08 AM
I did not check, but Thing II did not plan Man's celebration day. It was Thing I. I do have awesome girls, but if Thing II could make the plans that Thing I did, I really did good.
11/Mar/11 12:08 AM
I'm not happy with today's Day! I hate the word "awesome" - it's used to describe everything and anything and it's an ugly word. As for "awesomeness"....well!
11/Mar/11 12:08 AM
Sadly, Sheila, the town I ended up in yesterday, did not have SpongeBob items, not even a DVD, which was added to the list of demands.
We are going to have to live with Man running around in Superman.
Oh, joy. I really cannot wait to see this. Wonder if pictures will be allowed on site?
11/Mar/11 12:11 AM
A littl jibber jabbering for the race.
11/Mar/11 12:12 AM
Word Origin & History


c.1600, "profoundly reverential," from awe + -some. Meaning "inspiring awe" is from 1670s; weakened colloquial sense of "impressive, very good" is recorded by 1961 and was in vogue from after c.1980.
11/Mar/11 12:12 AM
Na- You mentioned fog??? We drove an 1 1/2 to and from a James Taylor concert last night in the fog. Good concert, bad fog!
11/Mar/11 12:12 AM
Need to fill in a few more post.

Yes, I know I should be getting the Things dressed.
11/Mar/11 12:12 AM
But I have my priorities.

Now, I have to run. I shall return though.
11/Mar/11 12:13 AM
By the way... That has to be the fastest puzzle we've ever had!
11/Mar/11 12:41 AM
Good Maen friends! Slept in a bit today...and these days "Eagle Cam" goes up first, then Sudokuland. Eggs should start to hatch any day now!
11/Mar/11 12:56 AM
Interesting flower - this looks like a painting. Very nice!
11/Mar/11 12:59 AM
I thought the picture reminded me of an episode of a very old Star Trek show --
11/Mar/11 1:06 AM
in regard to the sponge bob squarepants --- just wait, it then heads into the Captain Underpants book series ---
11/Mar/11 1:08 AM
very surreal start to the morning -
11/Mar/11 1:08 AM
all. Vici, are you talking about the Iowa eagles nest? I thought the "due date" for the hatching isn't until around Mar.30/Apr.1.
11/Mar/11 1:27 AM
world. Up ealy. It feels like I never went to bed. We had an overnight visitor. Calf #3 from yesterday didn't warm up, so brought her in. She still isn't quite on her feet. There WILL be a nap today.
11/Mar/11 1:30 AM
How to explain "chewing fanny"? Fanny is of course a site acceptable word for someones nether regions. Chewing it means you gave them a piece of your mind...again saying it nicely, which is not the way I felt.
11/Mar/11 1:32 AM
I am being called to heat a bottle...
11/Mar/11 1:33 AM
Best wishes for the little calf, Sarah Beth!
And sweet dreams to you!
11/Mar/11 1:33 AM
Good Maen all.
11/Mar/11 1:39 AM
Kathy - no, I'm watching http://www.wvec.com/marketplace/microsite-content/eagle-cam.html
in Norfolk, VA...if you see a post by "pandapuss" - that's me
11/Mar/11 1:42 AM
Just saw the "Changing of the Guard"... eagles, that is. Feel sorry for poor mama and papa eagle having to sit on their eggs in the cold, but they're used to it, I guess! I didn't realize that eagles didn't wait till spring to lay their eggs. Shows what I know about eagles! (Guess I never More...
11/Mar/11 1:50 AM
Now we have two eagles to watch! What an eagle education we're having this year!
11/Mar/11 1:53 AM
If you have not yet seen the PBS documentary on the Decorah eagles, it most definitely is worth watching. It has a few ..er.. rough spots, but nature is not always kind. Here's the link:
11/Mar/11 1:55 AM
Am I in time for...
11/Mar/11 1:56 AM
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