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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I did it
11/Jun/11 4:17 AM
Off to the movies, watching X men, saw Pirates last week to humor me.
11/Jun/11 4:19 AM
11/Jun/11 4:27 AM
Sue - Let me know if you recognize any of the locations in Jekyll or Brunswick (assuming you've been to either or both when you lived in the JAX area). I understand they added mountains (via computer animation, natch) to the background on Jekyll to make it look like Cuba.
11/Jun/11 4:33 AM
11/Jun/11 5:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! Who is it that is making a guest appearance today in the photo?
11/Jun/11 6:24 AM
I noted from the comments that there are a lot of young folks graduating in the near future, either from high school or university. Good luck to all of them, and parents, grand parents, remind them that they are our future and this generation (and others) rely on them to both improve and better this world. Good luck to them!
11/Jun/11 6:31 AM
Well, I resurrected my garden after the hail storm a few days ago. I lost 16 plant seedlings, but replaced them today. Hopefully, no more hail.
11/Jun/11 6:36 AM
Fast one today - 1:21. everyone.
11/Jun/11 7:21 AM
Heidi, I was glad to read that Hollie started to feel better! How is she today?
I played tennis for the 4th day in a row this morning. My poor knee is telling me to never do that again.
11/Jun/11 7:50 AM
Hollie is amazing me. She's starting to walk a little on her own, tho' she looks drunk, and she's eating and drinking again.
11/Jun/11 8:45 AM
While I am in the 'naughty corner' -
I am very worried about most solicitors I directly or indirectly encounter in this country.
They appear to overcharge - to the point of criminality - and do not do their job properly.
is the same true in Oz and USA?
11/Jun/11 9:27 AM
They sure have the same reputation here, Rayray.
11/Jun/11 10:03 AM
Classic "joke" here is:

What's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?

One is a scum-sucking bottom feeder -

and the other is a fish!

Apologies to any members of the legal fraternity!
11/Jun/11 10:05 AM
Saturday morning here.
11/Jun/11 10:06 AM
Have eaten breakfast, read the paper - what else can I laze my way through?
11/Jun/11 10:07 AM
Temptation is to curl up with a book.
11/Jun/11 10:08 AM
I know that joke books are full of lawyer jokes projecting the same image.
For example:
"The good news is that a bus-load of lawyers was driven over a cliff.
The bad news is that one of the seats in the bus was empty."
So their reputation is based on universal fact.
11/Jun/11 10:14 AM
The final good news is now added:

"The empty seat was left by the driver of the coach, who jumped out and escaped in the last seconds.
He has been decorated with the highest honour the country can award."
11/Jun/11 10:18 AM
For some reason, I just now paid attention to Heidi's current Avatar. I wanted to ask what it meant, but, since my comment reading has been sporadic for a while, decided to look back to see if she had explained it when she first changed to it. I looked back and found that she changed to it on 5 More...
11/Jun/11 10:36 AM
& that got me the coveted 100.
11/Jun/11 10:37 AM
I am still laughing about a joke posted by Cap'n a couple of days ago - about "the Sportsman's Double'.
One of the best jokes ever. Thanks Cap'n.
11/Jun/11 10:39 AM
My pleasure, Rayray. I believe humor is good for everyone's soul and try to provide a smile whenever possible.
11/Jun/11 10:52 AM
My neighbor just discovered a yellow jacket nest in my yard the hard way. Now I must wait until dark and apply a cup of seven dust to the critters' entranceway. They serve no useful purpose other than to annoy and cause occasional pain.
11/Jun/11 10:56 AM
...um.. make that Sevin dust.
11/Jun/11 10:56 AM
...cover the entrance with the dust, then add a few branches in front of it so Max the wonder dog does not ingest any of the toxin. Poor lil wiener is just now getting over his bacterial infection.
11/Jun/11 10:59 AM
1:54 Good morning one and all. I just couldn't get the numbers right this morning.
11/Jun/11 11:15 AM
We had to get rid of a nest of those wasps at the end of last year. They kept invading my flat. Dozens of them. They give me the eebie-jeebers.
11/Jun/11 11:19 AM
It's dark now.. off I go. Wish me luck.
11/Jun/11 11:21 AM
Keith - You're not the only one in the dark as to Heidi's wheelchair avatar. I asked about it when it first appeared and got no answer. I figured she'd tell us about it if/when she decided it was any of our business.
11/Jun/11 11:31 AM
And The Phantom didn't ask about it, either. Do you suppose that he's getting lax in his duties? Or maybe there's something he knows that he's not willing/able to pass on to the rest of us.
11/Jun/11 11:35 AM
I'm beginning to suspect a giant Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Tory/Christian/Muslim conspiracy.
11/Jun/11 11:39 AM
Good luck Cap'n !!
11/Jun/11 11:41 AM
As for lawyers (solicitors): I think that the majority of them do a good job and are worth what they're paid to do. The ones that are giving the legal profession a bad name are the trial lawyers. All they want to do is sue, sue, sue. The 'honorable' John Edwards is a trial lawyer... need I say more?

(For those outside the US, Google 'John Edwards' for more info.)
11/Jun/11 11:54 AM
I am sure, Hiedi will correct if I get this wrong. Seems our deer friend was horse back riding in extreme heat. Her horse seems to be afraid of water and threw her, she made it back home, sunburned, bruised and a broken finger.

That is the tidbits, I have picked up.
11/Jun/11 12:02 PM
Keith.... the avatar is because I feel like the walking wounded. Broken finger, many bruises and an inner ear infection, besides the pre-existing back problems. No major recent injuries. I just get a kick out of this avatar right now.
11/Jun/11 12:03 PM
The horse did NOT throw me, by the way. I stayed in the saddle, but got a bad bruise from the saddle horn.
11/Jun/11 12:05 PM
Thank you Heidi. I kinda like the avatar too.
11/Jun/11 12:11 PM
My goodness...
11/Jun/11 12:12 PM
... it's time for a...
11/Jun/11 12:12 PM
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