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Easy Sudoku for 11/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
No daffynition again today.
Here's today's factoid:
Polish born Samuel Herman Reshevsky (Schmul Rzeszewski) learned to play chess at the age of four. At eight years old he was giving simultaneous exhibitions and defeating some of the Europe's most prominent players.
11/Sep/14 12:00 AM
11/Sep/14 12:00 AM
Hello all ... today looks like an Ozzie winter day... cool almost cold night and warm to very warm day... leaves still green... summer is slowly going towards a colourfull fall... I'LL have to find time for picnic ...
11/Sep/14 12:11 AM
maeN good Sudokites.
11/Sep/14 12:15 AM
Power went off just as I was about to sign on. No storms in the area to explain. Neighbor called to make sure she wasn't the only one. She's having her kitchen renovated and her contractor thought he'h hit something while drilling to anchor the new island!!!
11/Sep/14 12:15 AM
being in canada... water of the lake is still warm but I need socks and warm shoes between in and out...

11/Sep/14 12:16 AM
Nice garden... I would like to see the rest of it... and bring in my picnic
11/Sep/14 12:25 AM
I wonder if that was a Chihuly art glass installation?
11/Sep/14 12:28 AM
Good morning to all! One of Nal's photos? Very colourful.
11/Sep/14 12:31 AM
11/Sep/14 12:32 AM
Good to see fii back again. Danstell, enjoy your fall weather. Our spring flowers are well on their way. my bluebells are flowering but daffodils have finished. Hi also to Kayo, HalT and Shiela. Also others will have probably posted by the time I submit this.
11/Sep/14 12:32 AM
Fii from NT! I only hop on randomly myself I admit, but have you been a bit scarce lately?
11/Sep/14 12:33 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Sep/14 12:34 AM
Received my three month, 'you are going to live,' OK yesterday, but she added a big BUT afterwards. I knew I messed up this Summer, but now, we have a big concern for another number. Apparently, I need to calm down some and relieve some of my stress. What or who should I get rid of first?

That question is stressing me out, so I will move on.
11/Sep/14 12:40 AM

The answer to yesterday's poozle: Rhinoceros

Congrats to winners Joyce, Hal, Judy, lonewoof, Greg, June, Sarah, Mads, and Serena. I suspect you all may be getting a bit low, so here you are....
11/Sep/14 12:40 AM
Not being one to take someone else's job, and learning about pseudo scorpions last week, I thought I would let them do their job. They are not working fast enough for me and stressing me out, so I helped them along this morning. After a few months of just spot mopping, my floors got a much needed More...
11/Sep/14 12:44 AM
And a little more difficult today......

Place the words below into pairs.
You will then have 5 lots of eight letters, each of which is an anagram of an animal.
What are the 5 animals?


Answers to my ''Who's up for the challenge?'' inbox, please.
11/Sep/14 12:45 AM
Yard work looks appealing this morning and the tempts are nice.
11/Sep/14 12:46 AM
With all this, I do not understand why I am stressed. Stress really does not make sense, almost like Math.
Really, what is stress and how does one get rid of it?
11/Sep/14 12:47 AM
I see fingerprints. I should not see fingerprints.
Must go take care of those little prints.
11/Sep/14 12:48 AM
But first, I must do, what I must do.

Is he awake? Yet.
11/Sep/14 12:49 AM
Hello 22.
11/Sep/14 12:49 AM
There are just no words to preface this, except maybe ''why?'':
11/Sep/14 1:05 AM
Kayo, I got the headlines but the youtube was just a black screen. Not sure I wanted to watch anyway.
Had my warm drink so off to bed. I know I should not had a coffee at lunch time.
11/Sep/14 1:21 AM
11/Sep/14 1:27 AM
What a lovely pond! I would have prefered the floating globes in more restful colors, like blues, though. But to each his own tastes.
11/Sep/14 2:55 AM
I watched it. Sometimes the human race baffles me. Animals make more sense.
11/Sep/14 3:01 AM
I am getting on in years and not the best looking guy anymore.
Some would even say I'm a little frayed around the edges....
But, I have a nice car, a little money, and I spend most of my time casually traveling from place to place and enjoying life.
I met a nice looking girl in a park More...
11/Sep/14 3:37 AM
I didn't see any of his ''admirers/fans/disciples'' who are watching stepping in to grab the hammer or brick.....Good heaven's!
11/Sep/14 3:38 AM
Still got a way with the ladies, huh, Greg?
11/Sep/14 3:40 AM
11/Sep/14 4:25 AM
Pardon me while I wax nostalgic.

I was reading an article last night about fathers and sons, and memories came flooding back of the time I took my oldest son, Colin, out for his first drink.
Off we went to a pub, which was on Bank Street.
I got him a Labatt’s Blue.
He didn't like More...
11/Sep/14 4:32 AM
Happy Wednesday!
CG is in fine form today
11/Sep/14 4:42 AM
If I ever make it to Miami, those gardens would be a sight to see!
11/Sep/14 4:43 AM
So are the ball additional decoration or plant life?
11/Sep/14 6:29 AM
The in-laws left this afternoon so now it's time to recover. It is so easy to get out of your routine with visitors. Little girl went into tantrum mode when they left. I wasn't sure she'd understand that they were going home or think they were just going back to the hotel. That answered that question.
11/Sep/14 6:30 AM
I need to catch up on my so I'm not sure if we'll have Z tomorrow or not.
11/Sep/14 6:31 AM
Good morning.
11/Sep/14 7:29 AM
Mr P's birthday today.
11/Sep/14 7:30 AM
And I nearly blew it.
11/Sep/14 7:30 AM
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