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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Am I first? Wow.
3:26...but...their is something more important today...
Happy Veterns Day to everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with all the dedicated men and women of the armed forces, currently serving and those who are now Veterns. Happy Birthday Marines, I know it is a special day for all of the Core.
We thank you!
3:18 Beautiful Morning here. Have a good day
Totally agree...Happy Veteran's Day everyone.
Slow but early at 5:19. Should be 2 to 3 minutes for you Donna.
3:50 , hope all ok, nice to be back

Joke for the Day:

Sign in a baker's window: 'Cakes like your mum used to make - £2. Cakes like your mum thought she used to make - £5.
Saturday already!
Hi all
Man, I wouldn't want to tangle with that dog. I wouldn't even want my Boxers to tangle with that dog!!! Somewhere around 7 minutes.
i am really pleased with that it is the first time i have ever got a sudoku right after trying for about three weeks haha gr8
Beautiful day. Did well on this one, some days are better than others. Have a great weekend everyone,
mean mutt,good night all
1:49, Peter I started with the 9's. Whoever can type their comments in French, I need your help. My 8th grader is taking French this semester and anything he can bring in that is in French he will et extra credit. I will print it and give to him to take to class. THANKS ALL!!
4:12... CUTE
2:46 made some mistakes though.. my boyfriend called me while I was on it.. kinda slowed me down.. hehehehe..
André ~ Glad you're back, have missed the though of the day.
3:49. My guinea pig is bigger than that rat-dog!
Where is my puzzle?

i look at the stars-they are beautiful
i look at you - i continue looking at the stars
3:49. Here in the USA, it is 11/11, Veterans Day. In 55 minutes I will pause, and say a silent prayer.
Come to me, Trevene, and I will take you naked in my snow;
Then you will learn my icy shards feel like needles.
Be quick girl or I will grab you and freeze you!
Then forever you will stay in my icy grip.
AAHHHHHH! Such a cute picture! Easy one today.
today's was too easy
This dog is an awkward customer!
in france the 11 november is a public holiday.
I was not aware that Tribbles had eyes. Facinating
Old man winter i want to experience snow but without your help but thanks for the offer all the same
3:56, and getting better
ginger from sc: are you from sc in the us of a?
6:02 I guess i'm getting better...
Trevene~ The best way to experience snow is in a nice warm house, watching it fall from behind a window.
5:46 - would love to get faster. In Canada, Remembrance Day. 'In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow, between the crosses row on row that mark our place....'
3:15 pas mal, mais je pourrais faire mieux
3:44 - a clear sunny day here, but cold - it will be tough on our veterans at the cenotaph this morning.
thank you Nicky Northants :)
Hi to all.
To Jim if your reading, take care of yourself x and much love x
Billy where are you?
Pete Port Douglas am stranded on island can you rescue me? With or without delicious trout!!
4:40 a little slow.....
That dog does not look happy at all. And sorry, can't help, but if your son ever has a project like that for Spanish, I could try...

7:17, today's was easy, but this was my best time yet. It doesn't help that I have a Social Studies essay on John Locke's philosophy applied to the Revolutionary War to do...
hello I am Granny Jean from Mansfield England and this is my first completed sudoko - think I'll stick to croswords
en route to pick up Gloria in Sydney (be ready to jump on from the SH Bridge),Bluey and col in Port Kembla - can't wait for ANZAC biscuits and pavlova. Ted,you're next, (bring the platic) then it's west and north for Bill and HH in the UK. HH can't say that I want to try spotted dick, but love the More...
Dog looks like a gremlin
Jim from Jupiter,
Your decision must of course be respected, but let me just point out that, in this world, joy is always hand in hand with grief.
May God bless you and ease your pain.
Trevene - the best way to experience snow is in Alaska in March. Spend some time in a cozy sauna, then run outside and plunge yourself in the snow! Or - visit the hot springs! Don't forget to look skyward on a crisp, cold night and watch the beautiful colours and dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis! Magnificent!
Hmmmm.....looks like that 'angry bluebird' picture that is showing up all over the place....angry pup. Very cute.
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