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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I've just completed Easy and realised its for Monday when its still Sunday here ! From where does the site originate ?
To be the only comment at this time of day the site must have been down...

Nice beach picture. Is that in Australia?
2.38 very slow but having a bad day all round. Why so few comments?
Somewhere in Australia, not New South Wales time...
4:15 I'm second? Where are all the sleepyheads!!
Guess I wasn't second.
No comments then suddenly they appeared. How strange.
Sorry for the outage this morning :(
3:07, I too am surprised at so few comments. I had a difficult time connecting, maybe the site is having a relaxed day at that beach in the picture. GO BENGALS!
Good morning finally. I couldn't get it open earlier. On to the Medium
My time 3:21 I see the same two folks on the beach pic as last month, will check over on MS IE browser. Glad to see the site back up and running.
4.41- easy. Where is everybody on Sunday? Shopping?
just over three minutes; Been shopping gifts are wrapped quite a bit of baking is done and I am amusing myself with cleaning siverware which has not been done for eons
No I am not anal just was supposed to have surgery last Friday and it has been cancelled until after the New Year...I just hope it won't drag into Summer
yea! i did it!
2:43 a bit slow

love the picture wish i was there

Today the different browsers give the same recycled pic from December 1, we are repeating now on a ten day cycle. Makes sending in new pics a waste of time and even working to get a 'new' prize kind of moot. My prediction is that tomorrow's pic will be: A blue rose
1:24... YEAH! Less than a minute and a half!! Yessss
4:14. Foggy here, wish I was in the sun! Go Seahwawks!
Not to worry, sorta figured some kind of problem when the site wouldn't come up earlier.
4.39. Couldn't get on to the site earlier today totally blank even after 'refreshing'. Thanks, Ted for those kind words, wondered if you were OK because you'd been relatively quiet. I should have known that we couldn't keep a good (or bad) man down. As a London born lass, my thoughts too are with those hurt in the explosions in Hemel Hempstead.
cold here. that is a nice pic, but makes me want to go somewhere warmer. hope all of you are having a nice weekend. Yay! GO SEAHAWKS!!
Hey y'all ... bad time today. Babysitting and a little distracted. I better get back on my meds. Ha Ha ... Cool and clear today.
sorry about the mistakes before............my roommate
Is the picture a photo? It looks like a painting
53 seconds
I am not joking
Oh my gosh
this is like the best time i've ever gotten
congrats I love sudoku!!!!!
as usual, i got the worst time ever possible..... 7:23 :-(
ok 4:38 kids crying in the back ground!!!!
congratulaions i love sudoku.
i am proud of you. how do you click on the numbers by staring at them? haha
hello hello i dont know why you say goodbye i say hello
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