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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Dec/12 5:20 PM
12/Dec/12 5:20 PM
12/Dec/12 5:21 PM
Yea! Me...

Sorry, CP
12/Dec/12 5:21 PM
Brain not awake yet.
12/Dec/12 5:21 PM
S'ok, Jerry.
12/Dec/12 5:21 PM
Well Tiger got to exercise, anyway.
12/Dec/12 5:22 PM
It is late and mine is getting fuzzy. (after all it is the holiday season and eggnog is flowing...
12/Dec/12 5:23 PM
Each time I click Submit Comment, I get 'A program wants to open content on your computer.....' as Adobe Flash Player.
12/Dec/12 5:24 PM
Anyone else having the same problem?
12/Dec/12 5:24 PM
Time for Max to take a walk, and me to lay down my punkin' head... Nite all Y'all.
12/Dec/12 5:25 PM
Not I.
12/Dec/12 5:25 PM
Don'tcha just love a computer with a mind of its' own?
12/Dec/12 5:26 PM
Survived the trip into the Shopping Center. Crowds are beginning to build, but the shop assistants are still being polite, so it's not in full swing yet.
12/Dec/12 5:36 PM
I think that School breaks up next week in Qld. Then chaos rules.
12/Dec/12 5:41 PM
I'm getting the 'I'm hungry' hints. Hubby walking around with a pkt of crisps, son checking the FPA, dog giving me the LOOK. Cats sitting around the door, giving the STARE. Anyone would think I was supposed to be doing something.
12/Dec/12 5:47 PM
See Ya.
12/Dec/12 5:48 PM
But first a CP.
12/Dec/12 5:49 PM
2:05 Good evening one and all!
12/Dec/12 8:43 PM
1:17. Good evening everyone.
12/Dec/12 9:35 PM
2 Hours since the last post by Chris at 9-35PM
It is now 11-39PM, so I guess I'll be the last one here. Just having my dessert of triple choc ice cream, covered in flaked almonds with a dash of cream on top.YUMMIE !!
12/Dec/12 11:41 PM
Hi ykm, Don't Kid Me.
12/Dec/12 11:57 PM
Hi ykm, Don't Kid Me (the second of your choccies).
12/Dec/12 11:59 PM
Number 3?
12/Dec/12 11:59 PM

13/Dec/12 12:01 AM
13/Dec/12 6:34 AM
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