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Easy Sudoku for 12/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good morning.
12/Feb/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
12/Feb/18 12:00 AM
Haven't made a first post for ages.
12/Feb/18 12:01 AM

...... ......
More white stuff overnight and today.
12/Feb/18 12:01 AM
And now I'm off to bed. Goodnight.
12/Feb/18 12:01 AM
Good to see you at #1 today, CP!
12/Feb/18 12:02 AM
everybody and goodnight
12/Feb/18 12:24 AM
My computer has been updating for over an hour and is 3% done. I'll give up and say 'Hi' on my laptop.
12/Feb/18 12:37 AM
12/Feb/18 12:56 AM
2:27 But it just didn't feel that slow!
12/Feb/18 2:43 AM
Everybody!! Pikers = 'Slow'!! For an old fart like me, that's really fast!
12/Feb/18 3:30 AM

We are having lots of rain. Good days to stay in the house. This has worked well for me because I have a cold. My little 3 year old grandie shared his germs last week. He has recovered, I'm still hacking and blowing.

12/Feb/18 3:33 AM
Icicles are forming on my eaves.

Probably a hundred little ones and a dozen thick, ridged wicked-looking long ones. There are a few multi-pointed icicles that look like fantasy weapons from a cosplay game.

Icicles form because the thick snow pack acts like a blanket holding down More...
12/Feb/18 3:35 AM
Wow, Plum, how much accumulation so far? You're going to have some serious digging out to do eventually.
12/Feb/18 3:36 AM
Watch out for ice dams in those gutters. We once had it back up and come cascading down our wall.....inside.
12/Feb/18 3:39 AM
You can always tell how well insulated a house is by how fast the snow or frost melts off the roof. Around here where there are many seasonal properties closed up for the winter you can also tell which ones are being lived in by the lack of tracks around the doors and driveways as well as the snow lingering long on the roofs of the inheated buildings.
12/Feb/18 3:41 AM
I'm not sure how much above 18' we achieved. I haven't been outside today. I don't want to risk my knee the day before I start physical therapy. Plus my boots are still wet from yesterday. The snow is higher than the tops of my boots so they got pretty wet inside. I currently have them upside down on one of those electric boot dryers
12/Feb/18 3:46 AM
Happy Sunday!
Interesting info on house icicles (have no experience with that phenomenon living in SoCal, currently 53degF at 8:47am PST)
12/Feb/18 3:48 AM
Burl and I were discussing the ramifications of ice dams this morning. We can only hope the eaves are deep enough that that doesn't happen It could warm up enough soon to start melting off some of this snow, so we'll see what happens.
12/Feb/18 3:56 AM
Ha. Make that 18''.
12/Feb/18 3:57 AM
AND make this 21.
12/Feb/18 4:01 AM
And this 22. 😁
12/Feb/18 4:02 AM
12/Feb/18 4:06 AM
Well, I'm enjoying my once a week pancake breakfast! But I'm going to have to get ready for this week's volunteering schedule. Just found out on Friday that all the first graders are going on a field trip next Friday. Argh and I was going to test them. Oh well, will have to do it on Monday! Hmmm. Ugh!
12/Feb/18 4:09 AM
I feel for you and your first graders, shosho. Monday tests are tough. Stuff leaks out of brains over the weekend. Especially a long weekend, which the field trip creates.
12/Feb/18 4:23 AM
Plum and Kathy, Back in the olden days when I lived where there was snow, the gutters filled up, the melted snow backed up uphill, accumulated and burst through the ceiling in a torrent. Luckily no one was hurt but you could see a lot of sky and some furniture was damaged and it did create a heating problem. We had to put in a whole new roof over that room and took all our gutters off for good.
12/Feb/18 4:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! We had snow earlier today, but it's warming up here and now we're expecting freezing rain.
12/Feb/18 4:30 AM
Was this photo taken in Canada? I thought we had priority on 'EH'
12/Feb/18 4:39 AM
Very funny, jacalmi ....'although, 'Ehi' might just be her name!
12/Feb/18 4:49 AM
Hello all!

Our 18-inches has been shoveled into piles; & like Greg, we've a warming trend, so everything is melting & dripping, yes with some freezing rain later. It will make for some 'slipppy' walking for sure!
12/Feb/18 4:53 AM
Keith !
12/Feb/18 6:45 AM
Morning all, seems like hubby didn't cancel the submit comment when he was checking the weather, ghost post from yesterday.
12/Feb/18 6:56 AM
What a surprise to see so many comments today !
12/Feb/18 6:59 AM
1:29, still half asleep. Good morning everyone.
12/Feb/18 7:41 AM
Um ... ghost yes.
12/Feb/18 8:21 AM
Plum, never heard of electric boot warmers. One lives and learns.
12/Feb/18 8:41 AM
🙋🏼🌨🌨🌨❄️❄️☃️☃️🌨🌨9 days of winter - but the snow today was like powder sugar
Loved driving to work on Friday- no one came to the classes - so I joined a class that runs into mine - I love it, but can't do it since I have my class. That instructor had 1 person who came in. So got paid to work out.
12/Feb/18 9:07 AM
Plum, Kathy & Dotcom, I think you've answered a question I've had for many years - that is: why the heck my folks' house and those of their neighbors in the Adirondacks have no gutters.
This same kind of icing up and thawing goes on all winter long there, where heavy snows are, as in Michigan, a More...
12/Feb/18 9:54 AM
Plum when I glanced at your post I thought it said icicles are forming on my ears! Sounded painful so I reread it. I'm glad it's your eaves, I'm sure that is better.
12/Feb/18 10:36 AM
12/Feb/18 10:55 AM
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