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Easy Sudoku for 12/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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p. 2
12/Jun/09 2:21 AM
I mean, just because it has my initial on it doesn't mean I want it ...
12/Jun/09 2:22 AM
That's just the sort of thing I mean Plum
12/Jun/09 2:22 AM
Please forgive me. I am running behind on keeping you informed.
Unfortanatly, I have no news on what is actually going on. Jill's daughter went into surgery this morning on her finger this morning.
Thought you may like to keep your good thoughts heading their way.
12/Jun/09 2:27 AM
As for inheritance, I am now stuck...oops...own a huge bell collection. They are in a box, waiting for a different spot to be moved to.
12/Jun/09 2:28 AM
Interesting question, Mo. When my folks died, we got a lot of stuff they'd inherited from my grandmother, mink stoles, crystal and silver serving items ... stuff that "should" be worth something but only if you can find a buyer. We looked on Ebay and mink stoles are going for $10 to $15, More...
12/Jun/09 2:34 AM
I have a cedar "hope" chest that belonged to my paternal grandmother. It has served as a coffee table and bench over the years and is now in our bedroom holding our woolen sweaters which we hardly ever wear any more now that we live in Georgia!

When we bought our first house (an More...
12/Jun/09 2:35 AM
I have a friend who has had her friends put their address labels on things of hers that they want.
I wonder who will want my paintings?
Do you think I should start putting names on them?
12/Jun/09 2:39 AM
I have a trunk of hand-made lace, some of which is probably no longer in good shape, some of which is absolutely amazing.
12/Jun/09 2:40 AM
2:37 Hi to all. Wonderful photograph.

Thought for the Day:

Kind thoughts are rarer than either kind words or deeds. They imply a great deal of thinking about others. This in itself is rare. But they also imply a great deal of thinking about others without the thoughts being criticisms. This is rarer still.
12/Jun/09 2:42 AM
I'll take the crystal and the silver off your hands, Keith ...
12/Jun/09 2:44 AM
I got some WWII vintage syringes from an aunt who was an army nurse. They are actually made of glass!
12/Jun/09 2:44 AM
sounds like a lot of thinking to me Andre
12/Jun/09 2:46 AM
What would I like to inherit? PHOTOS! Preferably ones that are labeled, but I'll take any and all. Oh, and home movies/videos, too.
12/Jun/09 2:47 AM
I have three sharply honed 10" bone-handled knives, courtesy of my Nan. The blades are so thin from years of sharpening that the narrowest bit is only about 5mm across. My family asked what I would like of hers and as I was always mesmerized by the shape of her knives I asked for those.
12/Jun/09 2:50 AM
Oh, Shiela, to quote Indiana Jones: They belong in a museum! (I first thought this when I read about the vintage syringes, but the paintings just might qualify, too. And it's okay if you put my name on the back of a painting so long as it's not a painting of my initial.)
12/Jun/09 2:52 AM
Steve...perhaps I should have said don't try this at home...
12/Jun/09 2:54 AM
Good Morning, All!

Plum, you're absolutely right to prefer labeled photos. Anything unlabeled, get yourself to the oldest member of them family who still has his/her faculties and get identification made as well as possible. For too long hubby said, someday we'll go and talk to Aunt V. More...
12/Jun/09 2:55 AM
Oops, that should be "the" family. My apologies.
12/Jun/09 2:56 AM
I wonder if we had some sort of a white elephant "silent auction" some week in Sudokuland... everyone put a photo of something up and announce it's up for auction and in the comments section under the photos we'll place our bids. Proceeds can go towards Supporting Membership dues for the More...
12/Jun/09 2:57 AM
except that I'm not auctioning off my white elephant, as I got that from Grandma Pearl ...
12/Jun/09 3:01 AM
You know, Keith, your mentioning silver serving items reminds me that I'm looking for a silver (or stainless, if I must) tea pot warmer that you'd put a candle into to keep the pot of tea warm on the hostess table. And sugar tongs. Haven't been able to find either of those at garage sales or Goodwill stores in my neck of the woods yet.
12/Jun/09 3:06 AM
My mum died in 1989 I inherited her slide projector and ALL her slides - boxes of them - one day I'll set up the projector and screen(also inherited) and go through them all? My brother took all her photos and sorted them into 4 sections.
1 Photos concerning himself
2 Photos More...
12/Jun/09 3:11 AM
Plum I have several pairs of sugar tongs somewhere amongst all this stuff. When I find them I'll send you a photo and if you like them we'll arrange something. Can't help with the other thing though.
12/Jun/09 3:13 AM
Lots of 'em on eBay, Plum ... 108 at the moment ... although I didn't look for silver ...
12/Jun/09 3:16 AM
Shiela, I have a box of those glass syringes too. Somewhere, probably waiting for a different spot to moved to.
12/Jun/09 3:16 AM
Oh, I'll betcha you'll find a few gems in the slide trays that were worth digging for, GMo.
12/Jun/09 3:20 AM
Judy - sometimes it's the thrill of the chase and bragging rights. My hubby could get a mounted 10 point deer head on ebay, too, but that's not the point. This type of thing, over which my friends and I will oooh and aaah, must have a story attached.
12/Jun/09 3:23 AM
Getting vintage silver sugar tongs, for instance, from "my friend, GannieMo, who scours SW France for interesting used items" would be quite a "bragging rights" story, don't you agree?
12/Jun/09 3:28 AM
Especially as the ones I have were either my grandmothers or Steven's grandmothers. They are only plate BTW
12/Jun/09 3:34 AM
My horoscope today, should I tell the builders, that is if they ever come close enough to converse.
Pay attention to what is happening on the home, family or property front, with the Moon involved in delivering both a powerful message and an important sense of direction. As Jupiter, planet of More...
12/Jun/09 3:37 AM
Too funny, GMO! This is probably why Cathy's kitchen renovation was so bumpy last year! ...She forgot to read her horoscope!
12/Jun/09 3:43 AM
I inherited hand painted dishes from my grandmother.
Painted by HER mother. All, of course, need to be hand washed.
12/Jun/09 3:53 AM
Oh, and my grandmother's silver service for 12. It, of course, has to be polished AND hand washed I only use it on holidays....
12/Jun/09 3:56 AM
My MIL painted as a hobby. We have a 1 metre x 1.5 metre canvas of a corn field. Her maiden name was Turner so we can accurately claim to have a Turner hanging on our wall!
12/Jun/09 3:58 AM
My mother also painted and some of her artwork decorates our walls, when we have them, but I don't think that claiming to have a Baker hanging.
12/Jun/09 4:03 AM
..and talking of maiden names I share my name with the most famous death row inmate in the US in the latter half of the 20th century
12/Jun/09 4:06 AM
Hello - have been flat out at work, no chance to post up till now.
12/Jun/09 4:16 AM
Jane, I tried the electra-bike link. Five minutes later it's just starting to load. I guess all they want for customers are city folk with a Hi-speed internet connection, without which their site is user UN-friendly.... (just a thought from a hick from the sticks)

12/Jun/09 4:16 AM
Wishing all of you to have a very nice day wherever you are.
12/Jun/09 4:19 AM
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