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Easy Sudoku for 12/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Dang, I'll take it! Never made it to 1st before.
12/Jun/17 12:01 AM
A B C D Goldfish?
L M N O Goldfish.
O S M R...
12/Jun/17 12:56 AM
12/Jun/17 1:11 AM
Everybody sleeping in?!
12/Jun/17 1:20 AM

Good heaven's, DoA! I haven't heard that since I was a kid!
12/Jun/17 1:27 AM
My daughter was a fish lover when she was young. She convinced us she could take care of an aquarium of her own. She was very good about keeping it and the fish in good order until an unfortunate accident with a fish tank vacuum. She learned the hard way to remove the fish before using it.
12/Jun/17 1:33 AM
12/Jun/17 1:39 AM
12/Jun/17 1:39 AM
I think I have photos of me and my younger son's family there. This was when he was stationed at Fort Lejeune.
12/Jun/17 1:47 AM
Similar to DOA's, and always one of my favorites ...

M R Ducks.
M R not!
O S M R! C M Wangs?
L I B. M R Ducks!

12/Jun/17 1:48 AM
Good Maen 🌞 Off to a baby shower this afternoon - family affair so boys invited also ! Nice when you only have boys - it is a little drive so nice to have company
12/Jun/17 2:41 AM
I had 2 tanks in my previous life - BC. They were fun to watch - had cichlid
12/Jun/17 2:44 AM
Gota get avatar. Good morning everyone

M R Puppies
M R Not!
O S M R! C M P N?
L I B M R Puppies

12/Jun/17 3:00 AM
12/Jun/17 3:51 AM
LOL, Rage! I like that version!
12/Jun/17 5:37 AM
Morning all, not a happy fish,it isn't smiling.😳
12/Jun/17 6:03 AM
Good afternoon to all! Very hot here today: 38C with the humidity. I'm glad to be inside with the AC on.
12/Jun/17 6:18 AM
For you grand parents out there. An oldie but still a goodie....

One day my Grandma was out, and my Grandpa was in charge of me.
I was maybe 2 1/2 years old. Someone had given me a little 'tea set' as a gift, and it was one of my favorite toys.
Grandpa was in the living room More...
12/Jun/17 6:21 AM
I knew there was a reason I always kept the toilet door closed.
Pleased to see you back, Greg.
12/Jun/17 6:26 AM
Good maEn, good people. I love summer!
12/Jun/17 7:43 AM
Wombat, I have sent an answer to your 1&3 inbox.
12/Jun/17 7:45 AM
Keith, here I am at 22. For you.
12/Jun/17 7:46 AM
I have done nothing today so there's a lot on my TODO list to start the week with.
12/Jun/17 7:48 AM
Hello, all.
12/Jun/17 8:36 AM
Greetings from my new Surface Pro4.
12/Jun/17 9:42 AM
1:57 on a cold foggy holiday Monday Canberra morning. Hi everyone.
12/Jun/17 11:03 AM
Sounds like a hit, Chris...

It was a cold and foggy morning in Canberra,
Wind a-blowing briskly in my hair,
I was half-way through a grueling ten K run,
I wondered 'what the hell am I doing here?'

(Think Olivia Newton John doing 'If you love me, let me know.')
12/Jun/17 12:29 PM
12/Jun/17 2:22 PM
Almost spot on Hal - but the run was 19 K this morning!
12/Jun/17 2:50 PM
Sorry I'm late with the answers today - I'm having a couple of bad days.
There were nine responses this week with only a few spelling errors (as well as a few Aussie/UK variations). In response to TO SPLASH IN afew people had PADDLE, when I had expected PUDDLE. I hadn't really thought of that More...
12/Jun/17 3:49 PM
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