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Easy Sudoku for 12/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
12/Jun/18 12:00 AM
12/Jun/18 12:00 AM
12/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Hi Wolf & Hal. Both too quick for me today.

I'll ask again if anybody's heard from Rayray?
12/Jun/18 12:01 AM
I have not, Keith. We used to e-mail back and forth, but, it's been a very long time since he replied to my last one.

Wombat, I vote for leaving your puzzles the way they are. I love the challenge. How else would I ever know what ''wayzgoose'' refers to?
12/Jun/18 12:23 AM
Good Maen, good people.
Keep dishing them up, Wombat.
No, Keith, and I think of him (and others) often.
12/Jun/18 12:53 AM
12/Jun/18 12:54 AM
12/Jun/18 1:29 AM
Speaking of people who haven't been around for a while, has anybody heard from Jeb?
12/Jun/18 1:33 AM
12/Jun/18 3:43 AM
12/Jun/18 4:27 AM
Here comes the bride!
12/Jun/18 4:39 AM
all. I love the challenge too Wombat. Please keep them coming. ❤️💕❤️
12/Jun/18 4:43 AM
Please, Wombat ~ keep them coming!
But remember we topsiders are now hoping to be into summer activities soon, so a lack of participants won't necessarily indicate lack of interest ...more likely a lack of time!!
12/Jun/18 4:47 AM
Ooops - forgot my manners: Hello everyone & have a good day!
12/Jun/18 4:47 AM
A great day for hubby's birthday. We played golf this morning. Hubby's golf ball was headed way past the green on one hole, but his ball was stopped by the flag and dropped right next to the cup! How's that for a bit of luck on your birthday?
12/Jun/18 5:45 AM
Morning all, foggy here hope it means we will get some sunshine later.
12/Jun/18 7:17 AM
Shiela, happy birthday to your hubby. Great shot at golf, bet he was happy.
12/Jun/18 7:23 AM
I'll move us a bit closer for Keith...… - nice bonus gift for your Mister's b-day, Sheila!
12/Jun/18 8:19 AM
Thx Joyce. I appreciate the help.
12/Jun/18 9:21 AM
... an hour later ... gallump.
12/Jun/18 9:21 AM
12/Jun/18 9:21 AM
Message heard loud and clear poozlers, I shall persist with 3&4 model. In fact I have three more prepared and I'm working on the fourth.
12/Jun/18 10:16 AM
Way to go, Wombat!
12/Jun/18 10:32 AM
12/Jun/18 10:52 AM
1:38 Good morning!
12/Jun/18 11:24 AM
Help, I keep getting a message saying I can only have 3000 characters in the PM box and won't send my answers to Wombat. Same thing happened to Arachnid poodle and I had to send it in two messages ????
12/Jun/18 11:30 AM
Wombat , I had to split the message.
I see auto correct gave Arachnid a poodle / poozle. lol
12/Jun/18 11:40 AM
Amelia - I've experienced the same thing! I used to be able to do my poozles in an email draft, then copy, paste it, send it. No longer - now I need to create my PM, one answer at a time as I re-type my answers into the 'Compose a Message' form.

Sometimes it takes me longer to send my answers than it did to FIND/figure out my answers!

Sometimes I
12/Jun/18 11:43 AM
….and sometimes I hit too many returns & lose track of where I am …..haha!
12/Jun/18 11:49 AM
Try deleting most of the dotdotdots when you send answers. That gets rid of tons of characters. That was never my reason for deleting all but a few of them, but it seems reasonable that I've never had too many characters so that might be why.
12/Jun/18 12:06 PM
I've tried the 'cut and paste' method using Word, and had the same problem. It finally occurred to me that Word inserts special characters every time you use the keyboard to do anything other than type what's on the keyboard. It causes you to exceed the 3000 character limit.

I use Word to solve the puzzle, print it, and use PM to send.
12/Jun/18 12:19 PM
I've got a problem: it's beer time, but I need a shower. (No snide remarks, please.)
12/Jun/18 12:22 PM
mAen everyone
12/Jun/18 1:04 PM
Then I will have a Mammoth Brewing Company Golden Trout Pilsner!
12/Jun/18 1:04 PM
Here you are. You can share one with Skippy, the bush kangaroo.
12/Jun/18 1:24 PM
You want me to cheat on Bigfoot, Queenie?! Although Skippy looks pretty cute ...
12/Jun/18 1:27 PM
12/Jun/18 1:35 PM
Take your pick!!! I don't want Bigfoot and Skippy to get into a fight. Although I'm sure Skippy would easily win.
Just about to have a quick bite to eat then off to badminton.
12/Jun/18 1:59 PM
If any of the Poozlers are using Mac, try typing it into Notes and do a cut and paste. I don't know if there is an equivalent for PCs.
12/Jun/18 2:37 PM
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