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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everyone!
12/Jul/17 12:00 AM
Sunny - right now anyway!
But... it rained earlier and we may see more today.
Whatever your weather, hope you have a lovely day!
12/Jul/17 12:00 AM
Hello, Wolf!
12/Jul/17 12:06 AM
Serena! What's the rest of the story?

'other than a little visit from the local fire department'

What happened???
12/Jul/17 12:24 AM
12/Jul/17 12:53 AM
Oh my, now Wolf, you've got me worrying about Serena!!!
12/Jul/17 12:54 AM
so close . . .
12/Jul/17 12:54 AM
12/Jul/17 12:54 AM
12/Jul/17 1:21 AM
12/Jul/17 1:23 AM
Nice Mountain.
12/Jul/17 1:31 AM
Grill fire. Gas grill. It was kind of spectacular.
12/Jul/17 1:37 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
12/Jul/17 1:42 AM
12/Jul/17 1:43 AM
Oh Serena, nothing like a charbroiled steak! or blackened steak (there is the Cajun blackened chicken) Hope the rest of the meal was okay!
12/Jul/17 1:44 AM
I think I could use a Serena in my life..., in fact she exemplifies her name! I am quite overcome with ooohs & ahhhs & chocking laughter while reading your tale, but you just state you are sorta done with vacations... perfect!
12/Jul/17 2:21 AM
...and good morning all! Oooops, it's now g'afternoon!
12/Jul/17 2:22 AM
Beautiful! Lori.
12/Jul/17 2:36 AM
Good mAen, good people. It's a rainy week, so this bit of warmth and sunshine is welcome. However, with it comes high humidity as everything is trying to dry out at once! Yet I surely do prefer this to Chris's weather.
12/Jul/17 4:51 AM
I've been trying to finally finish creating my new pantry out of an alcove in my kitchen. I started it two years ago by moving cabinets to create the alcove. That entailed a lot more than we thought, of course. I then bought shelving to put up but the holidays got in the way.
12/Jul/17 4:59 AM
A year ago I decided that it would be splendid to coordinate 'doing the pantry' with Burl's trip to Bali as I didn't need to make regular meals. Turned out I needed tools and expertise I didn't have. Waited for a semi-annual sale to get some supplies. Holidays came and went again. I got started on other projects along the way, of course. Most of those aren't finished either.
12/Jul/17 5:00 AM
Now I'm putting up shelves and transferring food stuffs from my old pantry only to discover that the extra shelf brackets I need are ... discontinued! I have been calling stores across the USA - and the manufacturer - trying to get what I need. I need this 22.
12/Jul/17 5:00 AM
When I can't do the big stuff I do the small stuff. 'Nothing breeds success like success!'

I'll take it where I can get it as it helps me go on to the next thing.
12/Jul/17 5:02 AM
Ok, Serena, you are swearing off vacations, I will be swearing off visits to New Jersey.

Had a nightmarish time getting to, around and back from NJ for my brother's wedding. What should have been an hour and a quarter trip took well over 2 hours. Between the ridiculous lack of street More...
12/Jul/17 5:19 AM
Good morning.
12/Jul/17 7:12 AM
Another freezing morning.
12/Jul/17 7:14 AM
12/Jul/17 7:16 AM
But still forecast to be a nice day.
12/Jul/17 7:16 AM
I've got lunch with the quily group today. This retirement life is rough ..........
12/Jul/17 7:20 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
12/Jul/17 8:28 AM
Mornin' all.

Frosty this morning in the deep south - 2.2* at the moment.
12/Jul/17 8:53 AM
Well today's ECCO is all about American Civil War battles - lets see what our US friends have remembered from school....

F--- ------ (4 6) 12th - 14th April 1861, North Carolina.
---- -------- (4 8) 11th July 1861, Virginia.
-------- (8) (First battle) 30th Sept 1862, More...
12/Jul/17 8:57 AM
Morning all, lovely photo Lori.
We were so lucky yesterday, got home at 1pm and had the caravan in its spot beside the house and cleared all of the clothes and food stuff out just as it started to rain . It has rained all night and morning now the sun has appeared.
12/Jul/17 9:03 AM
Just back from the dentist and hoping that a glass of wine will help the freezing come out. 🍷 🍷. Maybe two glasses!
12/Jul/17 9:30 AM
Well, I know the answer to Peter's first clue!
Only Google, not memory, would help with the rest.
12/Jul/17 10:53 AM
Sent my answers to Peter's ECCO.
12/Jul/17 11:00 AM
Hi All from chilly Canberra.
12/Jul/17 11:13 AM
Me too, Sarah.
12/Jul/17 11:13 AM
It's time...
12/Jul/17 11:15 AM
... to turn the page.
12/Jul/17 11:15 AM
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