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Easy Sudoku for 12/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
12/Aug/14 12:00 AM
12/Aug/14 12:01 AM
After 8 days of sun at the beach on Lake Michigan...
I am home and it's raining!
Mother Nature cooperated very nicely, don't you think?
12/Aug/14 12:05 AM
John, HalT and all who follow!
12/Aug/14 12:05 AM
And Shiela! You snuck in while I was posting.
12/Aug/14 12:06 AM
Yes! I've got a new wireless keyboard at work. I didn't realize how outdated my malfunctioning one was, even though it was purchased in January 2011. It didn't have a dongle, but had instead one of those corded receivers. Feel like I'm uptown now! And yes, this one has lights letting me know when various keys are locked down whereas my old one didn't.
12/Aug/14 12:12 AM
Now to figure out what all the hieroglyphs on some of these buttons (keyboard) mean, and how to program the sideways scrolling mouse as well as the new side button. Things don't come with manuals anymore, so I have to first figure out where on my computer it was installed....
12/Aug/14 12:13 AM
Lucky you, Silvergal! ...My newest keyboard has less than my old keyboard.
12/Aug/14 12:15 AM
Same bird, different angle.
12/Aug/14 12:32 AM

If you take the first letter and move it to the rear of the word, you get the same word when read backwards.

In the today we have Judy, Silvergal, Joyce and HalT. ''Yes! We have no bananas'', but I do have apples.
12/Aug/14 12:36 AM

Consider a simple weekly lottery. A number between 1 and 1,000,000 (inclusive) is randomly chosen each week. What are your odds of winning in each of the following?

•If you play one number this week, what are your odds of More...
12/Aug/14 12:42 AM
I exhausted my last source a week early because I didn't like the last problem. Here it is if anyone is interested.

What is half of four plus four?
12/Aug/14 12:43 AM
I need to find a new source because I doubt I'll use all the probability ones. Too bad Doug W isn't around anymore.
12/Aug/14 12:44 AM
So, is that a Chihuly glass in front of the Egret?
12/Aug/14 12:59 AM
12/Aug/14 1:56 AM
Yesterday was beautiful, sun all day no rain. The kid would have been in the pool all day if they had their way.
12/Aug/14 1:59 AM
Serena - Re: What is half of four plus four? In the computer world, the question could be interpreted two ways: 1/2 * 4 + 4, or 1/2 * (4 + 4). Computers always do multiplication/division before addition/subtraction, BUT, calculations in () take priority.
So, half of four plus four is 6.
And half of the sum of four plus four is 4.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_operations
12/Aug/14 2:01 AM
HalT, that was my issue. It was more of a trick problem to me because they were looking for a specific order of operations in their answer. Looking at it as a sentence it could fairly be interpreted either way.

And you weren't supposed to blurt the answer.
12/Aug/14 2:11 AM

Great picture of a lovely egret & glass ball. I wish I knew who took it.
12/Aug/14 2:48 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Aug/14 2:51 AM
I have not had enough coffee, nor will I ever have enough coffee, to understand what HalT and Serena are talking about.

I am so dizzy now.
12/Aug/14 2:53 AM
12/Aug/14 2:53 AM
Is he back?
I am not waiting.
12/Aug/14 2:56 AM
Sorry, Serena. I thought it was an open discussion question.
12/Aug/14 3:10 AM
Which one of us gets to explain it Karen? I vote you.
12/Aug/14 3:17 AM
Uh-uh. I am not touching it. I do not do numbers. Never. No Way. No How.
I am fearing third grade math this year. Not touching what is half of 4 plus 4. No way, Jose.
12/Aug/14 3:46 AM
Started the Monday rituals of saying, 'Pick up your rooms, and you might get to go to Bammaw's today,' around 8-ish this morning. One child, jumped right into the task and is now, getting things to take to Bammaw's. The other child keeps asking for help. If I keep helping, I will have that room cleaned in no time. Thought I had really hurt the girl, when I took the big trash bin into her room.
12/Aug/14 3:49 AM
Sheila - I'm so glad Mother Nature cooperated for your vacation and kept it sunny. I'm having rain here today also.
12/Aug/14 4:11 AM
Serena - In fairness to HalT, you posed your math question using your regular avatar. It took me awhile to figure out that you seemed to be offering it instead of the lottery math question.
12/Aug/14 4:12 AM
Puzzle clarification - the puzzle of the day is the lottery one. The other one was the one I was going to do but didn't like. As for picking on HalT, it goes both ways.
12/Aug/14 4:20 AM
Well, my household is going wild. I should say more wild. It is a thousand degrees outside, with bright sunshine and very loud claps of thunder. I have a dog under my feet and two girls, squealing and asking what is happening. As I trip over a dog, I tell the girls it is just thunder. Bad answer. This answer caused a dog to run for cover, under the bed and the girls try to get back inside me.
12/Aug/14 4:37 AM
When a child asked why is it thundering, I did not think she would understand, that we have a 20% chance of rain today, so I answered, God is moving his furniture around. Apparently, she did not like that answer, so I said, God is bowling and he made a strike.
Now, the question is, How long will God be bowling?
12/Aug/14 4:40 AM
Hummm, seems our 20% chance of rain, has turned into 100% chance.
So odd, rain, in August, in Texas. It is so cool. Cool mean neat, not weather wise. It is still hot out there.
12/Aug/14 4:50 AM
Hey Karen, I recall many moon ago I spent a couple of August weeks in Water Valley, just north of San Angelo, and it rained nearly every morning just after sunrise.
12/Aug/14 5:01 AM
12/Aug/14 5:07 AM
Wow_Axel, I am sure it has rained, in August, in Texas before, but it is a rarity.
12/Aug/14 5:09 AM
I am not complaining. I love the smell, the sounds, the not having to water today, everything about it.
Girls, on the other hand, are complaining, it is messing up their mud puddle.
12/Aug/14 5:11 AM
The timing is great, also. I was thinking about a long, afternoon nap.

I know, that is only a dream, with my darlings running around, but maybe a movie for them, and a short nap for me. Mom always said, I live in a dream world.
12/Aug/14 5:13 AM
Both girls now get to go to Bammaws today. Too bad, it will be later this afternoon, like way past naptime.
12/Aug/14 5:16 AM
Time for a Monday afternoon thrill.
Bye-bye page one.
12/Aug/14 5:17 AM
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