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Easy Sudoku for 12/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hot Hot Hot in Dallas
12/Aug/15 12:04 AM
Good morning people of world.
12/Aug/15 12:14 AM
Wolf, we are cooling off a bit here, only 100 degrees. Tomorrow a cool front will come through and our high will be 99.
I looked into the future and did not see any more three digits, at least, for the next 10 days.
12/Aug/15 12:23 AM
I like the colored sudoku.
12/Aug/15 12:26 AM

I guess you should read the fortune cookie BEFORE the meal.
12/Aug/15 12:30 AM
Now onto the drama of my life. (need a smiley with rolling eyes).
In May, I thought my inspection sticker went out. I was wrong. I also thought in August my registration sticker expired. Again, I was wrong. Somewhere in time the stickers were reversed and I was reading the top sticker, from More...
12/Aug/15 12:33 AM
My turn to poozle you!

Which letter completes this sequence:


Answers to my ''Skipping is good exercise' inbox, please.
12/Aug/15 12:34 AM
everyone. I have added on my Page a photo of the newest member of our family! Her arrival into this world was quite traumatic for all of us. There were complications during mom Kyley's labor, & the doctor had to do an emergency c-section. The baby was whisked away to More...
12/Aug/15 12:36 AM
He went to the grocery store to get his tags???? Is this a Texas thing?
12/Aug/15 12:37 AM
12/Aug/15 12:38 AM
Then in other drama...
For the past year the words, which left my mouth many times, I have said, 'Close the door,' 'Don't let the kitties out,' or 'Kitty escape,' are no longer a worry for me. Monday, MIL and aunt took 10 little fertile darlings to the vet, plus my two. MIL and AIL both got More...
12/Aug/15 12:38 AM
to the whole family, Kathy. Again, I am so happy all is well after such a worrisome time.
12/Aug/15 12:41 AM
Kathy, though a rocky beginning, I so happy for your family and hope all keeps going well.
12/Aug/15 12:42 AM
That is what I said, 'The grocery store!'
Yes, it is a new thing and yes it is in Texas and no I do not know if it is just us or other states.
If you are in Texas and did not know this, like me, you can go to HEB and get your vehicle registration. You need the paper you get for inspection and insurance card and your vehicle cannot be 3 months expired.
12/Aug/15 12:45 AM
Haha - love today's pic & caption!! And good morning all!
12/Aug/15 12:49 AM
Now back to kitty drama.
MIL brought kitties back in exchange for the girls. But the girls were excited to have their furry friends back and wanted to make sure they were alright, and did not hear Grandma or aunt or me say, 'Do not let them out of the carriers.' Poor kitties were so drugged and More...
12/Aug/15 12:49 AM
It took a few hours but kitties finally could walk straight, though they were still skittish. Then I realized, their collars had been removed. Uh-oh. after a year I still cannot tell these kitties apart. By personality I can, but not by looks and these kitties are still drug drunk.
So this More...
12/Aug/15 12:55 AM
Wonderful news, Kathy, after a 2-week rollercoaster of joy & trepidation - Kyley is on the mend and Ms. Maddox is thriving despite the drama happening around her - Absolutely gorgeous photo of her~!
12/Aug/15 12:59 AM
When I went out to fill the bird feeders, the one I think is Pikachu ran out the door with me. No problem now, you go girl and enjoy the great outdoors. Birds fed and I was going back inside, I realized a problem. Pikachu went off exploring and refuses to come in when called. Man and I spent about More...
12/Aug/15 1:02 AM
Now Phantom are you sure it is only 3 tomes?
12/Aug/15 1:05 AM
And I believe I am doing Keith a favor, getting his old heart a pumpin'. Or should that be, 'his heart a gallumping?'
12/Aug/15 1:06 AM
My turn?
12/Aug/15 1:07 AM
And as all know, I won't wait. :)
12/Aug/15 1:07 AM
See. Didn't that feel so good. The thrill!
12/Aug/15 1:08 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Kathy/FL: what a lovely photo of the beautiful baby Maddox! My in-laws have the opposite: my son was either going to be #6 granddaughter or #1 grandson, so we gave Hubby's family their 1st grandson! Final count: 10 granddaughters, 3 grandsons (and Hubby comes from a family of 5 boys and 1 girl--go figure!)
12/Aug/15 1:26 AM
Good morning to all! If it wasn't chicken, maybe it was eggplant!
12/Aug/15 1:31 AM
Nice family addition Kathy!
12/Aug/15 1:33 AM
More history for newcomers. I originally posted this on July 26, 2010. The Phantom had been around for a while before that.

The Phantom Has Arisen
Out of the depths of Sudukoland,
A shadowy figure did arrive,
Speaking words that were in demand,
Helping the site to survive.
12/Aug/15 1:38 AM
Pizza maybe?
12/Aug/15 1:40 AM
12/Aug/15 2:45 AM
Well not much here to report so I've been rather reticent. I'm still stumbling about my tai chi classes and had the last one yesterday. I guess I'll sign up for beginning class again to see if anything will stick. Have a few more yoga classes to go so eventually I'll be able to pretzel myself up!
12/Aug/15 2:47 AM
Hubby is still undergoing radiation treatment. He still does not glow in the dark. I'm just waiting for that event. The cats are annoying as usual. Although my oldest cat, Nemmy has decided that she cannot make it to the cat litter boxes outside and has decided that the dining room is sufficient. Ugh! So I have laid down a plastic sheet where she goes and clean up every morning.
12/Aug/15 2:49 AM
My newest venture is making an Hawaiian shirt for my hubby. Ack! The material I bought in Maui as a design that must be matched! Argh!
12/Aug/15 2:51 AM
, y'all! I've seen that meme before.
12/Aug/15 3:19 AM
Morning all, what do you mean...not chicken !😁🐔
12/Aug/15 6:15 AM
Good morning all. It's getting quite tropical here - should reach 14*c today.
12/Aug/15 7:11 AM
Off to Hobart today - the other end of the state. Hubby wants to look at some boats.
12/Aug/15 7:12 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
12/Aug/15 7:12 AM
Good thing though - I won't have to cook!
12/Aug/15 7:13 AM
Hi Chris.
12/Aug/15 7:13 AM
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