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Easy Sudoku for 12/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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well said, nal.
12/Sep/07 10:11 PM
...and now, my dear friends...back to more mundane things.

Nitro is getting his name changed to Houdini. That dog has more tricks up his paws than I care to comment on. This morning was a typical "I thought he was with you!" "No! I thought he was with you!" and we More...
12/Sep/07 10:13 PM
Loza, just googled earthquake. At this point, only getting something about a smaller one on the 8th Sept.
12/Sep/07 10:19 PM
yeah no further update available..just abt the earth quake..and Andaman & nicobar islands have been put under high alert for Tsunami,plus all the coastal regions also alerted for tsunami..just an alert no warning, lets hope they be little ripples.
12/Sep/07 10:24 PM
The only report I can find says no reports of casualties or damage at this stage.
12/Sep/07 10:25 PM
I hope that doesn't happen, appy. That was catastrophic, wasn't it.
12/Sep/07 10:26 PM
Nothing in this end. I only get the news from Wednesday's earthquake.

Hi Appy, Gail, Loza and anyone else around.
12/Sep/07 10:28 PM
there was actually two..the first one of magnitude 7.9(high enuf to cause tsunami) and the second one is of magnitude 8.some buildings in sumatra collapsed.the tremors were felt even in singapore and malaysia.ppl are asked to stay away from beaches. well at least we are a bit prepared this time. wonder if bay of bengal will raise again. lets see whats in store.
12/Sep/07 10:30 PM
yes hi all - I haven't called by here for ages!
good to see the page so colourful these days. I will really have to learn how to make an avatar. I have very little idea and you are all so inventive!
12/Sep/07 10:30 PM
thanks for the news appy - I knew if I asked here, someone would have some! The ABC (Aust) website was what I saw, but very little info.
12/Sep/07 10:32 PM
It is 8:28 a.m. in Miami. Under cloudy skies. My hormone ('daughter; for the newbies) is leaving back to Georgia tonight and we still have tons to do for the wedding. Hope she is talking to me today. She just does not want to spend any money and I splurged on the photographer (I wonder More...
12/Sep/07 10:35 PM
Ask MizT for help with an avatar, Loza. I think she has helped a third of the people here with theirs!
12/Sep/07 10:35 PM
Oh nal! Thanks for the heads up. I have three daughters. I have thought of telling them that I have set up a trust fund for each of them, that they will only recieve if they elope!
12/Sep/07 10:38 PM
Talk to you all soon. I will keep my radio on for news on the earthquake.

The Smilies are not working so here it goes:

Good Maen. Love. Peace. Happiness to all.
12/Sep/07 10:40 PM
Yep, MizT made some lovely ones for me
12/Sep/07 10:40 PM
LOL Gail! I should have done the same. : )
12/Sep/07 10:41 PM
thanks Gail. Will do! MizT..
soon as I can find her page, of course ...
you around, MizT????
12/Sep/07 10:45 PM
ah no it's ok ... i see we now have a list of people's pages. how wonderful! i can find her easily. isn't gath just sooooo good to us.
12/Sep/07 10:47 PM
I know I'll never forget that day. There are a lot of things I won't forget, but that day was different. So many lives with so much potential extinguished before their time.
12/Sep/07 11:28 PM
MSN is reporting a "small" tsunami hit the town of Padang and several buildings collapsed. The quake was felt in at least 4 countries.
Hopefully no one was seriously injured.
12/Sep/07 11:47 PM
14/Sep/07 7:44 AM
12/Jul/12 4:41 AM
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