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Easy Sudoku for 12/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Sep/15 6:50 AM
Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a great day. :)
12/Sep/15 7:34 AM
Well Hal did it. His timing is impeccable, not to mention his stamina. Four successes so .
12/Sep/15 8:47 AM
12/Sep/15 9:04 AM
Have had company all day, at least they are people that I like.
12/Sep/15 9:05 AM
12/Sep/15 9:05 AM
We went to lunch, I won't be having dinner now.
12/Sep/15 9:06 AM
Morning everybody
I always get a shock and feel a wash of grief come over me when good friends that have left us pop up in the birthday list. It is never the less good to remember departed friends and all the good times we shared. RIP dear Lizzie..
12/Sep/15 10:22 AM
Bean made the comment first about what I was thinking - is it nice to have birthday notices to remind us of those who have gone, or is it a tad creepy and those members' names should be taken off the list?
12/Sep/15 11:21 AM
Hello All. May your world spin peacefully today. Spring is almost here so I needed to put warm clothing back on and pack away the summer gear yet again. Looking forward to sunshine in Perth, Australia!
12/Sep/15 11:47 AM
Hi Sarah! I am an oldie, and feel ok remembering old friends. I did not know Dizzy Lizzie, but she was greatly loved and even now is missed here in Sudokuland. I am ok to keep those birthdays on the list and to use the reminder as a time to reminisce about the good times.
12/Sep/15 11:55 AM
I, also, don't remember knowing Lizzy. I went to her page earlier today, but honestly don't recall her. That's sad. RIP, Lizzy.
12/Sep/15 1:10 PM
But for now...
12/Sep/15 1:12 PM

I saw quite the variation in gasoline/petrol prices today in just a 6 mile stretch of roadway. Prices varied from $2.29 per gallon to as low as $1.95 per gallon. Too bad I've only driven about 60 miles since I last filled the tank at $2.25 per gallon. I hope it stays low until I need to fill up the car again!
12/Sep/15 3:25 PM
Dottie, Petrol prices vary quite a lot here in Canberra, sometimes it is as low as US$9.50 a gallon.
12/Sep/15 6:37 PM
$9.50 A GALLON!! Holy Bat Crap,Wombat! And I was going to complain about $2.79/gal. Think I'll keep my mouth shut and pony up to the pump. Sorry mate!
12/Sep/15 10:00 PM
Keith, back to my post about the picture not looking like kittens, seems a baby skunk is called a kit so maybe the caption isnt as wrong as we thought.
12/Sep/15 10:33 PM
Low gas/petrol taxes here in SC. $1.86/gal at the station I normally use.
12/Sep/15 11:14 PM
Unfortunately, our roads and bridges are in terrible shape.
12/Sep/15 11:16 PM
12/Sep/15 11:59 PM
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