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Easy Sudoku for 13/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Oct/14 10:19 AM
Hi CP. Pleased that you took us to Page 2.
I have finished making a costume for my grand daughter for the book Parade on Thursday. I was sill enough to ask her what she wanted to be this year and got told James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. It took me quite a while to make a round peach that she could be inside! (There is a couple of photos on my page)
13/Oct/14 10:36 AM
OK. Another poll for the day. Do you have a favorite time of year?
13/Oct/14 10:51 AM

Anne, I don't have a favourite time. I like all the seasons, fathers day, birthday, Easter and Christmas time....but I do like it best when the grandies come to visit.
13/Oct/14 11:03 AM
Yes Anne, my favorite time of the year is... are you ready for this... TOMORROW.
13/Oct/14 11:06 AM

Turned on the TV this morning to be confronted by a game of gridiron.......Some religious mob from Arizona were playing a bunch of tomatoes from Washington.
13/Oct/14 11:06 AM
13/Oct/14 11:08 AM
With that in mind, I think I shall retire and hope to be back tomorrow.
13/Oct/14 11:10 AM
Anne, my favourite time of the year?

Every day I wake up and get to enjoy another day!
13/Oct/14 11:12 AM
Sorry Peter, I'm not familiar with Arizona Saints or the Washington Fruits.
13/Oct/14 11:16 AM
13/Oct/14 12:44 PM
I thought tomatoes were vegetables. Fruits grow on perennial plants, and vegetables grow on annual plants. Tomatoes are annuals. So they would be the Washington Veggies.
13/Oct/14 3:01 PM
Tomatoes are fruits. They contain seeds.
13/Oct/14 7:05 PM
We had quite a storm this evening. Gutters overflowed and I had water coming down the down lights in the kitchen. All cleaned up now and no damage done.
13/Oct/14 8:54 PM
Pool classes this morning then off on a raid trip to St. Joseph Michigan. - Fall is in the air !
13/Oct/14 9:59 PM
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