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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Welcome to page 2.
13/Mar/16 11:18 AM
Your photos haven't appeared here yet Hal.

The Basslink cable, (the one between Tasmania and the mainland) which prevents the mainland from floating away, is damaged and the repair ship has cut the link. This cable carries power and fibre optic communication cables. Lack of power is not More...
13/Mar/16 11:28 AM
On a darker side both the Cats and Wombat's Doggies lost yesterday..........Woe is me!
13/Mar/16 11:30 AM
Shaddup, Anne!
13/Mar/16 11:30 AM
Bang......got him. Yeah!
13/Mar/16 11:31 AM
Might as well complete the job......CP!
13/Mar/16 11:31 AM
Good morning one and all!

Peter, I didn't even know who won or lost. I haven't seen the results. But.... thanks for letting me know.
13/Mar/16 11:55 AM
Finally got here to say good afternoon to all...we had the grandchildren here for a visit earlier, they would have love the picture of the kittens!

Have a great day all!
13/Mar/16 12:07 PM
The pictures are available for viewing. Enjoy!
13/Mar/16 12:51 PM
Great photos, Hal; marvelous close-ups! Didn't you say 27...are there more to come?
13/Mar/16 2:21 PM
Like you Galapagos photos, Hal. Well done!
13/Mar/16 2:51 PM
But thE Brumbies won!
13/Mar/16 3:47 PM
Celebration DDay for Jean from Champaign, IL USA, Kate from Sidney, Ohio
13/Mar/16 3:49 PM
Not DDay Just a stutter.
13/Mar/16 3:49 PM
Just got home from going to a handmade goods market, costco, getting cheap petrol, grocery shopping and visiting the chemist - twice!
13/Mar/16 3:52 PM
For some reason I feel a little weary. Might have to go and have a little lie down.
13/Mar/16 3:54 PM
Nice pics Hal. Looking forward to the rest. Scuba diving at the Galapagos is on my bucket list. I can't imagine anything more exhilarating than being in the midst of 100 hammerhead sharks.
13/Mar/16 6:49 PM
1:44 Good evening one and all!
Went out for a lovely lunch today with my sister. It was a Christmas and Birthday present combined from her.
Called out to Little Beach which is shown on my page just to have a look at the lovely blue water. There was a large bush fire there early in the new More...
13/Mar/16 8:47 PM
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