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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
13/Mar/20 12:00 AM
Wolf & all to follow!!
13/Mar/20 1:11 AM
No Anne today?
13/Mar/20 1:12 AM
13/Mar/20 1:27 AM
Hey, Hal! How ya hangin' today?
13/Mar/20 1:35 AM
Hello everyone! Have a good day, off to have a lunch-gather; we'll all be sitting a meter apart!
13/Mar/20 2:18 AM
Top 'o tha mornin' to ya.
13/Mar/20 4:14 AM
13/Mar/20 4:55 AM
13/Mar/20 4:55 AM
Not sunny.
Hope you see some sunshine in your day!
13/Mar/20 5:06 AM
Shosho, have you heard anything about your dance instructor? Hopefully her Friday flight was before midnight.
13/Mar/20 5:08 AM
I'm still here, Judy.
13/Mar/20 5:29 AM
We're all glad you are, HalT!!!
13/Mar/20 5:52 AM
What a perfect name for this flower.
13/Mar/20 6:03 AM
Morning all,beautiful flowers and the rainbow lorikeets love them.
13/Mar/20 6:31 AM
13/Mar/20 6:33 AM
13/Mar/20 6:43 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.

I woke up to bad, but not unexpected, news this morning. The Boston marathon, due to be run on 20 April, has been postponed. I've had my travel booked for months now and at least of those flights have been cancelled as well. Hopefully I can reschedule everything to suit the new date (rumoured to be 5 Sept.) when that's announced.
13/Mar/20 6:56 AM
*at least one of those flights
13/Mar/20 6:57 AM
Good mAen, good people. Our annual ceramics (pottery) convention has been cancelled. So we will be staying home.
13/Mar/20 7:30 AM
13/Mar/20 7:40 AM
13/Mar/20 7:40 AM
For basketball fans: The NCAA Tournament has been cancelled due to the coronavirus.
13/Mar/20 8:43 AM
2:26 Good morning all. Very slow this morning and too tired last night to do them. We've actually had rain overnight. First time we've seen rain down south here for months. Very, very unusual for Albany.
13/Mar/20 10:38 AM

Thursday 12th March.
Mr Cee – His ‘funnies’ are like a dose of Covid-19 – terrible.
Arachnid – Heard the call, apparently.

Friday 13th March.
The usual herd of babblers start the day.
Picture of Arachnid on today’s More...
13/Mar/20 12:32 PM
Shower!! Shower?? What's this shower stuff. it's not Sunday and time to wash my socks is it?
One of our group has pulled out of our trip completely. As we got a discount for numbers booking don't know if this will affect the cost of the trip. Many emails from the cruise company but More...
13/Mar/20 1:01 PM
An old Scottish mate of mine, Sandy, is sitting in a bar in Cuba and is minding his business when a man with a large black beard walks in:

The man goes to the bar and orders a shot of whiskey.

The bartender serves him, the man drinks the whiskey then starts walking out the door.
13/Mar/20 2:18 PM
Many more sports, performances, and activities are now cancelled, and several churches and synagogues are now totally closed, as in not even having religious services. My own synagogue is, as of now, holding services but recommending watching the livestream instead of coming in person. Our idiot president keeps blaming others and does nothing to provide actual information, let alone help.
13/Mar/20 2:22 PM
It is time to report the results of Wednesday's puzzle. You will notice that I am on time posting them - I have to be punctual some times. There were eleven people who had a go and everyone agreed with me. The erudite eleven were, Sarah, the Phantom (or maybe Peter disguised as the Phantom), More...
13/Mar/20 3:08 PM
No problem, Sarah. Just follow the 'media'. They know everything...
13/Mar/20 4:01 PM
13/Mar/20 6:50 PM
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