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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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by the sounds of things it wasn't a sweet bunny rabbit under there!
13/Apr/10 5:58 AM
I am not under the shed! The GROUND HOG is under the shed!! Geesh. This from a woman who is "tied up" all the time. Do I comment on her little kinky quirks? Of course not. Th each his or her own, I always say.
13/Apr/10 6:01 AM
being tied up beats pretending to be a ground hog, I can tell you! And there are no sheds involved either.
13/Apr/10 6:04 AM
My quirk seems to be inadequate typing....
TO each his or her own!!
13/Apr/10 6:05 AM
You know you are, Shiela.
13/Apr/10 6:06 AM
I had to go back and read the previous posts. For a moment there, I thought Keith was calling Shiela a ground hog. A wombat maybe, but not a ground hog....
13/Apr/10 6:10 AM
All the Aussie ladies are Shielas.
13/Apr/10 6:12 AM
What happened to the family visit, Bubble Woman(oh, pardon me, Bubble GIRL!)? Not enough seating to accommodate everyone? Time for a new sofa purchase?
13/Apr/10 6:13 AM
Plenty sofas here dear - I'm sure I'd find one big enough to accomodate you if you ever fly in unexpectedly.
13/Apr/10 6:16 AM
Big enough???? How insulting! I'll have you know I could squeeze into a double wide!

p.s. Can I bring the ground hog?
13/Apr/10 6:21 AM
it was IN CASE you bring the ground hog!
13/Apr/10 6:22 AM
Morning all! ???? Had got the last part of Kathy's riddle yesterday but not the MNX. You gous must say it with a different accent!
13/Apr/10 6:26 AM
gous = guys!
13/Apr/10 6:27 AM
CP, I rather like gous. Describes Kathy quite nicely. What a gou.
13/Apr/10 6:29 AM
Oh, he will be pleased. I'm sure he'd favor the sofa with the leopard print and the tiger stripe pillows. Reserve it for him. I'll take the one with the puce cabbage roses.....
13/Apr/10 6:31 AM
How did you know about my leopard prints?!!!!!
13/Apr/10 6:32 AM
I do believe Spring is now here - yes, it teased us before - but the offical start of the runny nose has started - love the fresh air !! and the trees are in bloom. enjoy your day. Mary
13/Apr/10 6:33 AM
See what happens when I take a few moments to answer the phone? She calls me a GOU! Insult after insult, after insult...I'm not taking my ground hog anywhere near her!
13/Apr/10 6:34 AM
Good, although I had visions of it sizzling on the barbecue...
13/Apr/10 6:41 AM
Good morning, Cp. Hello, Mary. How nice to hear from sane and, I'm sure, more tasteful Sudokuists (I mean really, LEOPARD PRINT??)
13/Apr/10 6:42 AM
Grr!! This feline is off to the undergrowth for the night! See you tomorrow!!
13/Apr/10 6:49 AM
Put down those barbecue tongs and back away, Fiona!!
Go whip up some haggis or something.
I must get ready to go out this evening. Too bad I'm not nearer Fiona. I could borrow some of her upholstery fabric and fashion a dead animal kilt.
13/Apr/10 6:50 AM
hold on a minute...fabric???? fabric? the real McCoy my dear, the real McCoy...!
13/Apr/10 6:53 AM
Good Maen everyone. I see you two are at it playing silly buggers again!
13/Apr/10 6:54 AM
Where's the other member of the triumvirate? Haven't seen Judy here today.
13/Apr/10 7:38 AM
2.23 What a lovely flower.
13/Apr/10 7:40 AM
Back again. Needed to go off and write a selection criteria answer for my sister-in-law. The application has to be in today. We spent a large amount of time writing the rest on Sunday, left just one to do, and unfortunately I suffered an episode of brain death last night, so I promused to get up early and finish it today. Feels good that it is done.
13/Apr/10 7:55 AM
Might head back to bed for a while, it's coolish here. Aargh - weather site says int's currently 4.4C here, and was 0.8 overnight - no wonder I felt cold!
13/Apr/10 7:58 AM
Good Morning everyone!
No wonder part of my Canberra family is making their way to Brisbane if it is only 4C there in the mornings.
13/Apr/10 8:53 AM
Good Morning everyone.
13/Apr/10 9:44 AM
An extra hour's sleep was good. Temeperature has risen to 12.7C.
13/Apr/10 9:52 AM
Veritable heatwave CP!
13/Apr/10 10:01 AM
Yes, I do think that some has snuck a medium into the easies.
13/Apr/10 12:16 PM
Loved the Mr. Shuffles programme last night.
13/Apr/10 12:18 PM
Will we get to 80 by midnight.
13/Apr/10 12:19 PM
Good afternoon all - I do love the days when we have repartee between the girls but, I agree with Heidi, where was Judy?
Vicki - your Canberra relatives will be disappointed coming into Qld today - a tad cool and damp.
13/Apr/10 12:20 PM
Sure we can get to 80 by mdnight,saylz!
13/Apr/10 1:09 PM
All it takes is some nutty or loopy person to dribble on....
13/Apr/10 1:10 PM
...post after boring post, just for the hell of it......
13/Apr/10 1:10 PM
.... in order to get to the bottom of the page, just so they can.......
13/Apr/10 1:11 PM
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