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Easy Sudoku for 13/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:09 Good night one and all! Have a great weekend.
13/May/17 12:11 AM
Hi Anne, and all who follow
13/May/17 12:19 AM
Rage, 'night, Anne.
Rather slow here this morning.
It's been rainy here the last few days. Everything is green, which is nice, but, having to mow the lawn all the time is getting a little tiring. Come August, I'll probably be complaining about having to water all the time.
13/May/17 1:29 AM
Enjoy your 2 day celebration, Shosho!
13/May/17 1:31 AM
A gorgeously sunny Spring day here!
Hope yours is as nice!
13/May/17 1:45 AM
Hubby's car had to be 'jump-started' and taken to the auto mechanic for the second time this week. This time they said, 'You need a new battery'.
Now - why couldn't they figure that out the first time?
13/May/17 1:50 AM
Since he's leaving for a 'golf weekend' today, it would have been nice.
(Good thing he was leaving this afternoon and not this morning!)
13/May/17 1:52 AM
I'd not relish the idea of being without a car all weekend. (And that's what would have happened.)
13/May/17 1:53 AM
'Midnight swims' are good, Peter.

13/May/17 1:55 AM
Fidget spinners were mentioned, the other day.

More info:

http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/05/12/500000-trend-spinning-toy-industry-upside-do wn.html
13/May/17 1:56 AM
find the space and delete it...
13/May/17 1:57 AM
But then... Maybe I'd re-visit all my favorite DVD's! Or, maybe work in the yard. Which should it be? Movies or gardening???
(I know! I have some mint growing in the garden. I could indulge in a late Mint Julip!!!
13/May/17 2:00 AM
Hello, D or A. Nice to see you here!
13/May/17 2:01 AM
1.38. Handsome young man.
13/May/17 4:13 AM
May 13 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second letter of the word, in alphabetical order. More...
13/May/17 4:15 AM
Good morning.
13/May/17 4:37 AM
Hi to everyone.
13/May/17 4:38 AM
You're up early, Wombat.
13/May/17 4:39 AM
Mr p got up earlier than I did - he's just gone back to bed to see if he can get another couple of hours sleep.
13/May/17 4:40 AM
Otherwise it's a quiet weekend for us - library visit, few groceries, mower to the workshop (it wouldn't start yesterday, and there's a small part broken). Exciting, eh?
13/May/17 4:42 AM
13/May/17 4:42 AM
13/May/17 4:43 AM
all from cool and cloudy Charlotte NC.
13/May/17 5:21 AM
Good looking fella!
13/May/17 5:27 AM
Morning all, a good looking young man is Deb's son.
What is it about Canberra that wakes people up so early... yesterday it was CP and Julia today it's CP ,Mr P and Wombat. 😃
13/May/17 7:01 AM
Noisy government?
13/May/17 7:03 AM
Good mAen 🍷💐enjoy the day
13/May/17 7:04 AM
Shosho ,have a great two days.
13/May/17 7:04 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Just got back from 'Dressing Downton' exhibit at a local museum, a traveling show of costumes from Downton Abbey, followed by Afternoon Tea with a fellow Book Club lady. Good fun!
13/May/17 8:40 AM
Oh, Shosho - do you have birthday plans? Maybe birthday breakfast plans with bros? Whatever your pleasure, enjoy your special day &
13/May/17 11:04 AM
We've been taking day trips to our summer place to prepare it for summer-living.... just hope summer hurries itself along!
13/May/17 11:05 AM
To start with, the hot water heater - kaput! That was repaired today, along with a totally clogged kitchen sink drain, which has been a nemesis for several years; today the whole drain was replaced & reamed out 50-feet! No more bathroom sink dishwashing - yippee!
13/May/17 11:10 AM
Now, all we need is cottaging-weather...can anyone help us with that???
13/May/17 11:12 AM
Good maeN, good people. I think shosho is spending her birthday in Hawaii. That woman gets good ideas!
13/May/17 11:44 AM
We got sick and tired of heating hot water and got a tankless water heater. A person can take a hot shower all day long now and never use it all. Bless the inventor of that fine gizmo.
13/May/17 1:50 PM
We converted to that system Jeb, gas fired though. Works a treat and cheaper than electricity.
13/May/17 2:19 PM
Here in sunny Canberra we have a solar system with electric boost.
We also have PVCells which generate enough electricity to cover our costs and leave some over to sell to our local energy supplier. We get about a thousand dollars a year back.
13/May/17 4:32 PM
Thanks for the commiserations about the Doggies' loss Peter, it can only be up from here. I hope the Cats win tomorrow, I'd hate to see them lose twice in two weeks. I won't mention the Brumbies.
13/May/17 4:38 PM
Happy birthday Shosho .
I should leave bottom of page one for you, but someone will only steal it if I do.
13/May/17 4:41 PM
So, I'm turning to page 2 to honour Shosho.
13/May/17 4:42 PM
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