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Easy Sudoku for 14/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Bolus - What psychoanalysts talk

...and here's today's factoid:
According to a Yale study, you think better in the winter than in summer.
14/Jan/13 12:00 AM

Lots of answers to yesterdays poozel. The winners are in no particular order, Captain J,Wolf,Vibrant Vici,Lonewoof,HalT,Serena,,Grass-hopper,K,Canuk Greg and YKM.

1. unadorned necklace [PLAIN CHAIN]
2. happy fellow [GLAD LAD]
3. old story [STALE TALE]
4. More...
14/Jan/13 12:07 AM

What is special about the following sequence of numbers?

8 5 4 9 1 7 6 10 3 2 0

Answers to my inbox as usual.
14/Jan/13 12:10 AM
That's a lot of fish.
14/Jan/13 12:17 AM
Vici, this is one is for you!!!5
14/Jan/13 12:20 AM
14/Jan/13 12:22 AM
Close to my number . . .
14/Jan/13 12:22 AM
14/Jan/13 12:22 AM
14/Jan/13 12:23 AM
14/Jan/13 12:25 AM
And a CP before I go out for a run!!!
But it still is 38ºF (3.33ºC)
14/Jan/13 12:26 AM
Too late, no CP but it's still a good morning!
14/Jan/13 12:27 AM
Might as well take Queen Anne's number. Here's for you, Anne!
14/Jan/13 12:28 AM
Good Morning all. We had two days of Spring and now back to Winter. Going off to brunch, everyone have a great day.
14/Jan/13 1:25 AM
Morning everybody across the pond...
I think all sensible downunder folk are in the land of nod..exactly where I am off too...

Mr Cee... gotta say... in MY DAY that WASN'T how one counted to 10... just sayin' like...
14/Jan/13 1:44 AM
Good Maen all!
Thanks Shosho for grabbing the 5 spot.
Kayo - I definitely can think better in Winter than Summer - mostly cuz I love Winter and am not too happy in the summertime.
Thanks Mr. Cee for accepting my alternate answer. I had fun with that poozle.
14/Jan/13 1:52 AM
Bean - lounging in that lovely warm robe you gave me...thinking of our morning coffees together.
14/Jan/13 1:53 AM
WOW! What a fabulous photo...so very colorful!
14/Jan/13 1:55 AM
I like today's factoid.
I've always thought my own 'logic / reasoning ' is better when it is cold.
However 'imagination' is improved by hot weather.
So, given that, whether what they discovered at Yale is true or not, depends on what is meant by 'thinking better'.
14/Jan/13 2:10 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Jan/13 2:21 AM
Rubber Duckie Day
Make Your Dreams Come True Day
14/Jan/13 2:22 AM
Hello 22.
14/Jan/13 2:23 AM
Good point Rayray! I'm thinking the imagination is improved in warmer weather because we become delirious in the heat!
14/Jan/13 2:24 AM
I agree with today's factoid and Rayray's comment.
Makes sense, since we mainly went to school during the winter, so that was when our brains were pushed. During the Summer, we were pushed outside to play. Well, after the house was cleaned and the yard was mowed and all the weeding done.
14/Jan/13 2:26 AM
So, ... Topsiders should be shining now. Wait half a year and the Down Unders will be thinking circles around us. Somebody should do a survey of the archives.
14/Jan/13 2:59 AM
Hi Keith, Are you volunteering?
14/Jan/13 3:01 AM
What's with today's jigsaws? All three are the same photo, and comments aren't available.
14/Jan/13 3:31 AM
Sorry about this. Guess my brain doesn't work better in Winter I was looking at the photo for the easy sudoko and thought I was on today's jigsaw.
14/Jan/13 3:35 AM
VV seems to think that imagination, when out of control becomes delirium.
Perhaps delirium is necessary from time to time to burn up all useless brain bits in a cerebral bonfire.
14/Jan/13 3:45 AM
Then I should be having a ball with the fifth grade math team. Am hitting the panic button trying to get them try different strategies. Have a whole book of ideas and we've just begun. Trying to let them experience three strategies a week and sending homework to practice them. They're not easy, even I have to think about using them!
14/Jan/13 3:56 AM
Happy Sunday!
Fun's over, now off to work
14/Jan/13 4:05 AM
Ahhhh! Sunday afternoon; a meal of steak, potatoes and some green stuff; sunshine and 81°F (27°C); a lovely woman by my side... What more could a guy ask for?
14/Jan/13 4:53 AM
Still on the first page???
14/Jan/13 5:18 AM
I wish I was the person who took today's photo. What a delightful sight! A busy reef!
14/Jan/13 5:29 AM
HalT... that DOES sound perfect. Except for the green stuff.
14/Jan/13 5:30 AM
We're still warm and wet here. I'm just waiting for the cold front to blast through and freeze the ground. Any time now....
14/Jan/13 5:39 AM
A rainy, yet still warmish Sunday here...wish the weather temps would remain, but alas I know they will change.
Good nap weather...Karen, I have you in mind...but then again, it seems any weather is good nap time for you..lol.
Shosho...so happy to learn of your becoming a second time More...
14/Jan/13 5:45 AM
Goodness gracious.
What have we been doing today, to still be on the first page?
Watching to see if the weather will change?
14/Jan/13 5:56 AM
Man and I, are having a lazy day of watching partial movies.
I say partial, because we have two busy darlings.
14/Jan/13 5:57 AM
Morning all,love the fishy photo.
14/Jan/13 5:58 AM
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