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Easy Sudoku for 14/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
noticed — room temperature
And here's today's factoid:
The average annual temperature for Ireland is 9°C.
14/Jan/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

A plastic surgeon's motto: If life gives you lemons, a simple operation can give you melons.

14/Jan/14 12:01 AM
Gee, I got caught napping tonight. I really should watch that clock.
14/Jan/14 12:02 AM
Temperatures peaked at 42 degrees (108 F) in Adelaide today.

The forecast for the next 4 days is for maximums of 42, 43, 43 & 40.

Summer has definitely arrived.
14/Jan/14 12:03 AM
Doug, Your last comment was a bit melodramatic.
14/Jan/14 12:03 AM
I got caught napping as well.
14/Jan/14 12:05 AM
If you have ever wanted to see a Pilot's perspective as they land an A380, here's your opportunity.

Flying into San Francisco Airport:


The video is also available on my home page.
14/Jan/14 12:05 AM
I was on another web site and suddenly noticed that it was time to do my thing. I then went into a blind panic and ended up posting my TFTD yesterday instead of today. Oh well, never mind. I'll get the hang of it one day.
14/Jan/14 12:09 AM
Are we now getting 2 TFTD's now Doug? Or was it just your 5812682794st time trying to beat the Time Lord, (sorry about the gender Kayo but Time Lady just didn't sound kosher)?
14/Jan/14 12:11 AM
Yeah, that duplication is my blunder. I keep trying to beat Kayo to 1st place but I botched it totally tonight. I did actually beat her once, but that was only because she let me win.
14/Jan/14 12:15 AM
Time for me to head to bed,
14/Jan/14 12:19 AM
Should be at work, but not well so I'm not.
14/Jan/14 12:20 AM
Keep falling asleep on the lounge - for an hour or 3 at a time.
14/Jan/14 12:21 AM
So this is my latest wake up and I think I'll retire to the comfort of my bed.
14/Jan/14 12:23 AM
Good morning to all!
14/Jan/14 12:23 AM
14/Jan/14 12:24 AM
“Still no Sun” answers:
1. fiend (also accepted feind) and fein
2. burp and bur
3. handy and hand
4. (Rob) Lowe and low
5. piper and pipe
6. Mensa and mens
7. (Snoop) Dogg and dog
8. fright and right
9. (Margaret) Mead and MEA
10. beaut and Beau (Geste)
11. Push and More...
14/Jan/14 12:24 AM
All I want to know Doug is why? Why do you think it is sooooo important to post first? I mean it involves a lot of effort. Got to get the timing right after figuring out the exact time difference between site time and real time, then you have to actually be sitting at your computer More...
14/Jan/14 12:29 AM
Beehive - I really can't flaw your logic. I must admit that in all honesty, it's not that big a deal. It definitely isn't on my bucket list but then again .... why do people climb mountains?
14/Jan/14 12:34 AM
Doug, thanks for posting the fly in to San Francisco. Since that's the airport we usually use to fly anywhere, it was very interesting to see.
14/Jan/14 12:35 AM
14/Jan/14 12:36 AM
14/Jan/14 12:36 AM
The comment really wasn't directed at just you, Doug.
14/Jan/14 12:38 AM
Keith - Did the flight path during decent make sense to you? It seemed that they flew around in a half circle. I was a bit worried at the start when the guy in the control tower couldn't tell the difference between left and right !!!!
14/Jan/14 12:39 AM
Doug, you can have the #1 spot all next week and perhaps even longer. I'll be off researching more daffynitions and factoids for the nice folks here.
14/Jan/14 12:42 AM
Thanks Kayo. I've got another 16 TFTDs in reserve so I am OK for the foreseeable future.

I reckon you must be located closer to Gath's computer than me and my electrons have to travel further.

Good luck with your search.
14/Jan/14 12:46 AM
or - It was sunny a minute ago!
Where'd it go?
14/Jan/14 12:49 AM
I noticed that about the left/right confusion. Nice they got it straightened out. This plane came to the airport from the north. When that happens, you must fly past the airport, then do a 180° turn, since the runway must be approached from the south. I'm more used to coming in from the south and never get to see the Golden Gate at all.
14/Jan/14 12:53 AM
Fast puzzle today!
14/Jan/14 12:53 AM
That is so adorable.
14/Jan/14 2:02 AM
Looks like the pups are giving him a paw up.

14/Jan/14 2:12 AM

A man once had five pieces of chain, each of which contained three links. What he wanted, however, was one big chain of fifteen links, made by joining the five small pieces.

Going to a blacksmith, he asked how much it would cost. More...
14/Jan/14 2:34 AM
''Looks like the pups are giving him a paw up.'' I agree 100%

14/Jan/14 2:49 AM
That third pup is obviously a council worker or merely a cat.
14/Jan/14 2:57 AM
Sunny day ... no rain, no snow, weather going between -5 and +5 C ... makes the driveway slippery... I may need extra salt or abrasive agent to get to my car...
14/Jan/14 2:58 AM
Hi beehive, Please remind us what your job is. Thanks.
14/Jan/14 2:59 AM
Maybe the third pup is there to protect the head in case he falls backwards.
14/Jan/14 3:05 AM
Er why, Neil? Didn't I post an in-depth curriculum vitae a couple of nights ago.
14/Jan/14 3:09 AM
beehive is a bureaucrat. Said so himself.
14/Jan/14 3:11 AM
New page???
14/Jan/14 3:11 AM
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