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Easy Sudoku for 14/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
14/Jan/15 12:00 AM
Happy birthday to my wife and my older brother, both of whom celebrate on 14 January.
14/Jan/15 12:00 AM
1:03, nearly cracked the minute barrier! Good night all.
14/Jan/15 12:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/Jan/15 12:06 AM
I bet some critter things that's a nice home.
14/Jan/15 12:08 AM
I am in great need of solar energy. I believe that is what Serena called it. According to the weather guessers, we might have two 'mostly clear' days this week, I sure hope so. The girls and I have a bad case of cabin fever, which is effecting or much nourishing sleep. I do not care for our sleep to be disturbed.
14/Jan/15 12:10 AM
Happy day to Mrs. Chris and brother Chris.
14/Jan/15 12:11 AM

13 teams.

If 13 teams participated, then the first team plays matches against the other 12 teams. The second team has already played against the first team, and so has to play matches against only the other 11 teams. In this manner, More...
14/Jan/15 12:12 AM
Hi shosho.

I was pushed.
14/Jan/15 12:13 AM
You people who live in extreme cold and snow, have to be really amazing people. Our cold days, only last a few days, I cannot imagine going for months on end, with no sight of a warm day. Oh, and to go out in the elements, totally wow.
14/Jan/15 12:13 AM
We have sun and will all day. I don't think it really counts since it's currently -7F/-21C.
14/Jan/15 12:15 AM
I know my sister, who is working on 3 years of extreme cold and snow, is loving it, but you can tell by March she is way past ready to get out. Poor girl is going to into weather shock when she visits in May/June.
14/Jan/15 12:15 AM
Uh...Serena, that is one of those things I call extreme cold. I will stick to my 34F at the moment.
14/Jan/15 12:17 AM
Karen, solar energy works. I tell people I'm solar powered. It's true. I have a lot more energy, get more things done, and am in a much better mood when I have regular exposure to ''Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun'' .
14/Jan/15 12:18 AM
I was actually thinking of grabbing shorts today, because my legs have been incased in warm ups for two weeks. They need to be set free. Of course, the shorts would not be for outdoor wear. I have not completely lost my mind, yet.
14/Jan/15 12:18 AM
I'm fairly certain that Karen and I could chit chat all the way to Keith's 22 but little boy is ready to do homework and I need to get me and this baby some food. Later.
14/Jan/15 12:19 AM
Wow! Thought I'd see how things were going.
14/Jan/15 12:21 AM
No sleeping in today.
14/Jan/15 12:21 AM
14/Jan/15 12:22 AM
You haven't wandered away, have you?
14/Jan/15 12:22 AM
We'll see.
14/Jan/15 12:22 AM
14/Jan/15 12:22 AM
Oh, I am a believer of the Sun. The Sun can make anything better. If you are sick, I throw you outside. Moody, go outside.

Yesterday, I think all 4 of us had attitude issues, Man was snappy, girls whiney and very stubborn, and me, well, I think I still had my sunny disposition, just could More...
14/Jan/15 12:23 AM
Oh, wow. I did not realize we were that close.
14/Jan/15 12:25 AM
I do need to wonder away. Trying to get fresh sheets on the bed, so Man can have nice warm bed to crawl into when he gets home. Also, want to run the sucky machine, which cannot be done while he is sleeping. Oh, I could run the sucky machine and he would never know, but I do not want to be the cause of might disturbing him.
14/Jan/15 12:27 AM
I wonder myself sometimes.
14/Jan/15 12:39 AM
Oops. It was a wonder that I accomplished what I set out to do, plus an little extra.
14/Jan/15 1:30 AM
Man now has fresh, warm sheets to crawl into, which is a good thing, since he says I keep the bedroom colder than the freezer. I just respond in telling him I am prolonging his life. He is really going to be cold if I ever have hot flashes.
14/Jan/15 1:32 AM
One sucky machine, cleaned around the wood stock pile and fire place and another sucky machine, made nice, uniform lines in the carpet. Which I have about 5 hours to admire, before people start stomping all over my neat lines.
14/Jan/15 1:34 AM
5 pencils have been sharpened to a nice point. So, all loud appliances have been used but one.
14/Jan/15 1:35 AM
Suuuuun-ny! Yippee!
I agree, the sun does give energy!
The cold temps are the trade-off, but who cares!
14/Jan/15 1:42 AM
Some of you know this information, it may come as a shock to others, but I love reading food preparation books and watching food preparation shows. Seems the trend for this year is the waffle usage, and a new variety on how to use that gadget. Well, I have a urge to try some of the ideas out. One More...
14/Jan/15 1:42 AM
Or, I could flatten the biscuit out, put pie filling or jelly in the center, fold, brush with a little butter, or spray waffle iron with spray, and tada, waffle turnovers.

Sounds simple and easy and quick.
14/Jan/15 1:44 AM
Oh, 33, Jerry's number. Must get more coffee.
14/Jan/15 1:45 AM
Good morning to all! Watch out! There's a cat in that cave!
14/Jan/15 1:54 AM
Off to the Y.
14/Jan/15 1:57 AM
Busy early morning here. I was dreaming rubbish and woke myself up. I think my arm was probably uncomfortable.. Looking forward to getting a lighter plaster on Friday.
Our summer sun does not give me more energy because of the humidity that often comes with it.
14/Jan/15 2:17 AM
I take it Karen is off drinking coffee.
14/Jan/15 2:17 AM
Is Karen coming back before a new page.
14/Jan/15 2:18 AM
Must be taking a while for the coffee to brew.
14/Jan/15 2:18 AM
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