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Easy Sudoku for 14/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:01 Cute photo. Good night all.
14/Nov/19 12:10 AM
all. Good night, Anne.
14/Nov/19 1:30 AM
Anne, HalT and everyone!
Overcast & c-c-chilly!
Hope your day is the opposite!
14/Nov/19 1:50 AM
HalT, Shiela & all who follow. Night, night Anne. Appears I am not the only one sleeping in today!
14/Nov/19 2:34 AM
2:36. A late (and slow) Good Morning, all.
14/Nov/19 3:03 AM
14/Nov/19 4:07 AM
14/Nov/19 4:35 AM
14/Nov/19 4:35 AM
Yay, I beat my 2 minute barrier! 1:56
14/Nov/19 4:42 AM
Lovely photo
14/Nov/19 5:45 AM
Morning all,a quick 1to 9 puzzle today with a cute photo as the prize.
14/Nov/19 6:04 AM
1.37. I love Border Collies.
14/Nov/19 6:10 AM

For the sleeping Anne.
14/Nov/19 6:30 AM
What an adorable photo. Two sweet little lambs, with a very watchful ,as well as handsome, dog protecting them.
14/Nov/19 6:45 AM
Hello all - more snow overnight & of course, more snow removal needed - and so early in the season to be 'over it'! Can you imagine if this continued until late April - please, please NOoooo!
14/Nov/19 7:20 AM
Good suggestion FROM, but I do prefer the ones I've suggested.
14/Nov/19 10:04 AM
Thought I would try a timed attempt. At 2:20 this shows how slow I am
14/Nov/19 10:44 AM
And Good Morning to all. May your day be a good one. Shiela we have 37 forecast today so looks like a work in the shade sort of day.
14/Nov/19 10:45 AM

Wednesday 13th November.
Wombat – Wants Kathy to write books about her canine visitors. She’s probably too busy dealing with the dogs and their antics to sit down and write.
DevilOrAngel – Clears up any misunderstandings about Memorial, Armistice, More...
14/Nov/19 12:05 PM
We have two cuckoo clocks, neither of which have been used for at least 8 years. So we took them to the clock repairer to see what he could do. Good news is that neither required any work. So today I hung both; the 57 year old in my study and the 45 year old in the family room. Both are ticking away and just had our first 'cuck'
14/Nov/19 1:12 PM
Arrived in Santa Barbara yesterday. We were a bit alarmed when we rounded a corner on the highway, not too far from here, and were confronted with a burning mountain. Turns out it was 'just a control burn' (I.e., the forest service's way of 'raking' the forests). One can get a bit jumpy after a few years here.
14/Nov/19 2:56 PM
Better ''jumpy'' than ''crispy,'' Tom!

to the Hotel California! Such a lovely place!
14/Nov/19 3:01 PM

Who doesn’t love waking up, looking at the person sleeping next to you and starting the day with a long, loving kiss?

Apparently the airline had a different take on these things.
14/Nov/19 9:07 PM

Blonde Wife sends a text message to her husband on a really cold winter morning: Windows are totally frozen, will not open.

Husband replies: “Carefully pour some warm water over it and tap the edges first with your hand, if that doesn’t work, then More...
14/Nov/19 9:11 PM

An elderly couple goes to their favorite restaurant they’ve been visiting together for decades. The man addresses his wife with all sorts of endearments, calling her his darling, sweetheart, his treasure etc.

When the lady excuses herself and goes to More...
14/Nov/19 9:18 PM
1:14. Good evening everyone.
14/Nov/19 10:13 PM
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