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Easy Sudoku for 14/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Dec/16 12:02 AM
14/Dec/16 12:02 AM
2:04 Didn't feel that slow.

Good evening Keith and all.
14/Dec/16 12:04 AM
Not much action here.
14/Dec/16 1:18 AM
Good morning folks - have a fine day, I intend to do so!
14/Dec/16 1:29 AM
14/Dec/16 1:59 AM
Overcast again. Forecast not too advantageous. Not sure when we'll see the sun next.
Keep smilin' anyway!
14/Dec/16 2:17 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
14/Dec/16 2:17 AM
Good Maen, good people. TO DO list includes keeping the house warm, laundry, pantry meals and before-year's-end financials. I shall do some sudoku and kakuro while I drink my yerba mate to mentally and physically warm myself up.
14/Dec/16 2:24 AM
Interesting comments yesterday about big cruise ships. I've been on several of those, but, prefer the smaller river cruises. I have actually gotten lost on the big ones.
14/Dec/16 2:35 AM
Here's some action for you, Wolf...

Poozle Time!

A word ladder is a sequence of words formed by changing just one letter each time.
Example: CAT - COT - DOT - DOG.
Starting with ACORN and ending with TREES, use the clues for the other words.
14/Dec/16 2:38 AM
Just returned from 'Medium'. Made so many mistakes I am surprised I even finished it!! Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Plus still have Easy to soothe my feelings!
14/Dec/16 2:48 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
14/Dec/16 3:55 AM
Hmmm. What is being polished or sharpened?
14/Dec/16 4:18 AM
Morning all,busy hands whatever they are doing.
14/Dec/16 4:50 AM
We are supposed to get some rain today, I won't hold my breath waiting for it though I might temp it by hanging a load of towels on the line.
14/Dec/16 4:53 AM
But what are the hands doing?
14/Dec/16 5:01 AM
The power people are back for whatever reason. Hopefully my phone line survives this visit.
14/Dec/16 5:01 AM
Good afternoon to all! All quiet on the site again today.
14/Dec/16 5:57 AM
First major storm over here, but clean-up still going on. Our street and sidewalk clearing crews are very good (and quick) so most roadways are in good shape. I wonder how they're doing in Vancouver where snow is usually a rare commodity?
14/Dec/16 6:07 AM
My sister is finally, after several months now, going to have her final tests including a colonoscopy. Scheduled for December 20. Let's hope there's some good news before Christmas as they're thinking possible cancer.
14/Dec/16 6:10 AM
Now to do Kathy's puzzle since I have time on my hands today.
14/Dec/16 6:10 AM
CP and gone for now.
14/Dec/16 6:11 AM
Happy Tuesday!
14/Dec/16 7:13 AM
1:38. Good morning everyone.
14/Dec/16 7:58 AM
That's the first time I've heard anyone heap praise on Brittania Peter. I expected it to be a submarine!
14/Dec/16 9:28 AM
I hope the test results are in the 'good news' category, Greg. That would be a welcome Christmas present, to be sure. Good thoughts are coming her way from Maryland!
14/Dec/16 10:40 AM
Tee answers to Monday's puzzle are:
CREAM More...
14/Dec/16 11:53 AM
The first word should have been 'the' and of course ten people submitted not five.
14/Dec/16 11:58 AM
After all this time waiting in limbo, Greg, many folks need to hope & pray for your sister to have good news!
14/Dec/16 12:51 PM
14/Dec/16 1:13 PM
Best wishes for your sister, Greg. I hope all goes well for her.
14/Dec/16 1:21 PM
I remember seeing (and smelling) the livestock ships when we lived in Timaru, Peter. I can also see the similarity between those and the big cruise ships.
14/Dec/16 2:56 PM
End of my day here - son called me earlier- He wanted a regal movie card so he could see the Star Wars and another show - hasn't gotten the card - 0ver a week late - will feel bad if it lost as I put a Visa card in there also - but the thing that is really getting to me was I was charged a 21 cent surcharge to have it weighed and stamp thus I didn't use the self serve!
14/Dec/16 3:04 PM
Hoping it is just a slow mail delivery!!
14/Dec/16 3:04 PM
No gunfire tonight. Guess I can go to bed. Night all.
14/Dec/16 3:05 PM
The 'blue side' says, ''Let's set er up'
14/Dec/16 4:43 PM
So -
14/Dec/16 4:43 PM
We -
14/Dec/16 4:43 PM
Will ~
14/Dec/16 4:44 PM
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