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Easy Sudoku for 14/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
14/Dec/17 12:00 AM
Hi, Wolf.
Good Maen, good people.
14/Dec/17 12:02 AM
14/Dec/17 12:22 AM
When I wrote my previous comment it was on Wednesday's puzzle and picture and now, hours later I see it on Thursday's page. Nobody else here all that time?
14/Dec/17 2:09 AM
Plum, I suppose you could call me Artie, and DOA its easy enough to sign in, I just get my browser to remember the name and password. It would be quite a bother otherwise. •‿•
14/Dec/17 2:12 AM
How come I'm the only one up this morning and I stayed up very late last night watching the Alabama vote last night?
14/Dec/17 2:12 AM
I stand corrected - Welcome ?? from Two Rocks.
14/Dec/17 2:14 AM
And what did you think of the vote last night DotCom?
14/Dec/17 2:22 AM
I couldn't believe it. A Democrat hasn't won in Alabama for 25 years. One election the Republican won 97% to 3%. They couldn't find a Democrat in the whole state willing to run. Originally the Alabama Atty Gen was supposed to take the seat automatically but Mitch McConnell went there and got them More...
14/Dec/17 2:33 AM
Well you can ǝןqɐʇ ɐ ǝʞıן ǝɯ dıןɟ. I bet DOA isn't happy tho.
14/Dec/17 2:45 AM
Sorry, couldn't resist. Funny the stuff you can find on google.
14/Dec/17 2:46 AM
Me Too, DotCom ...bout time!
14/Dec/17 2:47 AM
A very cold Good Morning, all!
14/Dec/17 2:48 AM
14/Dec/17 2:51 AM
For anyone who wants to wile away some time, you can create these ASCII faces here:-
lenny-face-generator.textsmilies.com/?cr=bW91dGh%2Bdy5udy5pZV9leWVzfncubzEuNHdfZWFyc34xZTB1L TFlMHY%3D

As always watch for the rogue space
14/Dec/17 2:51 AM
14/Dec/17 3:35 AM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thanks for that Artie. I bookmarked it for future use.
14/Dec/17 3:38 AM
14/Dec/17 3:40 AM
14/Dec/17 3:41 AM
Apparently, I got here just in time.
14/Dec/17 3:41 AM
14/Dec/17 3:41 AM
14/Dec/17 3:41 AM
14/Dec/17 3:42 AM
└[⌐■◞ ■]┘
14/Dec/17 3:44 AM
Ya getting the hang of it DotCom. Cool as.
14/Dec/17 4:15 AM
Hello, Artie. Well, this is a 'side' to you we've never seen before!
More than .
14/Dec/17 5:28 AM
Morning all,another great pic from Kate.
Hello Artie, thanks for giving us a new name for the page.
14/Dec/17 6:08 AM
14/Dec/17 6:34 AM
Good morning.
14/Dec/17 7:32 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
14/Dec/17 7:42 AM
Gorgeous lily! Kate for a lovely photo.
14/Dec/17 7:48 AM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ,Thanks for 'pushing my button' - I haven't had a good rant here for quite some time........

I'm just about past caring. Over the last few years I've seen the country go from a united front to a bunch of 'hooray for me', 'me first'..... What to call them? Being that I, More...
14/Dec/17 7:54 AM
Whew! After that I'm ready for a brew...
14/Dec/17 7:54 AM
Another indicator I noticed. On ANZAC day there are site-wide declarations of 'Never Forget'. Great, I agree.

However, this year, I 'sat back and watched' I failed to see one post about a major world event that occurred on the 7th of December, 1941.

Sad commentary, that...
14/Dec/17 8:09 AM
Successful ECCO poozlers this week are Plum, Sarah, Judy, DoA and Wombat.

Well done you lot.

Happy to take any other's answers.
14/Dec/17 9:09 AM
Ah DoA, would love to sit down with you and talk about this over a few beers.
14/Dec/17 9:11 AM
And I would like to be a fly on the wall, listening in ...
14/Dec/17 9:39 AM
Judy, if you're going to be there you might as well shout.
14/Dec/17 9:48 AM
2:13 Good morning one and all!
14/Dec/17 12:05 PM
Time for a page change.
14/Dec/17 12:07 PM
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