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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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to get a sore hand from having to scroll.
14/Feb/12 11:55 AM
Happy Valentines Day
14/Feb/12 12:36 PM
14/Feb/12 2:50 PM
Happy Valentine's Day.
14/Feb/12 2:51 PM
Kate hop you are haveing a wonderful day
14/Feb/12 2:51 PM
The day is not so big here as in the States.
14/Feb/12 2:51 PM
It extends mostly to romantic partners.
14/Feb/12 2:52 PM
Not everyone - like classmates etc.
14/Feb/12 2:52 PM
14/Feb/12 2:53 PM
Hi Kath, lovely to see you.
14/Feb/12 2:54 PM
14/Feb/12 3:25 PM
14/Feb/12 3:27 PM
14/Feb/12 3:30 PM
Guess it kinda depends on where you reside, Sharon. It's always somewhere.
14/Feb/12 3:31 PM
It's bedtime here! Night all.
14/Feb/12 3:32 PM
Thanks for your good thoughts for my mom. She said her treatment went fine and that she is tired. Then she said she is tired of being tired. Her next appointment is next Monday.
14/Feb/12 3:51 PM
Good might people of the world.
14/Feb/12 3:52 PM
Thanks for letting us know, Karen.
14/Feb/12 3:55 PM
Another big to the following people who left birthday wishes on "easy" for me yesterday:-
Bean, Broni, Meg, Rolanda and CP (The Aussie contingent) Thank you to everyone, and I hope I haven't left anyone out this time, who helped make my birthday such a special day by posting messages on easy and my page, and the e'cards I received.
14/Feb/12 4:39 PM
They say there's one born every minute!!

I now have a couple of sore fingers. I left the supermarket and the car was a bit warm, so I turned the aircon on, started doing up my window, then put my hand out of the window to see if the breeze was cool or warm (I prefer not to use the aircon). STUPID!!! The electric window didn't stop just because my fingers were in it.
14/Feb/12 4:41 PM
I managed to pull them free, still driving of course, and as the shock wore off, I got a fit of the giggles at doing something so damn stupid. I laughed so much the tears were rolling down my cheeks and I had trouble seeing the road once or twice all the way up to visit my daughter. Luckily I've been driving that road for many, many years and know it well.
14/Feb/12 4:43 PM
She wondered what was going on when I went inside, still laughing, and asked for an icepack. There is a bit of bruising and slight swelling but nothing broken. Thank goodness!
14/Feb/12 4:46 PM
14/Feb/12 5:13 PM
Glad you saw the funny side, Anne. Think I would've been stuck on .
14/Feb/12 5:18 PM
Anne it intrigues me how you can have one hand on the button for the electric window, one hand out the window checking the temp (and getting it stuck in the process)... what were you driving with? your foot?
14/Feb/12 5:20 PM
Please though that you didn't chop them off!
14/Feb/12 5:21 PM
14/Feb/12 5:22 PM
Happy Birthday Kate
14/Feb/12 5:26 PM
Oh Why not?? A CP for me then I have to go and organise a potato bake for tea
14/Feb/12 5:26 PM
See ya later! Busy night ahead...have to get the potato bake on, go to town and buy a birthday present for my niece, go to her home for a bbq tea, leave early to chair an AGM and then have choir rehearsal!
14/Feb/12 5:28 PM
Meg - once you start the driver's window, it often just keeps going if it's close to the top.
14/Feb/12 5:56 PM
Just been lying down for a rest as I think I've been going non-stop this past week. Naturally, the 'phone had to ring.
14/Feb/12 5:57 PM
1:45. Hi everyone.
14/Feb/12 7:17 PM
I could have used that "No I won't be your valentine card" - I broke up with the same guy on two successive Valentine's Days.
14/Feb/12 7:55 PM

Couldn't have been THAT bad Anne, you're still posting..........unless, of course, you're using your toes!

The word dill comes to mind!
14/Feb/12 8:25 PM
I think the ice helped a lot, Peter, and I'm tough!
Dill, as in the herb?

14/Feb/12 8:46 PM

Nah! Dill as in drongo!

Should'a kept the ice for your Baileys.
14/Feb/12 10:40 PM

Night all.
14/Feb/12 10:41 PM
I've always got ice in the freezer for my Baileys.

Good night, Peter.
14/Feb/12 10:53 PM
Sarah, I hope you haven't gone back to try for a 3rd round of Valentine Days with this guy
14/Feb/12 11:19 PM
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