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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy birthday to Missielely/Ka, too, enjoy your day
14/Mar/07 8:06 AM
Linda I'm back in the chatroom, you still there??
14/Mar/07 8:08 AM
Thanks, EM and TOPAZ! I figured that Hugh's comment was sports-related, but I was just looking for a more detailed explanation that would make sense to us cricket-ignorant folks! :)
14/Mar/07 8:10 AM
Wanted to see if this new avatar looks okay.
14/Mar/07 8:14 AM
A real Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman! I now have the Canadian law on my side!
14/Mar/07 8:16 AM
Police'person'. Best be politically correct, right Baz?
14/Mar/07 8:17 AM
I love the avatar, CGREG! Mounties are awesome!
14/Mar/07 8:20 AM
Wheres my new avatar?
14/Mar/07 8:24 AM
I submitted 2, and don't have either one
14/Mar/07 8:26 AM
Looking good CG. Col, love your newest avatar too. In fact, most of them are great! Happy birthday to all who are celebrating today. May it be special.
14/Mar/07 8:28 AM
2.26 great piece of engineering.
hope everyone is having a great day.
Missiely and Adam
wishing you a very happy birthday
14/Mar/07 8:29 AM
MISSIELEY: Is it your birthday too! Goodness gracious. Sending you one of my special treats from Ottawa, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry. Eat it fast or certain 'hocoholics on the site might come preying! and many more of them!
14/Mar/07 8:30 AM
Mamacita, flying free! I like your avatar too! Well done my friend!
14/Mar/07 8:32 AM
find something else to amuse yourself with, you are not proving anything.
14/Mar/07 8:33 AM
LK: Check your page and see if they have been approved. If so, you just change it, as Gath has added that feature.
14/Mar/07 8:35 AM
Missielely ... sorry misspelt your name
Happy Birthday
14/Mar/07 8:35 AM
okay, thanks cowboy, will do that
14/Mar/07 8:36 AM
Okay, lets try this!
14/Mar/07 8:38 AM
Beehive: Agree with Rosemary's comment Greg/Beehive/Beahive/Bee/and many other things. You have been going downhill lately my friend with some of your remarks. Why choose this forum to vent yourself? Keep it friendly and fun my friend!
14/Mar/07 8:41 AM
Yes, in our water storages we have enough water till April 15th, however they are sinking the first of 3 bores in the town this week to supplement the water for the town. the other 2 will be sunk in following weeks.
we have been on level 4 restrictions since Jan 31st and have been using less More...
14/Mar/07 8:41 AM
OK mummy I'll be good.
14/Mar/07 8:41 AM
I did the puzzle in 2:22. I see that Canada has a cricket team; does this mean that West Indies needs an ice hockey team???! I also see a comment (that most likely will bee gone soon) from someone who is proud to use scatological terms just to annoy responsible adults. Wow, you must be so proud of your lame self.
14/Mar/07 8:43 AM
I do like your new avatar CGreg and Rose, very cute. I didn't realize that with the new storage thing you had to change it yourself. Will remember that for next time.
14/Mar/07 8:44 AM
Bill, everyone always thought my hubby was making a joke when he told about his Mom getting up at 2 AM to change clocks. Heck I even thought so since he too has been known to emblish the truth to make a good joke. Then they lived with us for 2 weeks while moving house. Happened to be during SPRING FORWARD weekend and, she did it, at My house even hehehe.
14/Mar/07 8:47 AM
you can change them whenever you choose once they are approved.
like your new one too.
so many great pics you can use and have fun with.
14/Mar/07 8:48 AM
Greg/Beehive: I couldn't care less about offensive remarks to me, but you are being offensive to other people that I like on this site. Please ease up a little, or don't post comments attacking others. What is the value in that for you or anyone else? Just garbage as far as I'm concerned.
14/Mar/07 8:49 AM
How about tomorrow we have a day when we post a favorite cartoon character in our avatar.
gives everyone a day to find one and get it approved.
14/Mar/07 8:50 AM
Well, it seems that beehive has accomplished his goal to get everyone stirred up. I say let him go as long as he isn't harming anyone. I had to lighten up yesterday after being called on my work ethic. Cheers everyone, be happy
14/Mar/07 8:51 AM
gonna have to think about a cartoon character Rose, hmmm...., think, think, think
14/Mar/07 8:52 AM
Canuk Greg - is that you on the horse?
14/Mar/07 8:55 AM
14/Mar/07 8:58 AM
I was right, the scatological posting is already gone. I suggest to all who wish to swear on the site to simply do so in another language, there are far too many words avialable.
Nuevo dia; mismo mierdas!
14/Mar/07 9:08 AM
From someone who lives in a city, the 360 degree view of the horizon would be refreshing.
14/Mar/07 9:13 AM
LK: I am so disappointed! I am the horse!
14/Mar/07 9:41 AM
rotfl .... which end??
14/Mar/07 9:44 AM
Don't go there Rose!!!!
14/Mar/07 9:47 AM
Message from ROB and KATHY: They are lounging around in the Miami airport with three hours yet before they board. There is computer access, but ''Games'' are blocked. Kathy asked me to pass a message on to everyone: ''Please tell the folks on the site we're doing great so far!!''
14/Mar/07 9:52 AM
Love the picture
14/Mar/07 10:15 AM
Canuk Greg, were you serious in saying that you have a program that monitors all chatroom conversations, and have the last 4 months saved? Although I've only been in the chatroom a couple of times, I wonder how those who use it more often feel about this.
14/Mar/07 10:35 AM
Susan as usual CG is full of what comes out of the rear end of the horse he is riding.
14/Mar/07 11:07 AM
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