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Easy Sudoku for 14/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Really? No one's yet greeted the new day? Well then... Good Maen, good people.
14/Mar/18 12:19 AM
2:27 I thought it was going easy until the time showed it wasn't fast.
Good night one and all!
14/Mar/18 12:19 AM
I'm currently a passenger - just so you don't worry - in a car headed east towards Cleveland on the south side of Lake Erie. Ugh-ly snow limiting visibility so it's slower going. I'm actually online to check weather radar to see if there's an alternate route with less snow. My map is probably loaded now so I'm going to go check it out.
14/Mar/18 12:25 AM
14/Mar/18 12:25 AM
Hi, Anne. Hi, Keith. What a difference 20 miles makes. Just went from headlights and snow squall to absolutely clear and sunshine. Yes, Shiela, I just put on my .

Now, in my best parent voice I want to tell the sky 'We'll have NO more of THAT!'
14/Mar/18 12:55 AM
I won't be posting the answers to the St. Patrick's Day Puzzle until later today, so go ahead and try it! I have received some amazing answers, some even better than the ones I have! You don't even have to send in your answers, as they are just fun to try! No one has figured them all out, so don't be intimidated!
14/Mar/18 12:56 AM
RE-POST OF ST. PATRICK'S DAY PUZZLE, with additional clues! Answers will not be posted until later today, so take your time and try as many as you can! Incomplete or alternate answers accepted and encouraged!


EXAMPLES: (All More...
14/Mar/18 1:01 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
14/Mar/18 1:04 AM
Nope! Not sunny today!
Hope all your skies are sunny or like Plum's - 20 miles away!
14/Mar/18 1:09 AM
Sigh. Evidently the sky wasn't impressed with my firm tone. Switched glasses back already. More Ugh with at least two additional snow bands on the radar between us and the PA state line. Bad weather makes a long trip longer. I spy something ... white.
14/Mar/18 1:13 AM
Ohhhhhh, Judy! I'd love to, but...
I'm too busy catching up after vacation to sit all day (it'd take me that long) at my computer since my printer died just before vacation and I can't print it out to work on it as I go about doing laundry, going through a mountain of mail, etc.
(How's that for a nice excuse???)
14/Mar/18 1:18 AM
No - really - it sounds like a lot of fun, Judy!
So, 'go for it' everyone!
(I can't wait to see the answers!)
14/Mar/18 1:21 AM
Oh! Just to let you know...
Here's a big to all who worried about why I wasn't on site while I was on vacation for a few weeks. Looks like we take care of each other from afar! Next time I'll let someone know!
14/Mar/18 1:25 AM
Shiela - what a cheerful AND philosophical turn of phrase. That makes my day. (Well, that and the fact that I have time to ponder a few more of Judy's challenges in between white outs, which, I hope, we are just about through.)
14/Mar/18 1:40 AM
14/Mar/18 1:53 AM
What Denny says
14/Mar/18 2:00 AM
Stay safe, Plum.
14/Mar/18 2:06 AM
Ooo! Just got three more O'Irish answers. I'm so close to getting all 27!!!!! Hold off on giving the answers, Judy. I'm on a roll.
14/Mar/18 2:14 AM
There may be a few who can relate...

14/Mar/18 2:17 AM

“Do what you can, with what you have,where you are.” ~Theodore Roosevelt, 1898~
14/Mar/18 2:18 AM
Waiting for Keith.............................
14/Mar/18 2:19 AM
Well, I was waiting for Keith, too, but.....
14/Mar/18 2:28 AM
Ya snooze, ya lose.
14/Mar/18 2:28 AM
I have been having fun with Judy's puzzle. I sent answers to all but a few. They may not be what she's looking for, but, thinking of something appropriate made me laugh.
14/Mar/18 2:31 AM
Sounds like you had a great time, Shiela.

14/Mar/18 2:33 AM
Oh, what the heck....
14/Mar/18 2:34 AM
14/Mar/18 2:36 AM
Well THAT was the worst snow band. We're safe but there was at least one person we passed who is suddenly in need of a tow truck.
14/Mar/18 3:22 AM
14/Mar/18 3:24 AM
On the bright side: We're in Pennsylvania now and with the weather cleared we can enjoy the rolling landscape skirting the foothills of the Appalachians.
14/Mar/18 3:28 AM
Okay, Judy. Check your inbox. Yea, me.
14/Mar/18 3:46 AM
14/Mar/18 3:50 AM
Cute baby with smiling Gramma.
14/Mar/18 4:06 AM
Amazing, Plum ... and Amazing Plum!
14/Mar/18 4:53 AM
14/Mar/18 6:13 AM
Morning all, a very happy Gramma.
14/Mar/18 6:29 AM
Thx for waiting DoA & Kathy. I was off in the next town running errands. Ah well.
14/Mar/18 7:54 AM
We are arrived and halfway settled in. Just in case anyone was worrying. Tomorrow will be a grueling day. Lots of crowds. But that's why I'm here.
14/Mar/18 8:11 AM
Been very busy this week putting a roof over the back deck so unfortunately, haven't had a chance to attempt Judy O'Poozle's Irish offering.

Did, however, manage to concoct an ECCO poozle..... but having trouble with new ECCO topics so any ideas welcome.

Today’s ECCO is all about More...
14/Mar/18 9:33 AM
PS - The last letter of the last answer is an 'l'.
14/Mar/18 9:37 AM
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