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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/May/12 12:00 AM
14/May/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Silverfish: n. A precious fish that is not quite as good as a goldfish.

Happy Birthday, shosho

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums of the world, and especially to my mum. You are

always remembered.
14/May/12 12:00 AM
1:53. Good night all.
14/May/12 12:02 AM
Happy Mother's Day ladies.
14/May/12 12:11 AM
14/May/12 12:36 AM
Looks like it will be a slow day here.
14/May/12 12:37 AM
We are leaving shortly, will be gone most of the day.
14/May/12 12:39 AM
No one here but me
14/May/12 12:39 AM
My job is done here
14/May/12 12:39 AM
Good morning people of the world.
14/May/12 12:53 AM
Blame Someone Else Day
Mother's Day
14/May/12 12:53 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Linda.
14/May/12 12:54 AM
Happy Mother's Day!
14/May/12 1:11 AM
Such an interesting photo, Kate!
14/May/12 1:15 AM

I learned about an hour ago that they do deliver flowers on Sunday. My daughter's flowers arrived yesterday, but my son(who will be late for his own funeral) evidently More...
14/May/12 1:21 AM
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms where TODAY is your day to celebrate!
14/May/12 1:26 AM
When the photo first came up I thought I was looking at a centipede.

The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. weeknight (wee knight) 2. properties (proper ties) 3. rapscallion (rap scallion) 4. islander (I slander) 5. reincarnation (rein carnation)

grade for Sarah, Greg, and HalT!
14/May/12 1:31 AM
And for today.....

With a little detective work and deep thought, the following facts can make an accurate statement. Can you figure it out?
11 is a race horse
12 is 12
1111 race

Answers to the "And, they're off!" inbox, please.

14/May/12 1:40 AM
I'll be spending my Mother's Day in the car on the way back to FL. But that's ok. I had a bunch of really enjoyable days before this one while we were in NC/SC.
14/May/12 2:40 AM
Good afternoon to all! Interesting photo Kate.
14/May/12 3:27 AM
Have a safe trip home, Kathy!
14/May/12 3:28 AM
Well, I don't think there are any mothers on this site, but just in case.... HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY ladies.
14/May/12 3:28 AM
14/May/12 4:02 AM
What a beautiful and artistic photo! That feather is lovely just hanging there.
14/May/12 4:12 AM
14/May/12 5:04 AM
Had a wonderful day yesterday. My family came to help me celebrate my day! My sons and their wives and kid and my dad took me to Il Fornaio restaurant where we have a memorable meal and the conversation lively!
14/May/12 6:17 AM
And to all my well wishers, wow! Can you believe from different parts of not just the country but the world! Whew! That's a wild experience!
14/May/12 6:19 AM
Hi all. My son rang for mother's day, it was lovely to hear from him.
14/May/12 6:43 AM
14/May/12 6:52 AM
Happy Mother's Day.
14/May/12 6:52 AM
14/May/12 6:53 AM
TM was noice and took me and his mother out for Mother's Day lunch. Son#2 and ex #1 texted me a Happy Mother's Day.
14/May/12 6:54 AM
And now I am hiding in my hole wasting time on my computer!
14/May/12 6:55 AM
Still on page one, everyone must be still waiting for Breakfast in bed!
14/May/12 7:11 AM
I had a wonderful Mothers Day. Son made Breakfast for me then I took my Mum out for lunch at a small restaurant overlooking the beach. When I arrived home Hubby & son treated me to dinner. Oh the small joys of life, NO COOKING for a WHOLE DAY. I didn't even set foot in the FPA.
14/May/12 7:18 AM
I have been ignoring that room today, too, G-H. Lunch out and out for Mexican tonight!
14/May/12 7:28 AM
Happy Mother's Day! I've posted a picture of my mother, brother and me, taken in 1988 when my Mom was 80. Mom passed away in 1998 and my brother in 2008. I love and miss them both so much!!
14/May/12 7:39 AM

Happy mothers day to those a day behind us here.
14/May/12 8:10 AM
Sooooooooooo far to scroll down here as Karen would say.
14/May/12 8:10 AM
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