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Easy Sudoku for 15/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Still 34 degrees here or 93 in American.
15/Dec/15 12:08 AM
I did Greg's puzzle and loved doing it but ran out of time to send it. Sorry Greg.
Big day tomorrow at the bowling club. Ladies Christmas party. I have been cooking today and I am also in charge of the entertainment.
I must go and get some sleep.
15/Dec/15 12:25 AM
Happy Monday! Happy Monday!
The Christmas parties continue tonight with my women's Small Group from church getting together for hot pot and gift exchange. This year's homemade gifts: persimmon cookies, peanut brittle medley, and cracker candy.
15/Dec/15 12:36 AM
Morning everybody.
How is the marking going Wolf?
Singing carols went down very well in the city.
I am now very tired and very sore in both knees and bung R hip... it has reminded me WHY I need to get my joints sorted and stop delaying surgery.
Sound like wonderful gifts Aileen
15/Dec/15 1:01 AM
Good morning.
15/Dec/15 1:20 AM
Slow here.
15/Dec/15 1:20 AM
Karen must be busy.
15/Dec/15 1:21 AM
Alaska is on my bucket list - will get there one day.
15/Dec/15 1:22 AM
Off to check my emails.
15/Dec/15 1:23 AM
Good morning to all! As Johnny Horton sang, ''Go North to Alaska, they're going north, the rush is on.''
15/Dec/15 1:36 AM
We have an international Christmas choir, with 6 from the USA and two from Australia. The choir master will be yours truly from Canada. Everyone knows all the songs, although a couple of them need to practice the words. Members of the choir are Judy, Shosho, Joyce, Kathy, Aileen, Sarah, Peter and Wombat. Watch for a performance soon coming near you. Merry Christmas!
15/Dec/15 1:42 AM
everybody. If on certain days like today, you cannot get to the medium or hard Sudoku puzzle, here is a trick to get there. First, click on the 'Archive' menu button. There select today's date. Now, in the address bar, change the 'E' to an 'M' and hit the return button. To get to the hard puzzle, just change the 'M' to 'H'.
15/Dec/15 2:10 AM
Well, Bean, the first class was just terrible! Now I'm on the second class and it's certainly better.
15/Dec/15 3:00 AM
What an honor to sing with such a group, Greg. Although, you may be ripping the sheet music from my hands when you hear my not so dulcet tones.
15/Dec/15 3:15 AM
I like to sing too. So does Bean.
15/Dec/15 3:18 AM
I just got back from picking up food from the food bank for my women's club Christmas family. The club helps a needy family every year with presents and food. This year the local church food bank donated 10 bags of non-perishables and a turkey. We loaded up 3 cars with Christmas goodies and More...
15/Dec/15 3:25 AM
I think in order to be accepted into Greg's choir, you had to have guessed the answers to his Name That Christmas Carol Quiz from the weekend, CP. You can take my place, if you'd like. Believe me, I would not be an asset. I am an enthusiastic singer, but not a good one.
15/Dec/15 3:34 AM
I choose not to sing, out of respect for anybody that might be within earshot.

The Inland Passage Alaska cruise is very enjoyable, as is riding the train to and then touring Denali.
15/Dec/15 3:50 AM
Actually, anyone who wants to join the choir, sing their hearts out, and have fun is welcome. The more the merrier!
15/Dec/15 3:51 AM
I'll be audience.
15/Dec/15 3:52 AM
15/Dec/15 3:53 AM
15/Dec/15 3:53 AM
15/Dec/15 4:35 AM
I am a very enthusiastic singer but you'd think a mouse was singing! However, since I know the lyrics to a LOT of Christmas carols, I would be an asset!
15/Dec/15 4:36 AM
Halibut that.
15/Dec/15 4:44 AM

What number gives the same answer when added to or multiplied by 1.5?

Answers to my ‘’3 halves” inbox please.
15/Dec/15 4:49 AM
Good morning people of the world.
I was not going to stop progress this morning, but had to send off an email and well, here I am.

Let's see if I can put all my thoughts in one post.

Kathy, just reading your post brought tears to my eyes.
CG, I looked at your puzzle and More...
15/Dec/15 4:57 AM
I just realized that I never posted the Christmas carol answers. Here they are:
1. White Christmas
2. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
3. All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
4. O Holy Night
5. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
6. O Come, All Ye Faithful
7. Away in a More...
15/Dec/15 5:43 AM
15/Dec/15 5:48 AM
Okay.....I will stay in the Christmas Choir and sing my little heart out. And a one, and a two.....
Join in, everyone! Let 'er rip!
15/Dec/15 5:53 AM
Karen it is very gratifying knowing that family will have a nice Christmas. It also makes me grateful for what my family has.
15/Dec/15 6:00 AM
Morning all, Fishing guy would like this place.
15/Dec/15 7:28 AM

You wouldn't want to hear me sing so I'll join Keith in the audience,
15/Dec/15 7:36 AM
Anyone who declines to sing will have to wear reindeer antlers, a shining red nose and ring Christmas bells, so get ready!
15/Dec/15 7:40 AM
I MISSED Lonewoof for the puzzle answers. Another fully correct answer, and another voice for the choir! Welcome, and sing loud to drown out Kathy!
15/Dec/15 8:03 AM
I'll be in the front row - clapping with Keith and Peter.
15/Dec/15 8:46 AM

Sacky, put a question to you yesterday re blue wrens.

I have one (or maybe two)nesting in the garden. The male normally has his entourage of females in tow. So when they nest, do all the females build a nest or some or only the (chosen) one?
15/Dec/15 8:59 AM
It would be better if I wore the antlers, CG. trust me!
15/Dec/15 9:03 AM
Okay, let's move this forward a bit....
15/Dec/15 10:45 AM
So that we can say....
15/Dec/15 10:46 AM
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