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Easy Sudoku for 15/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ap - you missed one

If the toilet seat is up, put it down. You're big girls now........
On a slow day with few customers, a clerk at a telegram office looks down from her counter and sees a dog waiting in line.
'Oh, aren't you cute?' she says. 'What would you like me to put on your telegram?'
'Bow wow wow, Bow wow wow,' the dog replies.
The clerk says in a cutesy voice, 'But More...
Hi Rola and the rest of our Aussie friends...good to see all of you. Ed, behave!!CGreg, good summary.Hey Ed, 'The Who' were here ( In Philly) last night and will be back again soon. Are they your cup of tea too? Is there any group you don't like?
Hugh: We need to get together and lift a few!
ED..Robert just said you are 'Cool'.
ROLA: We will stay in the mountains for a while yet. Once snow threatens, and we are finally overcome with guilt about the obligations we have at home, we will head back down to the flatlands! We have had a lot of company staying with us this summer, so now it's just nice to kick back and relax More...
Rola: Thanks. Nice to know the sport survives and thrives in Australia. Wish them my best in the upcoming tournament!
Judy - you're quiet today - are you worn out from yesterday? I hope you are not contributing to those 70 mph winds.....
Judy.....sounds like you a few more weeks yet. enjoy.
Yes can't wait till next week. Peter is really busy at work - will get even more so before Christmas, he is looking forward to the week away. Recharge the batteries - ready for the on slaught.
Hey Judy, I like the acronym saw, and I think C Greg is already one of the guys...heee he!
Greg - I'm of the general belief that there is no such thing as a bad beer, though I've had my doubts on occasion. I like a Guiness - how about yourself?
Judy....... sounds like you **have** a few more weeks ....
I have nothing but the greatest respect and affection for Canadians, GREG. After all, I grew up about 2 miles from Canada! As a kid, we had 4 TV stations ... ABC, CBS, NBC, and the station from Windsor, Ontario, which seemed to have hockey 24 hours a day!
Hugh, If Judy was it would be hot air.

Welcome, CGreg. The more the better chance we have. Ladies fight dirty.
Greg-O Canada is the best.
Gee Greg, I said you were in fine form today, you are really excelling yourself. I love reading your comments, keep them coming.
HUGH: I reached my peak an hour or two ago ... you didn't feel special when I was roasting you a page or two back?? I haven't been able to maintain the pace tonight because the wind keeps knocking out my internet. Someone else will have to tease you tonight ... Mamacita or Aleia, are you up to the task? CP, where are you when we need you? Hugh needs a good swat ... somewhere ... LOL
Been nice chatting to everyone this morn. Need to go and get my 'act' together - pack clothes and food for the weekend, hang out the laundry, clean and tidy the house etc. etc.
Rob's just gone, so has the music ....I know Judy, I'll will miss the music when he is longer here. - mind you while he was gone that 2 weeks, missed him but Definitely not the Music!!!
ED best what?
Hugh: I'll drink Guiness anytime, but my preference is anything with a great flavour. Some great brew pub beer floating around nowadays in Canada. But I'm of Irish origin, and Guiness remains true to my heart!

Ed: Ladies might fight dirty, but men fight for right (both tough and dirty!). More...
Rola...Enjoy you holiday, and make your own music!... Judy, Hugh doesn't want to mess with me, thats why he keeps tugging at you...he'll go off and drink some beer or something..If he starts up with me, I'll see that he gets a good flogging or some such from the Aussie branch of SAW! Ed , we don't fight dirty, we just hang with you guys.
Mamacita-I like The Who.
I don't like smooth jazz. Bad blues. Disco.
Artist I don't like would be disco Bee Gees, Hilton, Simpson or whatever, because they can't sing a lick. I'm not big on show tunes, or big band. I like an awful lot of every genre. I like Nine Inch Nails, Jesus and Mary More...
Greg, Good luck my friend.

Mamacita must I answer that?
Billy and Rola, it was interesting hearing you enthusiastically welcoming the coming spring and warmth since we are watching the days get shorter, the warmth fade, and beginning to feel a chill in the air.
Nine Inch Nails... Rusted Root... Muddy Waters... I love it when you talk dirty, Ed.
Mamacita-I love their National Anthem. Could be because I'm a Montreal Canadian's hockey fan. The man who sings it is great, he does the USA also in great form.
Ed, Mamacita: Talk music groups, talk harmony. Singers and groups that can blend their voices together and create true music without the need for band support rock. Past: the Beach Boys, the Travelling Wilburys, the Righteous Brothers, and tons of others. Present, the Bare Naked Ladies from Canada are awesome.
ED, considering your music choices, I secretly believe that you are a 16-year-old boy hiding in the body of a 63-year-old codger!

I have absolutely NOTHING to do with the whistling winds here in the Sierra Nevada! LOL

Hm-m ... Guinness ... muddy water and soap suds ...

Keep on rollin', MAMACITA!
Wow! I didn't expect you to have a list that long. Not too many on there that float my boat , but thenI am a jazz fan deep down...oh, and there is no SMOOTH JAZZ, easy listening but any one who is into jazz with tell you tha ttrue jazz is improvised that allows the musicians to talk to a person More...
bert-you missed Canned Heat. There was a group American Pie who had a most amazing album cover. Also Blind Faith. I have a coffee table size book with album covers from the 60's and 70's. So cool to look at, brings back good and sometimes not so good memories.
Ed, I didn't hear from Jeanine from Orlando, so I assume she didn't get on to you. Maybe it was the thought that I had rescued the Steve Irwin tribute from the Recyling - it hadn't made it into the bin though.
Jeanine if you want it I have it safely in my desk drawer at work. Contact Ed by email to get my details.
Ed: Are you abandoning me to the triad?? Well, I guess if you cheer for the Montreal Canadians, I can make some concessions based on lack of proper judgement.
C Greg...The righteous Brothers...Blue eyed Soul...oh yea...right on. Any one out there into jazz...the real deal that is. Ed, I've heard you speak about some of the greats like Bird and Monk, any one else?
Mamacita-Radio stations call it smooth jazz, like Kenny G.
I with you, give me Miles, Monk, Charley Parker, Jaco from north Phila. Coltrane from Phila. Saw them all. Spoke with Miles outside The Academy of Music, while he waited for his ride. I forgot Taj Mahah, great blues. Saw Joni Mitchell with Jaco, Lyle Mays, and others, while on her Shadows and Light tour.
Guiness? Muddy water? Wasn't Muddy Water one of your groups Judy?
Jazz? My all time favorite is Oscar Peterson. Ed: Joni Mitchell is folk, not jazz. Saw her 'Candle in the Wind' concert in 1973 in Toronto. Everyone in the concert hall lit candles and they were passed up hand-to-hand and placed on the stage in total darkness. What an awesome feeling/experience. Surprised she is still going strong, but but so are many other greats.
Greg-Great writers, great singers. Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Band, Joni Mitchell(best pop song writer ever) Dylan next, than Townes Van Zandt. Incredible String Band,Peter, Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bare Naked Ladies, I agree, I like em. Golden Smog, Jayhawks, Van Morrison, Wilco.......Fugazzi....
C GREG: Don't keep thinking that there is only a triad you have to fear ... there are many other Strong Australian/American Women waiting in the wings to keep you petulant boys in line ... don't relax ... your time will come, Boy of the Frozen Tundra ... :)

During the time period being More...
Greg-Please check out Joni Mitchell last 7 or 8 albums. All jazz.
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