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Easy Sudoku for 15/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Sep/17 12:00 AM
Good morning!
15/Sep/17 12:17 AM
everybody! Off on a 4 day road trip to far northern coast of California. Eureka, Crescent City areas.
15/Sep/17 12:28 AM
Peter's poozle - whew! ....but doable. The very last work ends in an 'L' not an 'I' - that info re-energized me
15/Sep/17 12:39 AM
...sorry, just noticed - the very last WORD is how my previous post should read...
15/Sep/17 12:45 AM
Hello Everybody. I concur Joyce, doable but really gets the old brain box working and Mr Google. Goodnight all
15/Sep/17 12:49 AM
15/Sep/17 12:59 AM
15/Sep/17 1:00 AM
Good MAen, good people.
15/Sep/17 1:44 AM
15/Sep/17 2:25 AM
Dino's photos are always a treat.
15/Sep/17 2:31 AM
Straight 1 -> 9 and I actually broke my barrier. No, I'm not near as fast as some but I'm still happy & having fun...
15/Sep/17 2:45 AM
Good afternoon to all! It seems like all we hav3 had this summer is cloudy (and rainy) days.
15/Sep/17 3:04 AM
I'm still waiting to meet up with my surgeon for a follow up on my angiogram results. Hopefully that will be sooner rather then later.
15/Sep/17 3:09 AM
Have a great day one and all!
15/Sep/17 3:10 AM
Happy Thursday!
15/Sep/17 3:17 AM
Beautiful photo , Dino.
15/Sep/17 4:21 AM
15/Sep/17 5:05 AM
Hope the news is good CG. We are finally having beautiful sunny summer weather! 😎🌞
15/Sep/17 5:14 AM
Hope your day is, too!
15/Sep/17 6:01 AM
Hmmmm... nearing Keith's number!
15/Sep/17 6:03 AM
(Not waiting!) Here's 22 for Keith!
15/Sep/17 6:04 AM
Saw my optometrist today (no pun intended). Time for the cataract procedure.
15/Sep/17 6:31 AM
Barbara's had the procedure and it was a piece of cake.
15/Sep/17 6:34 AM
1:16. Good morning everyone.
15/Sep/17 6:53 AM
Morning all, lovely photo dino.
Peters EECO even had Mr Google wondering what the heck I was looking for, finally got it done though.
15/Sep/17 7:21 AM
Wilodene, hope you still visit the site now and then.
15/Sep/17 7:24 AM
Gotta claim a bit of a record here - Yesterday I took Keith's number AND last post of the day with ONE single post!........How good is that?
15/Sep/17 9:47 AM
Good luck with the cataract procedure, Hal.

Should give you a better view of the world.
15/Sep/17 9:49 AM
I'll let you know, Peter.
15/Sep/17 10:14 AM
About time for a beer, Peter. Fosters??
15/Sep/17 10:16 AM
I'll settle for a...
15/Sep/17 10:18 AM
Bud LIte.
15/Sep/17 10:18 AM
Skol to all. Peter is more likely to go for one of the Tasmanian beers such as Boags or Cascade or more interestingly Van Dieman Brewing, Moo Brew or Two Metre Tall Brewing.
15/Sep/17 10:27 AM
Whatever respect I had for Hal just dissolved. Bud Lite? Really?
15/Sep/17 10:30 AM
There are Craft Breweries popping up all over the place. They could have a competition to find the most interesting name. I'll throw out Red Back for a start, with Lazy Yak, brewed by the same company as a challenger.
15/Sep/17 10:32 AM
Hmmm. Moo Brew, huh. Does that have something to do with cows?
15/Sep/17 10:34 AM
Hey Sarah, it's nearing my bedtime.
15/Sep/17 10:36 AM
No one else wants it???
15/Sep/17 10:43 AM
OK. BotP!
15/Sep/17 10:44 AM
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