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Easy Sudoku for 15/September/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A beautiful, brilliantly sunny morning!
Hope your day is as nice!
15/Sep/19 12:00 AM
Looks like part of a Sci Fi movie!
15/Sep/19 12:09 AM
2:09 Good night all.
15/Sep/19 12:10 AM
Shiela and all to come. Goodnight Anne
15/Sep/19 12:16 AM
Returning home today. Fortunately the temp will drop about 10 deg in Napa from yesterday.
Here on the coast it is a beautiful, clear sky morning.
15/Sep/19 12:18 AM
2:20 (w lots of stumbles). Good Morning, all.
15/Sep/19 1:10 AM
15/Sep/19 1:14 AM
15/Sep/19 1:36 AM
I wonder if the photo is actually black and white, or if it just seems that way because of the lighting. Either way, it's pretty cool.
I have just put in some time on The Wombat Team poozle. It took a little Googling, but, I persevered.
15/Sep/19 1:44 AM
15/Sep/19 2:20 AM
Folks who have not done a Wombat puzzle might consider doing just those words that do not require Google. In those cases, it took going to Google to find the word anyway, so by skipping those you are simply reverting to Wombat's original method, leaving weird combinations blank.
15/Sep/19 2:32 AM
15/Sep/19 2:48 AM
Here, too.
15/Sep/19 2:57 AM
Good photo of that bridge today! Interesting!
15/Sep/19 3:40 AM
I'm here too & having an ah-ha moment re. your little 54th anniversary celebration escape, Denny - so happy you had the opportunity to go & that your hip was ready to enjoy the holiday!

My dilemma has been over your taking such a short time to go to Fort Bragg … which being an east coaster, More...
15/Sep/19 4:23 AM
Wombat's poozle has been sent - somewhat daunting when first viewed but my trusty friend, Google is always ready to help - get to know him & give the poozle a try!

The sun is radiant & it promises to be a clear evening - tonight we nay see the full moon only a day late!
15/Sep/19 4:39 AM
Morning all,my sister and her husband did this bridge climb .
Happy birthday,Wilodene !🎉🎂🎉
15/Sep/19 6:35 AM
15/Sep/19 6:55 AM
Been over it, been under it but never climbed it.
15/Sep/19 12:08 PM
Many years ago one of the local radio stations broadcast that they were going to put a 'jumbo' under to bridge on April 1st. (The date should have been a clue).
All the advertising blurb had the population looking forward to seeing Captain Whoever fly his jumbo under the bridge. Even though it More...
15/Sep/19 12:19 PM
Waiting for Keith.......
15/Sep/19 12:21 PM
Too late, can't wait!
15/Sep/19 12:21 PM
Ambles away with a smug feeling.
15/Sep/19 12:22 PM
I see how long you waited.
15/Sep/19 11:24 PM
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